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Moderated Newsgroups FAQ 
Text format. Explains what moderation is, how it works, issues regarding moderation, and requirements for becoming a moderator.
NetNews Moderators Handbook 
Manual on how to moderate newsgroups. Explains all of the technical requirements, how moderated groups work, and offers advice on how to handle various aspects of moderating.
Pitfalls of Newsgroup Moderation 
Describes some of the difficulties one can run into in maintaining a moderated newsgroup. Recommended reading before creating a moderated newsgroup, or converting the status of an existing newsgroup to moderated. Maintained by Russ Albery.
S.T.U.M.P. Robomoderator Program 
A powerful and flexible auto-moderation tool, which allows Usenet news group moderators to partly or completely automate their tasks.
USENET Moderators Archive 
A collection of software and scripts for handling moderating duties.
Usenet Volunteer Moderators 
A group dedicated to helping moderate Usenet newsgroups and help others that wish to moderate a newsgroup themselves.