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    A Tasteful Endeavor 
    Featuring a recipe-a-day, kitchen hints and tips, monthly contest, original cookbook, monthly newsletter full of recipes, and a dash of humor.
    About Chocolate 
    Techniques on how to cook with chocolate, recipes, shopping information, articles.
    Aki's Kitchen 
    Offers recipes, advice for cooks such as recipe management, how ingredients work, techniques, tips, and which tools are necessary for any home cook.
    Ask a Chef 
    Ask a professional chef for recipes, and food related questions, as well as cooking tips and restaurant based information.
    Busy Cooks 
    Cooking information, methods, organisation, and tips, at
    Cook's Thesaurus 
    A cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.
    Cook's Tools 
    Charts for measurement conversion, quantities and yields, common substitutions, candy making, can sizes, and roasting. From
    Cookery Online 
    Provides free information and resources on food, cookery and the hospitality industry. Includes recipes, know-how, and cooking tips and knowledge.
    Cooking Tips and Hints 
    Cooking glossary, hints, tips, tricks, and techniques from CDKitchen.
    Cooking Vocabulary 
    Offers short descriptions for about 20 cooking terms such as julienne, mince, grill, and brown.
    Cooking With The Seasons from 
    Information about seasonal foods, including history of a food item, how to choose it in the store, and how to store it.
    Cooking technique and food history.
    Culinary Classes 
    Offers a library of reference pages, dicitonary, encyclopedia and image gallery.
    Culinary Q&A from 
    Answers to your questions about entertaining, cooking, recipes, and food.
    The Bon Appetit Cooking Class main page with selection of tips on how to cook various items.
    Information provided by chefs and restaurants from around the globe. Access recipes, job listings, and menus.
    Fine Cooking Magazine 
    Presents tips, techniques, recipes, and articles from the magazine.
    Food Science from Fine Cooking Magazine 
    Presents detailled articles on why things work the way they do in cooking. From the print publication.
    Guide to Home Cooking 
    Information, food features cover history, usage, and many recipes for individual foods, cooking methods, and appliances, at
    How To Modify A Recipe 
    Fact sheet proposing a few ways to decrease the amount of fat, calories, sugar, and salt in recipes.
    Linda's Culinary Dictionary 
    An extensive dictionary of cooking, food, and beverage terms.
    Lone Star Dutch Oven Society 
    Organization dedicated to preserving the art of Black Pot Cooking. 
    Ideas and tools you need to plan your meals and organize your shopping list.
    Metric Conversions from GourmetSleuth 
    Conversion chart from American measurements to Metric.
    Mortar and Pestle (Molcajete) from GourmetSleuth 
    A brief history, description, types and uses this tool, including photographs and recipes such as pistou, guacamole, and salsa.
    Nutrition and Learning Resource List 
    United States Department of Agriculture listing of publications pertaining to diet and education information.
    Poaching vs. Simmering vs. Boiling 
    Describes what these three techniques are, including temperatures and uses. 
    Helps cooks from different countries communicate with one another.
    Recipe Global Network 
    Recipe collections, recipe contests, fighting against world hunger.
    Recipe Q and A 
    Volunteer Chefs available to provide answers to nearly any cooking inquiry. A brief description of their field of expertise is listed to enable the user to ask the question to the appropriate chef.
    Roasting Guide 
    Interactive guide helps cooks determine how long to cook ham, poultry, lamb, beef and chicken, at Better Homes and Gardens..
    Science of Cooking 
    Recipes, activities, and webcasts are used to explain the science behind food and cooking.
    Smart Cook 
    An interactive food site with recipes and message board.
    The Garnishing Place 
    Instructions on how to make edible art flowers and hearts. Includes photograhs and links to other resources.
    The Reluctant Gourmet 
    Cooking guide for novice home cooks including recipes, techniques, and tips.
    The Repertoire 
    Gourmet culinary workstation with a myriad of food orientated pages authored by a professional chef.
    The Saute Network 
    Food preparation techniques.
    Thrifty Living - Substitutions: Flavorings 
    List of substitutions, using other ingredients normally found in a kitchen.
    Tips from Cuisine Magazine 
    From the print magazine, tips and techniques ranging from the basic to the unusual and specific. Covers a wide range of dishes, garnishing and decorating, utensils and cookware, and general kitchen help.