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50 Years NIAID - Immunologic Diseases 
Articles targeted at the general public on allergy and asthma, graft-vs-host diseases, immune deficiency diseases and autoimmune diseases. Also contains information on how the immune system works.
Antibody Engineering and Recombinant Protein Biotechnology Unit 
Aims to evaluate new opportunities to immunotherapeutic approaches using recombinant antibody derivatives. Includes information on the clinical use of antibodies and bispecific antibodies, as well as how to make the latter. Based at the Department of
Cliniweb International - Immunologic Diseases 
Links to information on autoimmune diseases, graft versus host disease, hypersensitivity and immunologic deficiency syndromes on the web. For health care profession students and practitioners.
Grouppe Kurosawa. 
Proponent for natural extracts which are derived from plants. Discusses how they challenge the immune system and therefore can be used in the effective treatment of acute and chronic diseases.
Humanization bY Design 
Resources describing the process of creating humanized antibodies, their uses and their history.
Immune System - An Overview 
Brief introduction to the organs, cells and processes of the immune system. 
A discussion-based site which features new methods in immune monitoring and topics on intensive care medicine relating to immunology and immune monitoring.
Immunological Synapse Fact Book 
Database of molecules found to be present in the T-cell/APC immunological synapse. Lists physiological locations, functions, references with links to journal articles, relevant methods and reagents. Maintained by the Department of Pathology and Immu
Inflammation: The Leukocyte Adhesion Cascade 
A detailed look at its various stages. Maintained by the University of Virginia. - Immunology 
Articles on the history of immunology, evolution of the immune system, related organs and humoral immunity, with general emphasis on vertebrates. Written by Kevin J. McElwee, Hessen, Germany.
Lymphocyte Traffic and Homing 
Illustrated description of how leukocytes recirculate and emigrate into lymphatic tissue during the immune responses. Includes links to references and chemotaxis. Maintained by Art Anderson, M.D.
Muscle Autoantibodies 
Antibodies and complement in myopathies and neuromuscular junction disorders. Maintained by Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO.
Poison Ivy: an Exaggerated Immune Response to Nothing Much 
Brief technical article on allergic reactions to poison ivy, including physiology, treatment options and links to related information.
The UK Cord Blood Immunology Group 
Aims to discuss common interests and learn about new aspects of cord blood immunology through annual meetings. The next meeting is at The Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.