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    Bay Area Sundowners 
    Californian display team, known for flying large stacks of kites with tails.
    Cloud Nine 
    German stunt kite team: Paul May, Thomas Gebert and Fridolin Koch.
    Collectif Zoone 
    Team of single line designers introducing nonclassified flying forms of life.
    End Of The Line (EOL) 
    Austin Team: Demonstrations, Performances, Training and Competitions. Eddie Zihlman, Jim Cox, Steven Ploof, Kevin Kirkendoll and Jim Wood.
    Flying Circus 
    A team of enthusiasts who provide kite displays in the Lancashire area of the UK. Organisers of The Fylde Kite Festival.
    Austrian competition / Display Team
    Kiteman Productions 
    Consulting and production company for innovative kite shows such as the worlds first daily Kite-Ski Show in Cypress Gardens, Florida. Also supplies kites, banners and inflatable props. Sales and rentals.
    Men in kites 
    Mutant Dutch enthusiasts with extraordinary abilities in all forms of flying.
    Ray Bethell 
    The world's premier multiple kite flyer from Vancouver, BC Canada.
    Sky Dance and Bi Dance Kite Team 
    Mark & Jeanette Lummas - founding members. Web site contains information for both teams and related kiting information.
    Sky's The Limit 
    Meg and Bill organize colorful displays, demonstrations and static exhibits and professional competitions and festivals.
    Team Garuda 
    Sport kite competition team from Germany. English and German.
    Team Postivie Lift 
    Joanne Baker, Maggie Phillips and Ricky Baker demonstrate all forms of kiting in Australia.
    The Chicago Fire Kite Team 
    Formed in 1986, now regularly flying all over the USA.
    Belgian kite team. To boldly go where our kites have gone before.
    Vent en fête 
    Yves Laforest, Anne Clément and Fannie organise impressive displays of single line kites from Quebec. [English and French]
    Visual Imapct 
    Dan Villegas, Jim Barber, Rick Wolcott, Reid Wolcott, and Mary Bos fly North Shore Radical Kites.
    Wigsley Wings Kite Display Team 
    Nine member team specializes in large display kites. Available for kite festivals in the UK.