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    Croquet Association (CA) 
    United Kingdom governing body provides introduction to the game, history, equipment, clubs, tournaments, and International Rules.
    Croquet Association of Ireland 
    Game background, sport history, and club contact information in Dublin for players and event schedules.
    Croquet Association Queensland (CAQ) 
    Australian sports club highlights tournament calendar, results, and contact information.
    Croquet Canada 
    Toronto, Ontario; Canada - clubs, calendar, links
    Croquet Federation of Belgium 
    Features events calendar, information on the country's history with the sport and contact information. Based in Brussels.
    Croquet New South Wales 
    Sydney, New South Wales; Australia - clubs, calendar, results, coaching.
    Croquet Victoria 
    Niddrie, Victoria; Australia - clubs, tournaments, links, and news.
    Extreme Croquet Society 
    Friendswood, Texas; United States of America - chapters, history, links, news. Keeper of Extreme Rules.
    New Zealand Croquet Council 
    Tournament and player news, schedule of events, and club contact information.
    Professional Croquet Association (PCA) 
    United States of America - events, schools, tours. The most recognized, best credentialed and most experienced croquet professionals in the USA.
    Scottish Croquet Association 
    Edinburgh; Scotland - clubs, calendar.
    South Australia Croquet Association 
    Adelaide, South Australia; Australia. Contains past results, news, contacts, and a newsletter.
    South West Federation of Croquet Clubs 
    Club directory, event calendar, tournament results, news, and links. England.
    Tasmanian Croquet Association 
    Tasmania; Australia - clubs, calendar, links.
    United States Croquet Association (USCA) 
    National governing body introduces the sport, player rules and conduct guide, tournament schedule, club information, and details the American Rules.
    Welsh Croquet Association 
    Dyffryn Gardens, Wales; United Kingdom - officers, pictures, news.
    West Australian Croquet Association (WACA) 
    Governing body in Western Australia. Features news, results, links, handicaps and rankings, and calendar.
    World Croquet Federation 
    World governing body for croquet. Site includes past and future world croquet championships, news and directory of member associations.