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    Alan's Kitchen 
    Picnic, tailgating and backyard recipes.
    Apple-Cranberry Crumble with Roasted Pecan Streusel 
    From the book, Picnics, a recipe to make ahead and take on a picnic.
    Country Picnic Sandwich 
    Recipe from Orchard Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast, Paso Robles, California on the Internet Cookbook.
    Easy Picnic Taco Salad 
    A salad recipe brought by ingredients which are brought separately to be assembled just before serving.
    Ham and Cheese Picnic Bread 
    Picnic bread, filled with ham, cheese, pimento and olives.
    John Madden's Coach's Playbook 
    At the left of the page is a link to Madden's recipe for BBQ Buffalo Wings.
    Korean Spring Picnic 
    Korean-style picnic with recipes for asparagus, cucumber soup, Kimchi. Scroll down for picnic recipes.
    Longhorn Tailgate Cookbook 
    Appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, brunches, main dishes, desserts.
    Picnic for Four 
    Menu includes ham and muenster cheese sandwiches, marinated two bean salad, potato salad, fresh peaches and grapes.,5370,6025,00.html
    Picnic Pasta Salad 
    The small amount of mayonnaise allows it to keep much better than the traditional pasta salad.
    Picnic Potato Salad 
    Uses lemon juice, sour cream and melted butter instead of mayonnaise.
    Picnic Recipes 
    A variety of recipes for dips, salads, and main dishes.
    Picnic recipes from Razzle Dazzle Recipes 
    Recipes for picnics, tailgate parties or backyard barbeques.
    Picnics and Cookouts 
    Recipes and menus for picnics, including collections of low fat picnic food, low carb picnics, vegetarian picnics.
    Plan a Picnic 
    Salad and grilling recipes for picnics.
    Romantic Picnic Recipes For Two 
    Crisped Chips, Salsa, Cheese Dip with Fresh Fruits, Grilled Peppers and Apples, Beef and Spinach Pita Pockets.
    Safe Picnics 
    How to prevent food borne illness by cleanliness, preparation, packing, storing and cooking temperatures. Tailgate menus and recipes.
    Special Flavors: Picnic Recipes 
    Share your recipes which match your menu to the car that you drive to the picnic, or use some of the menus presented.
    Summer Fruit Kebabs 
    A simple summer picnic recipe using mostly canned fruits.
    Summer Time and Picnic Recipe Website Links 
    Links to a variety of recipes for food that can be brought to a picnic.
    Recipes from featuring beer as a primary ingredient.
    Tailgate Chicken 
    Chicken, beer, garlic salt, pepper, and that's it.
    Tailgate Crab Cakes 
    A rather complicated recipe to be prepared onsite.,,9353,00.html
    Tailgate Picnic 
    Mediterranean Torta, Smoked Sausages with Two Mustards, Mushroom and Artichoke Salad.
    Tailgating, the Picnic Pavilion 
    Recipes for cooks who want to enjoy a great picnic, backyard party, and tailgating adventure.
    The PicnicA Movable Feast 
    Several recipes for several styles of picnics, including hiking.
    Traveling With Food 
    Factsheet from Clemson University on food safety for vacation travel and car trips. How to avoid foods poisoning when traveling. Packing and storing foods safely. Foods that don't need refrigeration.
    True Southern Family Recipes Tailgating 
    Large collection of recipes for dips, spreads, desserts, salads, and entrees to take to a tailgate party.