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Pawleys Playhouse 
Educational items, books, puzzles, wooden trains, lego, dolls, kites and bath toys
PeeDee Toys 
Offering a large assortment of toys, hobby items and games. Australian site ships worldwide.
Periscope Playhouse 
Offering an indoor, six-sided area that features a periscope.
Periscope Playhouse 
Six sided indoor playhouse with a clear vision periscope.
Pixy Muse 
Historical playsets including castles and pirate ships. Pixie figures. Stained glass. California, USA. Also accepts order toll-free.
PJCC Worldwide 
Magic: The Gathering trading cards, bean bag items, Mage Knight, and Pokemon.
Playmobil Interactive 
Line of toys with small plastic people figures. Themes such as space, dolls, pirates and trains are available.
Offering games, puzzles, trains, dolls, model horses, Brio, arts and crafts, Thomas, and Playmobil.
Pleasant Valley Toys and Crafts 
Craft kits for weaving, braiding, crocheting, and knitting, designed for children.
Prime Toys 
Educational games, key chains, puzzles, and racing cars.
Props and Bags, Etc. 
Clothing protectors, wooden crafts, teddy bears, custom bags and totes, puppets and music therapy movement props. Missouri, USA.
Pufferbelly Toys 
Retailer of educational games, puzzles, dolls, and action figures.
Purciful's Magical Toys 
Various and seasonable bears. Puppets and theaters; face paints and dress-up. Games, cards, collectables and books. Building and construction sets. Art supplies and kits. Texas, USA. [order online or by mail or phone]
Puzzle Mike's 
Hand-crafted puzzles, games and toys.
Puzzle Zoo 
Offering action figures, puzzles, stuffed animals and dolls.
The Princess Store 
Dress-up products. Doll house furniture and accessories. California, USA. [order online]