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Aberrant News 
Provocative daily news with commentary.
Ali's Weird Candy 
Weird news about unlikely crimes, odd religions, strange romances and bizarre behaviours.
Stupid people are funny. Daily bonehead awards and weird news stories.
Chris and 
Fun and humor with a healthy dose of sarcasm including news stories, forum, games and much more.
Weird News from Canada.
Crazy News 
Strange but true news, dumb laws, stupid criminals, and amazing pictures.
Daily Rotten 
Bizarre news, plus events on this day in history.
Searchable collection of odd news stories from a variety of news services.
Exploding Cigar 
Strange news, weird events and fun and games section. 
Weird and bizarre, but true news stories from around the world.
Newspaper of the strange but true, including jokes, awards and photos.
NakedFly News 
Strange news from around the world, discussion rooms and web logs.
News of the Odd 
Strange news and weird links, as well as odd events from the past.
News of the Weird 
Weekly bizarre-but-true weird news from around the world.
Selection of odd, usually humorous, news "quirkies" from around the world. Updated daily.
Obscure Store 
News reports of normal people doing strange things
Oddly Enough 
Weird, funny and strange news stories from Reuters.
Offbeat news from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).
Amusing true stories from around the globe. Print it out, retire to the toilet, and enjoy.
San Francisco Chronicle: Bondage File 
Weekly collection of weird stories from the news wire services.
Strange News 
Strange news headlines from ABC7 Chicago.
Strange News 
Strange headlines from Associated Press.
The Wolf Files 
Weird news from ABC (American Broadcasting Company).
This Is True 
Weekly syndicated sewspaper reports of bizarre-but-true news items from around the World.
News headlines and reports of other things you won't believe have happened.
Weekly World News 
Online edition of the supermarket tabloid. Not really news, or is it?
Weird Ass Shit 
Portal for the news of the weird.
Weird Wide Web 
Weird news articles, site of the week & freak of the week.