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    Amsterdam Kliniek 
    Using healing methods aimed at fighting disease in a natural way. Contact and location details included.
    Provides details on Thai, traditional, reflexology and Swedish massage. located in Den Hague.
    This 'Centre for Self Awareness and Personal Development' provides personal development courses for the general public as well as organisations.
    Offers skincare products, catering solely to beauticians. Gives product, company and sales information.
    Activities, knowledge base and forum of the Rotterdam Student Fitness Association ErasMuscle.
    Euthanasia in Holland 
    Page on the controversial subject of euthanasia in the Netherlands.
    Euthanasia in Holland 
    The Dutch Voluntary Euthanasia Society (DVES). True facts about euthanasia and assisted suicide in Holland. Dutch penal code, and jurisprudence.
    The Nijmegen Center for Mitochondrial Disorders is a full facility center for patients with mitochondrial diseases. With information about research and parental contact.
    Information about this foundation located in Rijswijk, promoting energetic holistic alternative medicine, using the power of written words. With associated products, seminars and results of treatment.
    Triticum Exploitatie BV 
    Products, news and articles of this company promoting eco-honey based medication therapy, curing wounds, decubitus and heartburn.
    Refractive eye surgery clinic. Gives clinic locations, description of treatments and latest technology.