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Angel Voice Sites 
Intelligent voice sites for small and medium businesses and individuals. Create speech recognition applications online including ability for interactive dialog, in minutes, starting at $9.95 per month. Good demos.
Audiopoint Voice Portal 
Gives telephone users instant access to news, traffic, weather, sports, stocks and more over the telephone. Free. Also has retail products website.
A provider of carrier-grade solutions for creating and delivering next-generation enhanced services, as well as tools and resources for building, testing and deploying voice applications.
Broca Networks 
Develops custom voice applications and services to businesses globally with a specialty in voice authentication and voice portal hosting.
Eckoh Voice Portal 
British portal at 08701 101010, with email, news, and m-commerce. Cost from 2p/min.
Eloquant Hosting 
France based hosting of interactive voice applications developed by its customers, on its ELODIA platform. All types of multi-media access: phones, Internet, SMS, e-mail, Wap. An HP Opencall partner.
eWings Multilingual Voice Portal Services Provider 
Features voice portal, unified messaging, call center, voice XML based services for customized talking Web-based information applications.
Voice application software, hosting, and services.
Holly Australia 
Provides wide range of speech recognition services including call centers, mobile networks, portals, finance, human resources, customer service and hosting.
Provides high tech voice portal tools for VXML and WML sites.
MCK Voice Technology 
Sells voice over IP web clients.
Provides print publishers the ability to distribute their content via voice. Integrates voice portal technology and studio services in a turnkey solution.
Provides VoiceXML and voice portal services in the UK and soon in other European countries.
Swedish software vendor providing carrier grade VoiceXML browser 'speechWeb', hosting services, voice portal services and a unique karaoke messaging and advertising platform.
Red Circle Technologies 
Speech recognition software specialist based in Dublin, Ireland. Built Europe's first voice portal.
Speechforms Inc. 
Provides voice enabled enterprise solutions for expense reporting, timesheets, sales force automation, and surveys.
Tellme Networks 
Tellme 800 services allow voice query for stocks, sports, news, weather, horoscopes etc.
Timgad Holding 
Algeria based Timgad Group provides IVR, voice portal, auto attendant or directory check applications. Also biometrics.
Voice Access to TV Schedule & Listings 
Developer and provider of voice access to TV schedule and TV program listings and video descriptive services for vision impaired. Also multimodal access to entertainment content for wireless devices.
Voice Portals in Asia 
17Call, Incorporated is a voice technology company in the Asia Pacific Region building voice solutions for the Asia Marketplace. Specialty in interactive Mandarin solutions.