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Alfred Schwarz 
Austrian flier with information on the Pfaff walking foot and kiting in Vienne.
Andreas Napravnik 
Enthusiastic German flier and builder. Galleries of photos from many German festivals.
Andrew Albosta 
Reports on 3 years of the Smithsonian and other festivals.
Andy Tate 
Kite sportsman from Sussex, UK.
Andy Tauber 
The Kite Flying Fool presents a site bristling with images and information.
Andy Williams 
Information on various types of sport kites and the Bay Area Stunt Kite League (BASKL)
Anthony Thyssen 
Kite Workshop where Anthony designs and builds unusal kite designs.
Arthur Edwards 
3-leg bridle calculator, Popper plan and a delta based on windsurfer sail design.
Bart W van Assen 
The kite-flying Dutchman. Well travelled and published flier. [English and Dutch]
Bernhard Malle and Robert Pudlo 
Prolific German designers and builders with a site full of galleries and plans.
Bob Childs 
Sport kite designer/competitor turned kite traction enthusiasts and kite skating pioneer. Site includes biography, interviews, articles and media galleries.
Bob Pebly 
Kite Aerial Photography, Buggying, South Florida flying sites & photos.
Bob White's Kite History Site 
Timeline of Kite History, Bibliography of Kite Books and Publications, Famous Kite Pioneers
Brian Champie 
Information about kiting in the San Francisco Bay Area, tournaments, workshops, stories, and information on the California Wasp Kite.
Bruce Taggart 
Stunt Kite template tool and definitions of many technical terms.
Buck Childers 
KidKiteWeb - Information about kiting and kite building with kids.
Calvin Mills 
Home of Rad Red, ice flying enthusiast.
Craig Rodgerson 
Internet kite enthusiast and Pizazz designer from Flint Michigan USA.
Damien du Toit 
Introduction to kites and kite flying.
Daniel Gagnon 
Traction kite designer, using Foilmaker. [French]
Dave Culp 
Sailcraft research and development. High speed sailing development, kite powered sailcraft, links to the Amateur Yacht Research Society.
Dave Ellis 
Kites, kids and education do mix! A site devoted to kites as an educational tool including resources for teachers.
Dave Lord 
Lots of detail on traction kites, kite buggies and land yachts.
David Aberdeen 
Amateur traction kite designer / enthusiast shares kite plans and photos.
David Forsyth 
Personal Kiting - buggy plans, several home made traction foils and Eastern Cape Kites
David Guidolin 
Canadian two and four line flier. Toronto festival report.
David Ronan 
A traction kite enthusiast from County Limerick, Ireland.
Dee Doyle 
Collection of papers introducing all forms of kite flying.
Desert Duck Flyers 
Dabbles and the Desert Duck present kite flying in the Colorado Rockies. Web site features photo album, events calendar, flying tips and favorite links.
Detlef Beyer 
Kite Paradise - A Cybergallery of Kites with tips, animations, pictures and an interactive game. Home to the World Buggy-Location Database.
Didier Ferment 
Prolific French designer. Many attractive quad designs.
Dodd Gross 
Experienced kite flying instructor offers "Flight School" video training course and live seminars.
Don and Mary Ostey 
Sport kite flying in and around the Northwest USA. Site features an event schedule, photo album, and kite plans.
Don Hansberger 
Enthusiastic flier from New York.
Eleven`s Trick Kite Site 
Alfred Stoppels shares his experiences with trick-kiting. Sport kite trick instruction and kite reviews.
Emiel Stroeve 
Enthusiastic flier, sharing information about KAP, buggying and kite kite designs.
Esben Collstrup 
Danish flier, and dropper of parafauna.
Frank Ellerkamp 
Unofficial Swiss Kite Site - clubs and stores in Switzerland.
Frank Kenisky 
Mr. Nasty to voices his opinion about anything the world he pleases.
Frank Pitsch 
Power kite enthusiast from Germany posts kite photos, plans and related links.
Frans Nijhuis 
Kitesailing, kites, treasure hunting and the digital camera.
Garth South 
Livnhot's World - Trying to convince the world to get out and fly a kite.
Gary Engvall 
Kite information, links to kite plans, kite events, kite books, kite catalogs, kite clubs. Workshop kites.
Geert Donker Duyvis 
Innovative designer of single line kites, including dragons.
Gerhard und Barbara Rutter 
Information about kites for kitefliers and friends. [German and English]
Gertraud Umlauft 
Kites and Music - Stunt kite flying information, plus tips for adapting to strong wind.
Gilles Lehoux 
Kites built from readily available materials. Cartoons and sillyness.
Glenn Davison - Kiting USA 
A growing collection of resources related to miniature kite making and using kites in the classroom for educational purposes.
Hans Jansen 
Dutch flier involved in STACK rule development, also virtual flying emulator.
Harald Prinzler 
German flier interested in KAP and soft kites.
Heizo Itoh 
Japanese master of Hamamatsu Kites.
Henk Steenbergen 
Dutch flier with information and plans for building 2-line stunt kites.
Ian Newham 
Designer of Blue Fish sport kites. Information on sport kite design, tips for newcomers and setting up a Revolution.
Iasao Ogawa 
Japanese master of miniature kite building.
James Ervin 
Builder of beautiful single line and sport kites.
Jarrod Foo 
Flying in Marina South Park, Singapore.
Jennifer Chan 
How to go and fly a kite. A beginner's site on kites - the physics, history, myth, and basics of kites.
Jerome Grimminck 
Fright's buggy site. Includes pictures of 2-wheel buggies.
Jiehua Sun 
Master craftsman of traditional Chinese kites.
Jim Cheetham 
How to, why to, and pictures of flying kites at night.
Jim Cronin 
OSOW, assorted kites and ramblings in Coventry.
Joanne Baker 
Kites 4 Kids. Team Positive Lift of Melbourne, Australia. Aerial Displays, Festivals, School Workshops, Stunt Kite Exhibitions.
John Glazebrook 
Extensive photo gallery of John and friends kite jumping and kite surfing plus kite reviews and tips.
John Maxworthy 
Musings... Kite photos, Kite Construction & KAP
John Mitchell 
Champion Revolution flier. Information about STACK, Revolutions, the Decorators and Fano.
Jonas Feldt 
An introduction to all forms of flying.
Katsutaka Murooka 
Builder of modern Japanese kites and KAP enthusiast.
Kazue Tanaka 
Tombi-style birds built from sooty bamboo and washi paper.
Keizo Nakano 
Third generation builder of Tsugaru kites.
Kuba Soltysiak 
Plans for simple kites used for KAP.
Kumthon Charungkitkul 
A site dedicated to the kites of Thailand.
Lam Hoac 
Longstanding champion kite competitor and sport kite designer/manufacturer.
Larry and Linda Mixon 
Above The Horizon Kites - Award winning designers and fliers.
Leon von Moltke 
South African flier and builder, with reports of visits to the Gold Coast, Swindon and Nambia.
Marc Duguay 
Single like kite designer, with festival reports. [French and English]
Marty Groet 
Builder and flier from Charlotte in Carolina.
Masaaki Satoh 
Designer and builder of Abu dako, Semi dako, Hachi dako.
Masami Takakuwa 
Traditional Japanese kites, kite festivals in Japan, Japanese kite plans.
Michael A. Petro 
Extensive and long standing site with links to many kite web resources.
Michael Goddard 
Reach Up And Touch The Sky. Kite sketchbooks, kite gallery, kite flying sites, kites and colour.
Michael Olsen 
Enthusiastic kite jumper from Colorado shares photos and movies.
Mike Armstrong 
Cartoons, festival reports and descriptions of many kites.
Mike Emery 
Twenty years of flying all styles of kite. Located in Finland.
Mike Hoefer 
The unofficial Prism page.
Nick Wake 
Warwickshire kite enthusiast catalogs his interest in power kiting, buggying, kite surfing, team flying.
Nicolas Salin 
French kite jumping enthusiast.
Nigel Byde and Paul Collins 
Information for flyers new to Sportkites and a place where kitefans can display their creative art in the Sky Gallery.
Patrick Mann 
Plans, photos and discussions of single-line kites, including several original designs. Also features: kite book reviews and building tips.
Peter Betancourt 
X-kites - a celebration of Kites and Kiters. Links and Photos
Peter Peters 
Very extensive site including kite plans, instruction, tricks, software, and a long list of links.
Peter Ulfheden 
Long standing Swedish flier.
Phil Denby 
A collection of photos taken whilst power kiteing.
Philip Chase 
A site dealing with all forms of power & traction kiting.
Philip Le Riche 
The Virtual Kite Zoo - Descriptions, plans, pictures of many kite varieties, a FAQ in itself
Polly Ching 
A globetrotting kite flier from Singapore.
Rainer Leuschke 
Designing and building kites and sailboards.
Ray Bethell 
World champion multiple sport kite pilot.
René Nijboer 
Dutch kite builder. Pictures of kites and buggies.
Rghm Ter Wiel 
Dutch flier interested in kite photography. Note the choice of wallpaper images.
Richard Amirault 
Keen flier from Malden, MA, involved in several kite organisations.
Richard Cornwell 
Sky Visions - kite builder and designer.
Rob Harper 
Welsh flier of both single and dual line.
Rob Hawke 
Information and pictures about power kiting.
Rob Scribner 
Kiting pages of Rob Scribner, former captain of the Cutting Edge Kite Team.
Robert Van Weers 
New Zealand with pictures of his own creations and several plans.
Rodel Rosas 
Photos and flying sites in the Philippines.
Roger Maddy 
Original 12-line "puppet" stunt kites. Webcam and voicechat.
Ron and Marla Kytpepl 
Information about kite stuff, pins, and tattoos.
Ron Kramer 
Personal website by the designer of the Prism website. Several indoor movie clips.
Ron Reich 
A compendium of Ron's postings to rec.kites.
Roy Reed 
Introduction to kite making and history. [Flash]
Roy Schelkers 
Stories and advice about flying in the Netherlands.
Sam and Ann Ritter. 
Stacked Revolutions and single line kites.
Samuel Franklin Cody 
Gallery of Cody's work by Frits Donker Duyvis.
Seiji Sudo 
Master builder of the Sanjo Rokkaku, from Sanjo, Japan.
Simo Salanne 
Flyer and stunt kite designer proud to come from Finland.
Spence Wikel 
Flier and builder of single line and dual line kites.
Steve Surette 
Canadian flier, his family and festivals.
Terence Kearey 
Swedish builder working on improvements in single-skin design.
Thomas-Michael Rudolph 
Extensive site with many plans, Information on Codys and German festivals.
Tole's Kites 
Pictures of artistic hand built kites.
Tom Tinney 
This page shows some of the miniature and one not so miniature kites made by Tom Tinney.
Toshiharu Umeya 
Japanese builder of modern kite trains.
Toshiyuki Yoshikawa 
Third generation traditional Tosa kite builder.
Tsutomu Hiroi 
Maker of many kinds of creative kites since 1935.
Yasuo Shimura 
Traditionaly painted Japanese Edo kites.