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    Car Busters of Eastern Europe 
    Online Magazine & Resource Center for the car-free movement world wide.
    Carfree Cities 
    Carfree cities past, present, and future. Presents solutions to the problem of the urban automobile.
    International Car Free Day Campaign 
    A campaign to encourage public awareness of pollution caused by the increase in motorized traffic in the urban environment. Includes a summary of the campaign and which cities are participating.
    Newsgroup on World Carfree Day 
    Discussions, primarily in U.S. for Summer 2000 event intended to encourage people to not use automobiles.
    Pedaling to Save the City 
    An examination of San Francisco's Critical Mass bicycling event in the context of the global fight against automobile dependency
    Right of Way 
    Organization "dedicated to the overthrow of car tyranny."
    Westside Transportation Alliance 
    Non-profit organization providing information on commute and transportation alternatives in the Portland, Oregon metro area.
    World Car Free 
    Non profit trying to build a consensus for change in the attitude and behavior of current car users.