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    American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences 
    National organization representing family and consumer sciences professionals across practice areas and content specializations. Formerly known as the American Home Economics Association.
    Association for Consumer Research 
    Aims to advance consumer research and to facilitate the exchange of scholarly information among members of academia, industry, and government worldwide. Provides online access to research papers published in the Proceedings.
    Canadian Home Economics Association 
    National organisation of home economics professionals.
    Consumer Behavior and Marketing: The Psychology of Consumers 
    Provides an overview of topics in consumer psychology from a marketing point of view.
    Consumer Culture Bibliography 
    Contains references on consumer culture, compiled by Don Slater.
    Education Index - Home Economics Resources 
    Search for educational information and links in the field of Home Economics
    Family and Consumer Science Resources Online 
    Annotated list of Internet resources covering the field of Home Economics/Family and Consumer Science.
    Forum for Family and Consumer Issues 
    A refereed e-journal designed to integrate, appply, and transmit knowledge about issues of current interest in Family and Consumer Sciences.
    From Domesticity to Modernity: What Was Home Economics? 
    Cornell University Library exhibition on the history of home economics. Traces the in history of the profession, provides a timeline, biographies, bibliography and interviews.
    History of Home Economics 
    Notes on early home economics extension work in Iowa including a statement concerning the development of home economics teaching at Iowa State College.
    History of Women and Science, Health, and Technology 
    Bibliography of home economics and domestic science professions and their disciplines.
    Home Economics Institue of Australia 
    Professional association for home economists. Includes member information, publications, news, chat, student links and related resources.
    International Federation of Home Economics 
    Provides an international forum for home economists to develop and express concerns for individuals, families, and households at the United Nations and among other international non-governmental organisations whose interests parallel those of home ec
    Marketing Science Institute 
    As a not-for-profit institute, initiates, supports and disseminates studies by academic scholars, advancing the theory and practice of marketing. Provides online access to their quarterly publication and their biannual research priorities list.
    Review of Marketing Science 
    An online scholarly journal that rapidly disseminates high-quality research papers before they appear in major academic journals. Boasts an impressive roster of editorial board.
    Rural American Women and Directed Cultural Change 
    Shows the effect of the domestic science movement on individual farm women in the early 20th century. By Laura Carroll.
    ScienzFair Project Ideas - Consumer Science 
    A set of science fair projects and ideas related to home economics and consumer science.
    Taking ADvantage 
    An online book with the thesis that advertising creates stimuli that take advantage of human subconscious processing which is a particular product of physical and cultural human evolution.
    The Ecology of the Family 
    Background paper for a family-centered approach to education and social service delivery.
    The Home Economics Database 
    A searchable bibliography of articles in the field of home economics, family studies and consumer sciences, covering technological, social and economic aspects of both private and institutional households.
    What's Driving Consumption? 
    A debate in Boston Review, centered around Juliet Schor's "The New Politics of Consumption", includes comments by Robert H. Frank, James Twitchell, and others.