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    1001 Recipes 2 Send 
    Recipes, food related tips and articles.
    101 Recipes 
    A collection of recipes organized by course and ingredient.
    24 Hour Fitness 
    Low-fat recipes for weight maintenance and an active, lifestyle. 
    Simple recipes, mainly for the George Foreman Grill. Plus health tips, nutrition information, aspartame poisoning facts, and exotic food information.
    A Recipe Box 
    A recipe collection of family and community favorites, recipe contest winners, and reader submitted recipes from across the USA. Recipe request board, chat and e-mail list. Home Cooking 
    Recipes, message boards, links, and chatrooms.
    Absolute Recipes 
    Offers a variety of recipes, cooking tips, food dictionary, recipe of the day, and romantic dinner menus.
    Album of Meal-Master Recipes 
    Free recipes sorted by categories for easy look-up and retrieval. Recipes are in Meal-Master format.
    All About Food 
    Large collection of recipes, in Mastercook format.
    Thousands of recipes submitted by home cooks. Searchable database, and menu ideas. Most recipes are reviewed and rated by users.
    Aloha Shoyu Recipes 
    From the makers of Aloha Shoyu soy sauce: Recipes for Hawaiian, Japanese, and other dishes, organized by course.
    American School Food Service Association 
    Recipes may be searched by ingredient, meal type, nutrient, or theme.
    Anne-Maree's In The Kitchen 
    In the Kitchen is a site dedicated to cooking and food with A professional recipe collection. You can email recipes to friends or add your own. While the site is designed around a New Zealand/Australian style, recipes and information from every corne
    Anywhere But In The Kitchen 
    Over a thousand recipes in categories. Recipes can be emailed, requested, or shared.
    Arconiat's Kitchen 
    Collection of recipes searchable by ingredient and course, with menu of the week, message board, and special diet recipes.
    Arielle's Recipe Archives 
    A very large recipe archive, mostly from the newsgroup.
    Association for Dressings and Sauces 
    Collection of recipes using mayonnaise, salad dressings, and condiments.
    Avocado Oil Recipes 
    Recipes for dips, dressings, and main dishes.
    Awesome Chef Recipes 
    Recipes from chef Brian Johnson, classified by course, main ingredient, or country. Also includes dicussion forum and articles on ingredients.
    Barbecue Smoker Recipes 
    Free barbecue grill recipes & meat smoker cooking ideas on gas, charcoal or electric. Outdoor grilling tips, easy fire pit menus, healthy rotisserie suggestions, best homemade bbq sauce recipes.
    Bare Ingredients 
    Recipes from traditional to modern, covering all styles of cooking from around the world, vegetarian, curries and seafood.
    Bears in the Kitchen 
    Collection of recipes, tricks of the trade, Book of the Month, and questions and answers.
    Berta's cooking 
    Recipes for finger food, low fat, vegetarian, Italian, Spanish, and other dishes, cooking tips, and a cooking newsletter.
    BSPortal: Recipes 
    A recipe portal with categorized database of recipes from around the world. 
    Searchable free recipe archive organized by country and main ingredient.
    Campbells Soup'sTasty Tuesday 
    Presents recipes organized by course, as well as a printable shopping list based on the recipes.
    Canadian Content Recipes 
    Collection of recipes for dinner and dessert, new Canadiana recipes added bi-weekly.
    Includes recipes and cooking hints. Users can submit recipes. 
    Searchable, user-submitted recipes, hints, forums, and email lists.
    A recipe exchange, food articles and ideas, cooking tips, and reviews.
    Chef Walter Potenza 
    Terracotta, Jewish, and Italian recipes, cooking techniques, and Italian food glossary. Also includes seminars, school class schedule, and Providence, Rhode Island restaurants' hours and location. 
    Site for recipes by chefs and recipe notecards.
    Comfy Kitchen 
    Interactive recipe site with recipes and chat room.
    Cookbook Wizard Recipes 
    Over 1000 recipes. Search the internet cookbook, or download recipes in Mealmaster format. Message Board 
    Post cooking club news, family recipes, and cooking tips.
    CookBooks.Org Recipes 
    A large index of recipes for many occasions.
    Offers a public cookbook; registration required for access to personal cookbook to save recipes and USDA recipe database.
    Cooking for Company 
    Provides menus and recipes for special occasions and holidays.
    Cooking Healthy Food 
    Add favorite recipes to the site or use the recipes of the month.
    cooking louisiana 
    Traditional Cajun and Creole Recipes, cooking know-how and Louisiana cooking information in general.
    Cooking Recipes Portal 
    A specialized cooking site links directory and search engine.
    Cooking with Grandma from 
    Recipes and timesaving tips taken from Grandma's recipe files dating from the late 1800's to the mid 1960's.
    Cooking With Pam 
    Articles, recipes, and instructions by cookbook author Pamela Rice Hahn. 
    Each recipe comes with nutritional analysis and a color photo of the finished dish. There are recipe indexes for many different countries, and a weekly meal planner. 
    Browse or search thousands of recipes, each with nutritional information. Create a cookbook, make shopping lists, and get cooking advice and tips. 
    Recipe search engine covers many categories within a large database. Features a Mastercook recipe export capability. 
    Contains recipes, links to nutrition, recipe and shopping sites, and chef profiles. 
    Offers famous recipes of Master Chefs from cruise lines.
    Cuisine du Monde 
    Recipes classified by country, with glossary, units converter, and mailing list for updates.
    Cuisine Magazine 
    Entrees, salads, desserts; complete instructions, including full-color, step-by-step photos.
    An international database which contains recipes, cooking hints, herb information, substitutions, and an index of cooking terms.
    Diana's Kitchen 
    Site offers an assortment of crock pot and Southern USA recipes.
    Doris's Recipes 
    Categorized recipes for appetizers, breads, candies, canning, cookies, desserts, jar recipes, main dishes, salads, side dishes, soups, and vegetables. Also has tips and hints.
    Dr. Weil's Recipe Archive 
    A wide variety of recipes; many from Alice Waters.
    Easy Gourmet Recipes 
    Includes a searchable database, restaurant recipes, trading room, and measurement guide
    Eat 5 A Day Recipes 
    Collection of recipes which contribute at least one serving of a fruit and/or a vegetable per serving. Some soups and stews recipes available in Spanish. From the National Cancer Institute.
    Eat Dangerously Recipes 
    An index of recipes from the cookbook Eat Dangerously. Recipes are for those unconcerned about calories and fat.
    Eat Healthy, Live Happy. 
    Recipes classified by ingredients, with an emphasis on health. Includes discussion boards. - Recipes 
    Recipes classified by course, ingredients, and preparation time by the makers of the measuring set. There is a message board and other features for purchasers.
    Electronic Web Cookbook 
    Search for recipes based on criteria such as ingredients, recipe title, region of origins, or type. Registration required.
    Emeril Lagasse Recipes 
    Chef Emeril's recipes. Search function or wizard is available to sort through thousands of recipes.
    Cooking advice, recipes, and forums. 
    Recipes in all categories, all with simple to follow step-by-step cooking instructions. Many for holidays and parties. Recipes 
    Wide range of choices of meals suitable for families from casseroles to desserts, including special occasions menus, and recipes from the chefs at Disney's.
    Farmland Foods 
    A collection of ham, bacon and pork family meal dishes.
    fat gOOse recipes 
    A menu of choices from user submitted recipes.
    Favourite Dinner Co-op Recipes 
    Presents recipes beloved of the Pittsburgh food-lovers' group called the Dinner Co-op. They also have a cookbook which can be downloaded free here in several formats.
    Food & Wine at Bella Online 
    A food and wine site with hosts that guide you through international cuisines, recipes, and beverages. Also has a message board.
    Food Down Under Recipe Database 
    Over 150,000 recipes for chefs and food lovers. Recipe types include beef, cakes, bread, chicken, salad, dessert, and pasta. Chinese, Indian, French and Italian cuisines are featured.
    Food Recipes 
    Recipes classified by course or country.
    FoodCenter Community at 
    Contains food and cooking articles, recipes, forums, and polls.
    Searchable recipe collection that offers user-submitted recipes, articles, links, and tips. 
    Selection of indexed recipes.
    Information on making cheese, sausages, and pickles.
    A community with a message board for recipes, cooking advice, and other discussions of food.
    Free Recipe Box 
    A categorized collection of free recipes with a mailing list. 
    Large selection of assorted recipes. 
    Free recipes from the early 1900s, in the original language, and general cooking advice. 
    Recipe exchange; membership required
    Frugal Recipes of the Week 
    Recipes to stretch dollars by the editor of Better Budgeting. 
    Animated virtual kitchen that has many hidden treasures. Recipes by professional chefs and a culinary glossary.
    Recipes for appetizers through desserts.
    Ginny's Recipes 
    A collection of recipes from family and friends. Features unique recipes such as the $250 Cookie recipe, and Nanny Upstairs pound cake.
    Global Food Ideas 
    Collection of international, vegetarian and various other recipes.
    Goat Meat Recipes 
    A page dedicated to goat meat recipes, including rissoles and roast kid.
    Gourmet Gossip 
    Recipe exchange with searchable collection offering many various dishes.
    Grandma Graces Recipes 
    Shared Recipes and Tribute to all Grandma's. Recipe Newsletter. Personal Web Recipe Search.
    Grandma Prickles Own and Plagiarized Recipes 
    A selection of favorite recipes from Grandma Prickles and her friends.
    Great Recipes Online 
    Over two hundred recipes for appetizers, beverage, desserts, holidays, kids, main dishes, salads, sandwiches, side dishes, and soups. Features a browser cookie based MyRecipes tab for saving personal favorites. 
    A selection of recipes for using bottled salad dressing in salads, sandwiches, and main dishes.
    Green Choi 
    Dinner recipes organized by course and main ingredient, and served up by web log. User contributions accepted.
    Guy's Kitchen 
    Recipes for dinner parties from around the world. 
    Offers recipes, health, diet, and nutritional information, and ebooks.
    Heather Cooks 
    A weekly web-based cooking broadcast which emphasizes cooking for irritable bowel syndrome. Windows Media Player videos and browser-viewable recipes.
    Heavenly Dishes Recipe Database 
    Large collection of recipes searchable by name, ingredients, or keywords.
    HKIndians Recipe Collection 
    Recipe exchange and bulletin board for Indians in Hong Kong.
    Home and Hearth 
    A collection of recipes from appetizer through dessert.
    Home and Hearth Recipes 
    Index of recipes for home cooking, plus tips and links.
    HomeSpun Recipes 
    A small selection of recipes.
    Hookery Cookery 
    An organized and searchable collection of cooking recipes.
    Hot Sauce Zone 
    Recipes for appetizers, lunch, dinner, and brunch; beef, pork, chicken, and turkey, and for vegans.
    Recipes, cooking tips and professional chefs available to answer cooking or recipe questions.
    Hubby's Favs 
    A free for all recipe exchange. Recipes 
    Searchable database can also be browsed by course or ingredients. Users can add recipes. 
    Offers thousands of recipes with nutrition information, sorted by course or ethnicity. Also has a computation wizard for dieters, and a recipe web feed for webmasters.
    Home cooking and heirloom recipes, has feature articles and forum for members to send memories of family history, mothers and the food they made with recipes.
    Inspired Chef 
    A large collection of varied, kitchen-tested recipes from the providers of the Inspired Chef In-Home Cooking Classes.
    International Recipes OnLine 
    Thousands of recipes collected from mailing list activity since 1995. Includes bulletin boards, helpful hints, and color photos of prepared food.
    Jims Kitchen 
    A collection of easy to prepare recipes.
    Joe's Place: Recipe Swap 
    Exchange recipes and information in a community setting.
    Judy Cooks 
    A recipe database where people from all around the world can submit their recipes to for others to try.
    Just Like Mom Used To Make 
    Collection of recipes submitted by users. Search by title or ingredient.
    Kangaroo Pita Pocket Bread Recipes 
    Printer-friendly recipes for pita fillings. Divided into appetizers, meat, and vegetarian.
    Kieto's Daily Recipe and Funnies 
    Features various types of recipes, food shopping links, and a few jokes and funnies.
    Kissing in the Kitchen 
    Provides recipes for couples to cook together. Includes Meal and a Movie suggestions for date ideas.
    Kitchen Project 
    Recipes, articles and reference tools for the food enthusiast. Interesting food trivia and history.
    Lesley's Recipe Archive 
    Hundreds of recipes, including sausage making and gluten free, ingredient substitutions, measurement converter, food quiz, and links to Niagara (Canada) area restaurants and wineries.
    let's Cook 
    Recipes, including a section on dishes cooked in less than 30 minutes, conversion table, and cookbook reviews.
    Linda's Dinner Party Menus and Recipes 
    Gourmet dinner party menus with recipes. Backyard barbecus to seven-course dinners. Also includes hints and tips, and etiquette.
    Lisa's Cooking Cache 
    Large selection of indexed recipes.
    Little Italy 
    A collection of Italian American recipes.
    Little Red Tractor: Recipes 
    Recipes presented feature beef salad with summer vegetables, ham cakes with beetroot relish, bakers lamb with rosemary, triple tomato tart, summer berry trifle, and chicken with green mayonnaise.
    Lutherans Online - Recipe Exchange 
    Allows individuals to post or view recipes. Recipes are sorted by category and by main ingredient, and there is a search function.
    Maikai Rewards Recipe 
    Collection of recipes from an Hawaiian supermarket.
    Presents cooking information, including searchable database of recipes.
    Mayous BBQ Spice Recipes 
    Chef Paul Mayou's personal collection of recipes; includes kids' cooking fun, and timetables.
    McCormick - Recipes 
    Large collection of indexed searchable recipes.
    Mealformation Recipe Database 
    Recipes that are low in calories and low in fat content with nutritional values summarized, in a downloadable format compatible with Mealformation software, as well as browser-viewable format.
    Meals For You 
    Offers over 8,000 free recipes, meal plans, and meal ideas. 
    Cooking recipes and meal planning for all tastes and occasions, including chicken, cookie, Italian, Mexican, low fat, and desserts.
    Meat UK 
    Meat recipes, choosing a cut of meat, cooking times, nutrition, kitchen hygiene and pairing meat with wine are covered.
    Mega-Zine's Recipe Treasure Room 
    Index of recipes for appetizers through desserts.
    Meilleur du Chef 
    Regular and diet recipes. Illustrated and filmed, with hints and tips and a food glossary.
    Find or submit a Recipe. Indexed assorted subjects.
    Metropark Recipes 
    Includes categories for salads, crockpots, sandwiches, main dishes, cakes, and cookies. Offers a form to add recipes.
    Mike's Recipe List 
    Collection of recipes for gathered over the years, including Cinnamon Whippersnappers and Honey Mustard Not Fried Chicken.
    Mission Foodservice 
    Selection of food service recipes.
    Mom's Kitchen 
    Favorite family recipes with links to cooking sites including food companies, magazines, cooking shows, and ethnic recipe sites.
    Mouse in the Pantry 
    Recipe club requiring paid membership.
    My Cookbook 
    Includes capability for building personal on-line cookbook.
    My Cookbook 
    Includes a searchable database of recipes, a glossary of cooking terminology, and cooking tips.
    My Recipes Page 
    Favorite recipes; main dishes, salads, and desserts. 
    Free online cookbook which includes 1000's of recipes, cooking tips and news.
    Myria for Mothers 
    A collection of recipes and food tips.
    New Millennium Recipes 
    Collection of assorted recipes, tips, and information.
    Now....You're Cooking 
    Monthly recipes and an archive of recent popular meal ideas.
    Online Recipe Guide 
    A collection of recipes for desserts, appetizers, soups, main and side dishes, and breakfast.
    Online Virtual Cookbook 
    A classified list of recipes. You can also add your own. 
    Recipes classified by course. Users can register for free, which allows them to submit and rate recipes.
    Out of the Frying Pan - Recipes 
    REcipes classified by course, with vegetarian, vegan, and quick recipes marked.
    Parentsroom Recipe Page 
    Submitted by fellow members of the #!Parentsroom IRC Channel. Recipes may also be posted.
    Family favorites for everyday dinners or special entertaining.
    Passion For Cooking 
    Hand picked recipes and cooking tips.
    Passionate About Food Cookbook 
    Cooking ideas, articles, recipes for Bulgarian cuisine, finger or party food, barbecue, salads, and starters.
    PJWC Cooks 
    Recipes for appetizers, desserts, sweet treats, and cookies.
    QHS Alumni Cookbook 
    Present favorite recipes submitted by Quincy (Illinois) High School alumni. Includes cooking tips and conversions.
    RC Fine Foods Recipes 
    Recipes from New Jersey maker of soup and dessert mixes, extracts, and other prepared food products. Some recipes are available only in PDF format, some in several formats.
    Realms of Arcady 
    Collection of recipes from appetizers to desserts and festive foods. Includes oven temperature and roasting guides, and abbreviations and definitions.
    Recipe Archive 
    Large collection of recipes organized by main ingredient and type.
    Recipe Connection 
    Recipe search and informational resources on food preparation.
    Recipe Cottage 
    Recipe categories covering ethnic foods, holidays, and ingredients.
    Recipe du Jour 
    Archive of recipes from the newsletter.
    Recipe Exchange 
    Forum for sharing and exchanging recipes.
    Recipe Gallery 
    Collection of recipes submitted by professional chefs. Recipes can be viewed online or downloaded using Calcmenu - chef's software for recipe costing. [Requires registration]
    Recipe Goddess 
    Recipes, herb guide, pasta chart,newsletter, recipe links, and articles on food and nutrition.
    Recipe Goldmine 
    Over 21,000 recipes including ethnic cuisine, copycat recipes; kitchen charts, household hints, gardening, crafts, BBQ Guru, and pet recipes.
    Recipe Sharing Forum 
    Selection of recipes in forum format, includes searchable database. 
    Recipes, cooking tips and site recommendations. 
    Searchable directory of user submitted appetizer, entree, and dessert recipes. Registration required. 
    Selection of favorite recipes.
    Recipes and cooking tips. Membership required.
    A selection of recipes including vegetarian, Italian cuisine, finger food, barbecue, salads, and desserts, in forum format. 
    25,000+ recipe index. Search by title, category, or A-Z.
    Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, soups, Chinese and snacks.
    Recipes from Cameo Designs 
    Quick and easy recipes from various sources. Categorized by type.
    Recipes at 
    Recipes classified by course and type of food.
    Recipes at 
    A searchable collection of recipes. May register to receive recipes via email.
    Recipes at The Garlic Shoppe 
    Indexed garlic recipes. Includes: Scampi in butter sauce, Calamari Festival style, and Forty Clove Chicken Filice.
    Recipes from 
    Recipes arranged by categories, ethnicities, and styles.
    Recipes from Chef Master Mike 
    Included are meat, chicken, soup, salad, and desserts.
    Recipes from Gourmet Spot 
    A collection of recipes for appetizers to dessert, including beverages.
    Recipes from 
    Recipes from North and Central America to Europe. Pick a country to taste the culture and heritage of cooking. Also has recipes by featured chefs.
    Recipes from Pine Hollow Handcrafts 
    Includes main meals, meats, vegetables, breakfast, and desserts.
    Recipes from Progressive Farmer 
    Selection of articles and recipes, including Busy Day Secrets, Holiday Recipes, Meals on the Go, Potluck Pickins, Leftovers, and Chill Chasers.
    Recipes from UK Restaurants 
    A collection of recipes, with nutritional analysis, and cost to diners when eaten in the establishments.
    Recipes Online 
    Offers a searchable database of recipes and accepts user submissions.
    Recipes Today 
    A community for parents to find and trade recipes for the family.
    Recipes with a Story 
    Collection of user submitted recipes with personal anecdotes and pictures. 
    A source for recipes from around the world, articles, and a monthly contest. 
    Browse or search SOAR; an archive of over 70,000 recipes collected from a variety of Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. Includes a wide variety of ethnic foods, and many recipes for those on restricted diets such as diabetic or fat-free. 
    Wide selection of recipe and food ideas. Low-fat cooking secrets, dessert favorites, and complete menus.
    Recipez 101 
    Collection of recipes from the Big Superstore.
    Browse or search thousands of rated recipes, each with nutritional information. Post a recipe and get free nutritional analysis of the dish.
    Robbie's Recipe Collection 
    Selection of recipes, a recipe contest, and a request message board, along with a plethora of useful information for cooks.
    Rop Recipe Bag 
    Recipes for all courses from appetizers to desserts, including healthy food and ethnic dishes.
    Salt and Pepper 
    An archive of the best recipes collected from publicly accessible USENET newsgroups and mailing lists.
    Salvatore's Kitchen 
    A large personal collection for everything from appetizers to dessert, and a variety of ethnic dishes.
    Sandi's Recipe Corner 
    Features a recipe of the week and a recipe file containing a variety of free, printable recipes.
    Save At Home Moms Recipes 
    Recipes submitted by the Yahoo Group SaveAtHomeMoms.
    Schwartz - Recipe Landing 
    A collection of recipes organized by course from the British spice company. Also has links to the rest of their site, including their herb and spice guide.
    Sharilyns Recipes 
    Recipes from all over the world, but specializing in Dutch recipes. Visitors can add comments after registration.
    Shoebox Recipes 
    The collection is categorized by type, such as dinner, salads, side dishes, desserts, snacks and beverages. Favorite Recipes 
    A small assortment of recipes for baby showers.
    Simmer Stock - A Culinary Theatre 
    Provides short articles about one family's experiences in the kitchen and eating out. The site also includes recipes and information on tools and resources.
    Sonoma Mountain Sausages 
    A collection of recipes and information on making sausages at home. Recipes available in PDF files only. 
    Presents a selection of listed, assorted recipes.
    Sue's Recipe Server 
    Database with hundreds of recipes from around the world, organized by coutry or category.
    Swanson Broth 
    Collection of recipes, wine recommendations, seasonal cooking, and related cooking links.
    Taste of Texas 
    Family collection of assorted recipes. 
    A selection of assorted recipes by subject. 
    "Copycat" recipes, food history, newsworthy food facts, nostalgic recipes, and contests.
    TastyRecipe Network 
    Varied collection of recipes, includes metric and temperature conversion tables.
    That's My Home 
    Presents a selection of recipes from appetizers and to desserts.
    The Artisan: Table of Contents 
    Provides free food and bread recipes, and technical assistance.
    The Body Gourmet - Recipes 
    Indexed recipes related to natural bodybuilding.
    The Cutting Board 
    Wide variety of recipes and cooking tips that are updated weekly. Recipes range from the simple to more complex.
    The Cyber World of Culinary Arts 
    Submit recipes and other kitchen techniques.
    The Family Cookbook 
    A recipe database specializing in favorite family recipes.
    The Free International Cookbook 
    Recipes with ingredients shown in American, English and Metric units; exchange recipes with others, or request a recipe. [Site requires membership.]
    The Frugal Kitchen 
    A collection of recipes and tips for living frugally and stretching a dollar.
    The Gutsy Gourmet 
    A collection of selected recipes from around the world. Recipes are indexed and most have ethnic music of the region.
    The Home Cooking Page 
    An international collection of recipes featuring Jewish, Korean, Indian, Thai, and Italian cuisine. Also has low-fat and diabetic recipes.
    The Home of the Oldbwl 
    Recipes organized alphabetically, by country, style, and main ingredient, some collections may be downloaded in zip format.
    The Labor of Love: The Recipe Box 
    Collection of recipes which are suitable for the whole family.
    The On Line Cookbook 
    A searchable, well-organized recipe site, with an active request and submission section and mailing list.
    The Recipe Dude 
    Tex-Mex is featured and a newsletter is offered.
    The Recipe Exchange 
    Recipes, bakers hints, charts, and recipe exchange board.
    The Recipe For Cooking 
    An assortment of recipes for cooking beef, pork, poultry, and quick breads. Includes cooking tips.
    The Recipe Hut 
    Polish, Hungarian, German, Slovak, Russian, American recipes. All recipes are printer friendy, including black type. Submissions accepted.
    The Recipe Place 
    A searchable database of recipes, for appetizers through desserts.
    The Redwall Kitchen 
    Large collection of recipes inspired from descriptions of foods in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.
    The Signature Room 
    Two dozen recipes from the chefs at the Chicago restaurant featuring contemporary American cuisine.
    The Sneaky Kitchen 
    Recipes to help you add more nutrition into a healthier diet.
    The World Cookbook 
    Collection of recipes loosely organized by course.
    Recipes classified by course.
    Tom's World of Recipes 
    Here you'll find some recipes from a swiss baker, confectioner.
    Top Tastes 
    Articles, reader-submitted and professional recipes, forum, and mailing list.
    Tribute to The Queen Mother 
    A small collection of recipes to pay tribute to The Queen Mother who passed away Saturday, 30th. March 2002 at the age of 101.
    truly talented 
    A selection of user submitted recipes for meat, tuna, dessert, and vegetarian dishes. 
    Features a large recipe index, tips, and advice. Search for recipes by course, region, prep time, or equipment available.
    UK MyCookBook 
    Search for recipes or compile personal cookbook. Every recipe has a comments forum, recipes and membership is free but not required.
    Uncommonly Fine 
    Collection of recipes categorized as Appetizers, Beverages, Breads, Side Dishes, Main Dishes and Desserts. Also links to great food sites.
    US Diners Recipes 
    Selection of assorted recipes in searchable format.
    USENET Cookbook 
    Nonmetric and metric versions. Search or view the complete list of thousands of recipes.
    Utterly Outrageous Recipes 
    This site is dedicated to "the weirdest food people actually eat."
    Virtual Vittles Cooking Recipes 
    Cooking recipes without excessive fat, fuss or expense.
    Waitrose Recipes 
    Recipes from the British store chain, updated every month. Includes a recipe database searchable by various criteria, recipes of the month using seasonal produce, a glossary, and links to the rest of the Waitrose site.
    Recipes from the newsgroup
    Organize weekly menus, shopping lists and recipes to cater for different tastes and dietary choices.
    What To Cook 
    Recipes and menus from Palm Springs and Southern California.
    What's 4 Dinner? 
    Selection of recipes offered.
    What's For Dinner? 
    A collection of articles with rated recipes from Suite
    Workday Gourmet Recipes for Busy People 
    Recipes for chicken, beef, pasta, seafood, shrimp, salads, and homemade desserts from chocolate pies to cakes, breads.
    Small collection of assorted recipes.
    Over 20,000 free recipes, cooking advice, and a searchable recipe index.