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Ancient Worlds 
An immersive experience that involves the player in an adventure scenario through three different landscapes.
Blindspot Pro 
Information on Dark October the current project, and on the game engine used to build it.
DreamingMedia: BADmilk 
Very short interactive fiction in which you fall into a delusional, surreal world after drinking spoiled milk. Sales, demo, and screensaver.
Egor's Adventure 
A morbid little adventure game in which you play the role of Dr. Frankenstein's diabolic asisstant, Egor.
An adventure for the ZX Spectrum, published by XCellent Software.
Guilty Bastards 
Download for Guilty Bastards, a game by Kent Tessman.
In Shadow of Time 
Time travel adventure game for Amiga.
JK Designs 
Features downloads, game development articles, 3D art and a forum
On Assignment 
Features screen shots, demonstration version and a complete game description.
Panic Productions 
News, plot outline, artwork and links to game engines.
Star Bores 
A text adventure game for the Amstrad CPC and PCW computers.
Tells the story of the development of Straned, an Infocom inspired project started in 1989.
The Avvy Project 
Thorsoft Games produced three games in the early 1990's.
The Planet of Death 
Remake of the adventure game from Artic Computing for the Sinclair ZX 81. Also ported to CP/M and Win95.
True Love 
Features a plot synopsis, screen shots, and downloads of the game. Demonstration game free, order the full game online.
VooDoo Interactive 
Personal page with downloads, links, and flash animation.
Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder 
Download the adventure game for PC. Explore rolling hills, dark dungeons, purple mountains and expansive lakes in the quest to restore order to the mythical Land of Guilder.
World Builder Games Download Archive 
Games made with World Builder for older Macintosh computers.