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Adventure Collective 
"Collective" coverage of adventure game series. Also includes cheats and hints. Frequently updated.
Adventure Probe 
Ad for a monthly adventure game magazine. No samples.
Adventures Forever 
Reviews , screenshots , discussion board , interessting new links and free online game links.
Brass Lantern Reviews List 
Reviews of many adventure games, plus links to the most frequently updated other sites offering adventure game reviews.
Complete Index to XYZZYnews Magazine, The 
Complete Index to Eileen Mullin's magazine for interactive fiction enthusiasts.
Computer Games Online: Adventure Vault 
Archived reviews from 1996-1997. Built around an online game store.
David Tanguay's Game Reviews 
Reviews of adventure games played by David Tanguay. Provides links to related content and sites.
Edge, The 
Monthly fanzine includes interviews and hints.
Gamers Uplink 
News, Information, Reviews, Previews, and hosted sites dealing with next-generation video games.
Games Domain Review 
The Traveller's Inn reviews of various games from Games Domain.
GameSpot: Adventure Games 
Reviews, downloads, hints, tips, links, technical information, and features.,11892,6016968,00.html
Interactive Fiction : Criticism 
Criticism of Interactive Fiction as an art form. Links to sites featuring IF reviews.
Just Adventure+ 
Adventure game news, reviews, and resources. The site also offers extensive coverage of multi-genre games (i.e. action-adventure, etc).
Mr. Bill's Adventureland 
Capsule reviews of graphic adventure computer games. Some have hints or walkthroughs. Message board also.
User-posted reviews of adventure games, with averaged ratings. Covers older games as well as newer ones.
Programmer in Black Game Reviews 
Lynn Alford's reviews of PC adventure games.
Quandary Computer Game Reviews 
On-line magazine which reviews Adventure, RPG, Puzzle, and Children's games.
Reviews by Matthew Murray 
Matthew Murray reviews all the commercial games he has played during his lifetime.
Reviews of Commercial Games by Zarf 
Reviews of graphical adventure games by Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin, author of many innovative text adventures.
Reviews: IF Competition Reviews - Zarf 
Reviews of the competition games by the author of Spider and Web, A Change in the Weather, So Far, and other great games.
Snacky Pete's Text Adventure Archive 
Reviews and downloads. Well organized selection of games.
Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games (SPAG) 
Back issues of SPAG, an e-zine devoted primarily to reviews of text adventure games (interactive fiction).
The Discworld 
An online gaming magazine that is updated daily and features reviews, previews, hints and some problems solved.
XYZZY Awards 
Partial transcript of the 1997 XYZZY Awards Ceremony.
An on-line magazine for interactive fiction enthusiasts. Contains game reviews, latest int-fiction news and interviews.