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11th European Bioenergetics Conference 
Recent developments in bioenergetics. Contains scientific program, list of delegates, and abstracts. University of Sussex, Brighton, U.K.
13th International Conference on Invertebrate Dioxygen Binding Proteins 
Contains topics, program, registration form and venue details. Mainz, Germany.
14th International Congress on Photobiology 
Broad range of topics covering vision to photosynthesis. Contains general information, online registration, and related links. Jungmun, Jeju (Cheju), Korea.
15th International Ecdysone Workshop 
Includes circulars, program, registration form, and other related information. Kolymbari, Crete, Greece.
17th World Orchid Conference 
Topics on biodiversity, genomic technologies and biotechnology, structure, function and propagation will be covered. Contains lecture program, events diary, registration form, details on exhibitions and tours, and venue information. Shah Alam, Malays
26th International Horticultural Conference 
Contains PDF abstracts and supplemental program. Toronto, Canada.
27th Annual Larval Fish Conference 
Contains program, registration and accommodation information. Santa Cruz, California, U.S.
2nd International Conference on Systems Biology 
Application of experimental, theoretical and modeling techniques to the study of biological organisms at all scales. Keynote speakers, schedule, presentation guidelines, registration form, and travel information. Pasadena, California, U.S.
3rd Congress on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Human Welfare 
Covers biodiversity, science and technology, trade and industry, and sustainable use. Includes program and registration form. Chiang Mai, Thailand.
3rd International Conference of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry in Afric 
Includes scientific program, presentation instructions, registration form and venue information. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
43rd International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids 
Covering biochemical, biophysical, molecular biological and cell biological aspects of lipids. Contains program (scientific and social), presentation guidelines, online registration, tours, and general information. Graz, Austria.
4th Asia Pacific Conference of Entomology 
Focuses on entomology for a dynamic and borderless world. Contains scientific program, abstract guidelines, registration form, fees, and venue information. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
4th International Plant Biomechanics Conference 
Includes program, online paper submission, and general information. East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.
4th World Congress of Biomechanics 
Contains highlights, schedule, paper information, technical exhibitions, social program, and related links. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
6th Annual Conference on Ancient DNA and Associated Biomolecules 
Bringing together scientists working in molecular biology, infectious diseases, forensic sciences, paleontology, evolution and archaeology. Contains program, online registration form, pre and post tours, and general information. Israel, Jerusalem.
6th International Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology 
Covers ten major themes relating to biodiversity in the information age. Scientific program, registration form, excursions and tours, list of committees, venue information, and tourist links. Patras, Greece.
7th International Mycological Congress 
Fungal themes covered include cell biology, populations, dynamics and ecology, pathogens, fungus-host interactions, phylogeny and evolution, biodiversity and conservation. Contains scientific program, registration form, foray list, sponsors, and rela
BECON Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Symposium 
Aimed at achieving a better understanding, for biologists, of nanoscience and nanotechnology, identifying possible applications relevant to biology and medicine, and exploring future research possibilities. Bethesda, Maryland, US.
Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry in Africa Conference 
Papers on animal physiology and biochemistry relating to the African environment or species will be presented. Includes scientific program, presentation instructions, abstracts, list of delegates, registration and venue information, and tourist links
International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems 
Contains program, online registration, abstract submission, presenter guidelines, and links of interest. Toronto, Canada.
International Rice Congress 
Addresses issues related to rice research, production, processing, trade and consumption, and sustainable improvement. Contains scientific and guest program, field trip and accommodation information, and registration form. Beijing, China.
Introgression from Genetically Modified Plants into Wild Relatives and its Conse 
Current scientific knowledge on the ecological and evolutionary effects of introduction of genetically modified cultivars, by integrating and discussing current research on crop-wild relatives hybridization, introgression and measuring and predicting
Keystone Symposia Scientific Conferences 
Organizes molecular and cellular biology meetings in Alberta, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, U.S. Contains list of symposia with scientific programs, registration and abstract submission forms.
Plant and Microbe Adaptations to Cold Meeting 
Winter survival of agricultural and forest plants, as well as the functioning of microbes at low temperatures. Includes program, registration information, accommodations, transportation, and tourist information. Quebec City, Canada.
Plant Species-Level Systematics Symposium 
Topics covered include species radiations, molecular evolution, multiple genomes, and identification and diagnostics. Contains program, online registration, tourist information, and related links. Leiden, The Netherlands.
Plasmid Biology 
Discussion of all aspects of basic and applied plasmid biology. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Translating the Genome 
Eleventh annual meeting of experimental biology. Contains program, abstract guidelines and submission, registration form, and related links. New Orleans, U.S.