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Avery, Arthur 
Nature photography based triptychs on Thai art papers. Information on triptychs, galleries and purchasing information.
Beck-Brown, David 
Works of art in mixed media, interviews, articles and photos.
Beloff, Andrea 
Original works of collage art along with Limited editions, posters, and note cards
Bertles, Matt 
Paintings, photographs, posters, and more available
Calloway, Bill 
Offering cartoon graphics and drawings in mixed media.
Chukran, Bobbi A. 
Mixed-media collage art; relief lino-cut prints; experimental printmaking; fabric collages.
Coleman, Patricia C. 
Original acrylic and mixed media paintings, prints, artist books, figurative sculpture, dolls, quilts and links
Cruz, Fred 
Contemporary outsider artist of mixed media paintings, collages, and sculpture.
Elakman, Veronika 
Original mixed media paintings with characteristic 3D appearance.
Fritts, Anneliese 
Studio A offers original fine art in traditional mosaics (Venetial Glass Terrerae), sculptural mosaics in mixed medias (stone, wood) and the futuristic media of acrylic on acrylic.
Hack, Elizabeth 
Experience the Wave Series paintings of artist Elizabeth Hack.
Jacquíe D 
Offers collage and Louisiana Fetish Dolls. Also includes photographs, quotations, and links.
Lindenberg, Judith 
Offers limited and open edition giclee prints, and original artworks.
Living Vision Arts 
Small collage/assemblage canvases, created with acrylic paint and finishes, gemstones, beads, found objects, and original photos.
Lord, Cheryl 
Offers prints of works combining contemporary digital graphics with traditional oil painting.
Majeski, Thomas 
3-D wall constructions includes artist's statement, artworks for sale, and contact information
Maki, Maureen 
Features framed paintings and mixed media by Los Angeles artist.
MaloneBeach, James 
Medalist, displays his innovative medals online.
McCarrick, Kiny 
Original artwork for Sale by the Artist. Contemporary beadwork and mixed media pieces using acrylics, found objects, elastomeric compound, wax, wood, paper etc.
Modugno, Rosana 
Original and unique handmade artwork in mixed media work is often made using recycled materials.
Mordehai Belo 
Original esoteric art reproductions on shirts, greeting cards, and other gifts items.
Motherwell, Jeannie 
Collages combine painting with photographs, images and text, bridging reading to looking and content to style.
Peabody, Ben 
Multi-media dimensional painting of cypress doors with painted panels.
Plaisted, Linda 
Employs technology to transform photography, fine art, and found objects into works of complex beauty.
Playle, Sarah-Anne 
Unique art, photos, and merchandise. Order securely online.
Radioactive Future 
Underground art and culture in San Diego, California.
Reisman, Donna 
Mixed media collage drawings: pen and ink, watercolor, airbrush, pastel dust, stipple, ink wash, colored pencil, employing 3-dimensional shadow boxes and moving parts.
Robinson, Deborah 
Collage and assemblage art using natural and manufactured found objects and mixed media methods.
Sagen, Alyse 
One-of-a-kind, colorful glass windows, lamps, shades, screens specific to you based on principles of ancient arts including Feng Sui and Reiki.
Secor, Marti 
Alcove Art - Limited edition mixed media paintings with an unusual use of acrylic color.
Sherry, Helen J. 
A contemporary mixed media artist, who works with a vivid pallet, enjoying the challenge of creating abstract impressionistic art.
Smith, Winston 
Winston Smith's modus operandi since the 1970's has been to kidnap "innocent" images from the pages of vintage magazines and then to diabolically glue them into compromising or politically revealing positions in his surreal collage landscap
Towler, Joslin 
Artist working in digitally enhanced photography with 3D human body scanning.
Townshend, Sabina 
Commissions of Cityscapes and Architecture. Create any cityscape, city view, specific building or architectural landscape.
Tuttle, Janis 
Offers oils, watercolors, and mixed media paintings for sale as well as art classes.
Weibel, Peter 
Specializes in abstract paintings and drawings in mixed media and gold-leaf. Offers original works and cards.
Wright, Inge 
Unique mixed media, collage, prints and handmade paper designs for sale. This American artist living in England offers diverse artwork, as well as hand-painted custom design cushions.
Ziegfeld, Carrie A. 
Creates unique assemblage works with metal, glass, and found objects.