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    1918 Boston Cooking-School 
    The lamb and mutton recipe section from the pages of this old Fannie Merritt Farmer Cook Book. Other recipes from the book are also available.
    All About Food 
    A selection of recipes for grilled lamb, plus recipes for preparing home made barbecue sauces, marinades, and rubs.
    Alto Lamb Recipes 
    A small collection of recipes that include salad, stew, and main dishes. A printer friendly version of each recipe is available.
    American Lamb 
    Cooking techniques, advice on cuts and carving, glossary, meal ideas, and recipe search.
    Arielle's Recipe Arcives 
    An extensive offering of recipes from various countries and cuisines. A history of food recipes, a recipe exchange, and a reader's feedback forum.
    Badami Gosht 
    A recipe utilizing cubed lamb, almonds, coconut milk, yogurt, and spices, from the Cooking with BJ archives.
    Beekman Wine Lamb 
    A list of recipes that include suggestions with each one for which wine would be the best accompaniment. Also provided are links to restaurant and wine reviews.
    Carb-Lite Lamb Menu 
    A selection of low carbohydrate lamb recipes, all with nutritional information included. Also offers other low carbohydrate recipe information.
    Case's Agworld Lamb 
    Offers recipes for various cuts and methods of cooking that include roasts, chops, steaks, soups, stews, ethnic, and grill. Each recipe includes preparation time required.
    Cedar Springs Lamb 
    A list of favorite recipes for preparing lamb dishes, and detailed instructions on different methods of lamb cookery.
    Chinese Cuisine 
    Both lamb and mutton recipes from's Chinese recipe file. Links to other food and recipe sites are provided.
    Coffee Kebab 
    A recipe for preparing boneless lamb in a coffee based marinade, from the Roast and Post Coffee Co.
    Cuisine Ideas - Lamb 
    A large listing of recipes covering grilled, fried, and roasted. Also offers a section on food tips and serving ideas
    Dakota Lamb Growers Cooperative 
    Recipes with pictures, for lamb dishes. Also provides nutrition facts, information on lamb cuts, and preparation techniques.
    Epicurious Hall of Fame 
    A few recipes for the cooking of lamb on the barbecue are offered from James Beard's Cookbooks.
    Food Down Under 
    Recipes for both lamb and mutton on an international list. Convert any recipe for number of servings preferred, and choose versions suitable for printing if desired.
    Foodcomm International Lamb 
    Several recipes for preparing lamb, including recipes for dressings used, and a photograph of each prepared dish.
    Fresh Australian Premium Lamb 
    Provides an alphabetical recipe list, cooking guides and tips, and nutritional information.
    Gravy Master Lamb 
    A few recipes for preparing lamb, utilizing their product as one of the ingredients, and recipe links for other types of meats.
    Ground Lamb Sekuwa 
    A Nepali recipe for skewered lamb sausages cooked over a grill, from the Nepal Home Page.
    Guy's Kitchen 
    Offering a selection of lamb recipes from around the world. A link to Direct Welsh Lamb is also available.
    Horizon Meats New Zealand 
    A lamb cuisine recipe book covering main dishes, barbecue, salads, and stews. There is a plain text printer friendly version of each recipe.
    Hug's Homehearth 
    Offers recipes for baked chops, broiled lamb, garlic roasted lamb, and hot pot. Also offers a recipe search and a complete index for many other recipes.
    iChef Lamb 
    An international collection of recipes, searchable by category or ingredients, a recipe forum, a recipe club, and a radio cooking program.
    India Express 
    A few recipes for preparing mutton are offered, including Kheema Kofta and Kadhai Gosht. Also gives a list of cookery by region links.
    Lamb Collection 
    A variety of recipes from the collection of Micaela Pantke. Each recipe names the source from which it was received.
    Lamb Gyros 
    Ground lamb patties in pita pocket bread, served with a cucumber yogurt sauce. A recipe for the sauce is included.
    Lamb Recipes at Ace Zones 
    A collection of more than 350 recipes, alphabetically arranged. Links to other recipe categories are also available.
    Lamb Roasted with Coffee 
    A traditional Swedish recipe. Using coffee cuts the fatty quality of the meat and produces the gravy.
    Lamb, the Other Versatile Meat 
    A selection of recipes plus a history of lamb, information on cuts, storage, and grading. Provided by 
    A wealth of recipes and information. A recipe search by cut or type, and a discussion on proper wine accompaniment for various lamb dishes.
    Lancashire Hot Pot 
    A regional British lamb and potato casserole suggesting the use of all organic ingredients. Links for other organic information is also provided.
    Leg of Lamb Collection 
    A variety of ways for preparing a leg of lamb, from the recipe collection of Micaela Pantke. Source for each recipe is included.
    Luscious Lamb Dishes 
    An array of recipes from the Better Homes and Gardens Recipe Center. Some have photos, all have nutritional information.
    Mad About Mutton 
    A discussion on mutton and how it is prepared in different areas of the world, including recipes. A recipe alphabet bar is also provided.
    Mega-Zine Lamb Recipes 
    An extensive listing of recipes plus a special recipe search and links to other cooking information.
    Mutton Curry 
    This recipe can be made with either lamb or mutton. A photo of the finished dish is included, and is provided by Cass Abraham's South African Cuisine.
    Mutton Tarts 
    A recipe from, utilizing minced mutton and cellophane noodles. These tarts, fried in vegetable oil, are a Chinese dish.
    Mutton with Ginger 
    A Chinese recipe, using slivered mutton, ginger, garlic, green pepper, and seasonings. A photo of the finished dish is included.
    New Zealand Lamb Cooperative 
    Recipes that include seasonal and international dishes. Also provided is information on key cuts, carving, and handling.
    Old Fashioned Lamb Recipes 
    Lists a variety of traditional dishes. Cooking information for chops, kidneys, and shoulder is also included.
    PaleoFood Collection 
    Recipes are sorted by method of cookery, covering stove top, oven, broiler, crock pot, stews, and curries.
    Pepper Fool Lamb Recipes 
    An index of hot and spicy recipes. Links are also provided to a chili pepper photo gallery and a spicy style restaurant review.
    Recipe Source-Lamb 
    An index of nearly 400 recipes resulting from the search for lamb in the recipe archives. Recipes may also be browsed by region or type.
    Recipehound Lamb 
    A comprehensive index of recipes originating in several countries, including Australian, Greek, Japanese, Indian, and American.
    Recipes 4 You 
    Offers recipes with lamb as the main ingredient. Details are contained on individual printable pages.
    Recipes from Kaloti 
    The amount of cooking time required for each recipe is indicated in the index, and photos of the prepared dishes are provided.
    Sheep's Creek Farm Lamb Recipes 
    A large selection of recipes, including variety cuts and sausages, and representative of many countries. Also offers photos on a sheep ranch.
    Shoulder of Mutton with Oysters 
    This recipe is from a 17th century cookbook, "A Boke of Gode Cookery." A link is provided for viewing all of the recipes in the book.
    Somerset Farm Direct 
    Offers several recipes for both lamb and mutton. There is also information and articles about the farm itself.
    Southern Cross Australian Lamb 
    Provides recipes for Roasting, broiling, grilling, and stewing, and offers detailed advice on cuts and preparation to use for each method.
    Special Recommended Recipes 
    Provides recipes from various accommodation and restaurant establishments. Links to holiday destinations and related sites are also included.
    Superior Farms Recipes 
    Provides tested recipes for lamb dishes. Also includes nutritional information, and discusses various cuts and selection.
    Tomato Lamb Tarkari 
    A spicy Nepali lamb dish that contains cubed lamb, chopped tomatoes, chopped onion, and seasonings. Suggests serving with rice or roti.
    Torri Gosht 
    A recipe for zucchini with lamb, that includes preparation time and cooking time. Offers links for other cuisine and recipes.
    Welsh Mountain Mutton Recipes 
    Traditional spiced mutton and mutton broth, from Graig Farm Organics. Links are also available for information about the Graig Farm.