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Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups 
Organized by topic (using entire words, not the cryptic abbreviations like "soc" or "std" sometimes used in newsgroup names).
Liszt's Usenet Newsgroups Directory 
Searchable list of Usenet newsgroups by name, topic, or hierarchy. Short descriptions of each newsgroup. 
Links to all known top-level hierarchies, any of which may register a subdomain of for their hierarchy.
Newsgroups Related to Network Abuse 
List of newsgroups related to network abuse. Contains a description of each newsgroup and a link to its charter. Maintained by Russ Albery.
Categorized lists of usenet groups and Yahoo groups (mailing lists). Links to google groups and Yahoo groups for web-based browsing of the groups.
Usenet newsgroups listed by hierarchy, description, and by index. No newsserver access. Each newsgroup has its own page with statistics and links to FAQs and other group information.
Trinceron usenet 
List of free open usenet news servers, software reviews, paid usenet feed service list and resource pages.
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad 
Apparently no longer maintained, but of interest for historical reasons. Besides a list of Usenet newsgroups, also contains links to FAQs, newsgroup descriptions, and other Usenet information. 
Lists of groups, divided into text and binary. 
Categorized links to web sites concerning technical aspects of usenet, tutorials, open usenet servers, and all aspects of usenet. 
Searches usenet posts. Links point to