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1 Usenet Dotcom 
Uncensored Usenet/NNTP access to 80,000+ newsgroups. More than 1 Gigabyte daily download limit per server. Geographically dispersed servers.
100 Proof News 
Providing service for individuals, also ISP outsourcing.
NNTP services for individuals. 
Newsreading accounts for individuals.
NNTP newsgroup access, primarily for individuals. Required software freely available. Direct NNTP feeds subject to requirements and availability.
Altopia Corporation 
NNTP access for individuals. Bilateral peering available through the Seattle Internet Exchange interconnection.
anarQy usenet service 
NNTP service for individuals featuring over 55,000 uncensored newsgroups. Web site includes extensive list of newsgroups.
AnchorDudes Newsgroup Servers FAQ 
Reviews of Usenet newsgroup servers in a feature comparison table; as well as newsreaders, online safety issues, binary file options, and free newsgroup server misconceptions.
Astraweb Usenet Server 
Complete, uncensored Usenet server with ClariNet news and unlimited downloads. 
Uncensored newsgroup service provider. Over 85,000 groups. Dedicated mp3, binaries, multimedia, adult and anonymous servers. 7 day money back guarantee.
Access to 50,000 newsgroups. Services for individuals located within Europe. Includes web-based traceroute utility to see how close (network-wise) you are. 
Usenet server offering over 20000 text newsgroups and 1795 binary news groups. No speed limits on uploads and downloads. 10-day memberships trial.
Offers 2 news servers and anonymous access to Usenet. Redundancy Backups and geographical dispersion. Technical Support in English and Spanish. NNTP-based service for individuals.
Easy to use, web-based Usenet access with thumbnails and 3 different search engines. Specializing in subscriber-requested binary newsgroups. 
Over 90,000 uncensored Usenet newsgroups. Special binary and adult servers. Offering subscriptions for individuals. 
European based provider offering multiple news servers. Prices in US$ based on bandwidth. System status page.
Extra Newsguy 
Serves web-based spam-filtered picture newsgroups. ISP and corporate outsourcing.
Large commercial news provider, including ISP outsourcing and personal news access.
Goliath Newsgroups 
Providing Usenet access by newsreader or web. Uncensored. 
News service. Use a newsreader to access newsgroups by NNTP or use their web browser interface.
Mammoth News 
For individuals. Uptime guarantee. 
Uncensored Usenet newsgroup service featuring two web-based and four standard servers. Subscription service. Instant access. Carries all groups banned by major ISPs. 
Download 1500MB per day. For individuals. 
News reading for individuals (including binary groups). Prices vary depending on desired bandwidth.
News Paladin 
Access for individuals, corporations, or peers. Individuals have access to two servers. Uncensored and anonymous.
News Service Usenet Access 
Newsgroup access from our array of 17 usenet newsgroup servers carrying over 80,000 newsgroups. 
Usenet news service with over 46,000 newgroups offering a very high degree of anonymity with its news services. 
Offering corporate and individual newsfeeds. Uncensored access. Separate newsserver for binary groups and adult groups. Free e-mail with account, and e-mail to news gateway.
NNTP accounts for individuals, including binaries. No ads are added to posts. Accepts payment via credit card or paypal. Describes advantages over using your ISP's usenet server. 
A large list of companies offering subscription-based newsfeeds for individuals, ISPs, and businesses.
Newsripper Newsgroup Service 
NNTP news server for individuals. Free Trial.
Access over 35000 newsgroups with your newsreader. For individual, corporate and ISP outsourcing use.
NNTP Servers usenet newsgroup access 
Providing anonymous and uncensored usenet newsgroup service to individuals via NNTP. Offers differing pricing levels based on desired download bandwidth. Spam filters.
Commercial usenet accounts for ISPs or individuals. HTTP or NNTP access. 7 day trial available.
Premium Usenet 
Fast European-based Usenet service offering good retention of binary groups and full technical support.
Premium Usenet Providers 
Jeremy Nixon, administrator of the nj.* hierarchy of New Jersey newsgroups, offers an extensive tutorial on the many different criteria on which one may compare servers. Commented list of providers.
Privacy dot To 
For individual use. Unrestricted and unmonitored access to uncensored newsgroups via four NNTP usenet newsgroup servers. Providing annonimity.
Randori News 
Uncensored Usenet discussion group access. Instant Usenet newsgroup access for individuals and Usenet outsourcing for businesses and Internet Service Providers.
Satellite-based newsfeeds for ISPs and corporations worldwide.
Slurp News 
Usenet feeds for companies, ISPs, and individuals. For example, ISPs who don't want to run a news server can have their customers read news from For companies, private newsgroups and other services.
Sonic News 
Offers instant access to 18 uncensored servers including anonymous option.
A division of providing Usenet and NNTP products for ISPs, corporations and individuals.
Experienced news administrators maintain over 80,000 newsgroups. Over 50 incoming and outgoing feeds with OC 12 connections. Specialized servers including MP3, anonymous server, and binary servers.
Tera News: Public Usenet NNTP Newsgroup Server 
Both free and paid individual accounts available. Uncensored, unlogged, NNTP news server access to all newsgroups, including all of the binary newsgroups. All accounts require a valid credit card for access.
The Barditch News Server 
Individual user accounts. No news feeds or news hosting. Claims to be one of the most spam-free servers today, with about 90% spam removed. Privately owned and operated. 
Usenet newsgroup service with access to uncensored discussion groups. Offers dedicated binary, MP3, anonymous, and spam-free servers.
Uncensored Newsfeed 
Access to over 80,000 uncensored Usenet newsgroups with an annonymous server.
Worlds uncensored usenet news source. Services for both individuals and ISPs.
Directory of Usenet providers, with descriptions and reviews. Emphasis on anonymous access to Usenet.
Usenet News Server Reviews 
Independent reviews of commercial, subscription and open news servers. Rated by price, speed, number of groups, and content.
Usenet Providers 
Directory of usenet providers. Nice site which indicates which apparently different sites are related to each other, how the different providers compare, and so on.
Usenet Services 
New to Usenet? Links to many documents about netiquette, how to deal with usenet, how usenet is run, etc. 
Usenet access for individuals, ISPs or outsourced corporate accounts. Several servers, including annonymous servers and separate servers for binary files. Peering Page 
Find suitable news peers. Put up a peering request and supply data about your system as well as what you would desire from a peer. 
Uncensored access to newsgroups. 15 different newsgroup servers with dedicated mp3, binaries, multimedia, and adult servers. Corporate and individual accounts. 
Binaries, high speed servers for individuals. Differing pricing levels based on desired download bandwidth. Free 3-day trial.
A gigabit UseNet Server for the professional, cable, webtv and novice user. Free trial.
Uncensored and anonymous Usenet access from 4 high-speed servers. Carrying over 80,000 newgroups.