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123 Easy as Pie..Microwave Recipes 
A large choice of dishes that include meats, casseroles, candies, breads, and desserts. Links to cooking tips and a newsletter.
Abigail's Easy Microwave Recipes 
A comprehensive collection that includes meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, cakes, pie, and puddings plus many other links.
Index listings for several hundred dishes. Offers links to many other types of recipes and food information.
Acorn Squash with Fruit 
An offering from Jim Barrick's alcohol-free recipes. Included is a link to Jim's WebTV Recipes.
Alaska Seafood 
Recipes formulated specifically for the microwave, plus seafood facts and health benefits.
Alicia's Country Kitchen 
A large selection of microwave dishes, plus recipes in many other categories, a message board, and free cookbooks to download.
Annie's Recipe Kitchen 
A large selection of recipes plus links to e-mail greeting cards, coupons, a weekly horoscope, and a newsletter.
Apple Cabbage Salad 
A recipe provided by Virginia Apples. Offers more apple recipes, apple festival information, and apple facts.
Arielle's Recipe Archives 
A collection of recipes from acorn squash to zucchini. Links to other types of cooking and recipes.
At-Home Cappuccino 
Recipe serves 4, nutritional information is included. Provides a message board, food quizzes, and chat.,13485,387171,00.html
Bajaj Electricals Microwave Recipes 
Offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes plus cooking tips, and cooking level charts.
Baked Apples 
A recipe provided by Bob Corey's Produce Corner. Provides recipes for other cooking methods, and basic cooking information.
Beer Bread 
This recipe, from the Leon Brocard recipe site, uses self-rising flour and makes one loaf. A recipe search is available.
Better Homes and Gardens Microwave Magic 
Tasty recipes to make in the microwave in just minutes. Includes links to other recipe categories, plus tips and holiday suggestions.
Bitsy's Kitchen 
A selection of recipes, with hints and tips on preparation. Provides a food forum, conversion and substitution charts, and a newsletter.
Black Bean Soup 
From the Bean Bible, this recipe calls for canned beans and ham. Discusses bean facts, plus more recipes, and information.
Busy Mom Recipes 
Chicken, meat loaf, dill potatoes, and an apple cake in the microwave, plus menu suggestions, and other types of recipes.
Butter-Baked Pears With Fruit and Nut Stuffing 
Provided by Challenge Dairy. They offer a history of the dairy and information on it's products.
Candy Bar Hot Chocolate 
Includes nutritional information. Also offers other recipes, plus links for news and forums. From Detroit
Canine Cuisine 
A dog cookie for the family pet to enjoy. Provides dog humor, poems, and many articles. From Show Dog Magazine.
Caribbean Christmas Ring 
A holiday recipe that yields up to 20 servings. A recipe search is also provided.
Chicken Paprikash 
This dish can be prepared in less than 30 minutes, and can be automatically configured for number of servings desired.
Chinese Cuisine 
A list of Chinese dishes with preparation tips and advice, plus links to other Chinese foods and cooking techniques.
Cooking Corner 
A selection of recipes plus hints and tips, offered by the Panasonic Test and Development Kitchen for microwave ovens and bread makers.
Creative Chocolates 
Make s'mores using marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Offers a database for Hershey's cookbook, plus chocolate recipes.
Creative Cooking 
Cooking instructions for fresh and frozen vegetables, convenience foods, meats, syrups and candies, plus articles on microwave cooking.
Easy Microwave Candies 
Recipes provided by Fabulous Foods. Offers newsletters, a food trivia game, celebrity chefs, and message boards.
Fast Microwave 
Supplies some quick and easy recipes for meat, dairy, and dessert dishes.
Food Down Under-Microwave 
A collection of over 1200 recipes. Provides a recipe search, a top 100 recipe site list, and a message board.
Friedmans - Microwave Recipes 
An index of recipes from appetizers through desserts. Plus information on microwave ovens and a product search.
A spicy alcoholic beverage made with red wine and whiskey, served hot. Recipe as given serves one, increase proportions as desired.
Golden Eggs 
Recipes with eggs as a main ingredient. Provides links on nutrition, children's activities, and a farm to family picture story.
Holiday Food 
Instructions for poultry giblets, gravy, and potato strudel, provided by the Houston Chronicle. Nutritional information is included.
Hot Mocha Milk 
From the New Deluxe Sharp Microwave Cookbook. Also provided is a recipe organizer and cooking resources links.
Hot Spiced Milk 
Made with milk, cinnamon, molasses, and whipped cream. A recipe search and links to recipes by category is included.
Hunger Busters 
Includes breads, main dishes, fruits, vegetables, and desserts. Links to food facts, hints and tips, and just for kids recipes.
Indian Cuisine 
Articles on defrosting, re-heating, and other tips, plus recipes. Links to Indian sweets and festival recipes.
Indian Delicacies 
Offers recipes for rice, dal, and potatoes. Also other cooking method recipes plus information on health, spices, and regional delicacies.
Indian Recipes 
Index of recipes with cooking tips, microwave oven care and use information, links for a health corner, herbal remedies, and vitamins, and a glossary.
iVillage Cooking School-Microwave 
An informative article on the use of the microwave oven plus some recipes. Also has links for a newsletter,and message board.,11731,165867_687,00.html
Kraft Kitchens 
An index of recipes including several for cheesecake. Offers links for virtual museums, and a kid's room.
Macadamia-Orange Fudge 
Courtesy of Flora's Recipe Hideout. Provides many other types of recipes plus a kitchen, a party room, and a recipe ring.
Meals For You 
A selection of recipes with preparation times included. Also offers newsletters, a health guide, a shopping list, and an advanced recipe search. microwave recipes 
A large selection, compliments of Nestle foods. How to set up a meal plan, a recipe box, and a grocery list, and find special offers.
Menu of the Week 
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's Indian Food Guide, with microwave recipes, shopping and cooking links, contests, and nutritional information.
Microwave Connection 
Recipes, plus they offer a bi-monthly newsletter, a question and answer page, plus update news and information on microwave ovens.
Microwave Cooking 
An index of recipes plus links for other types of cooking, menu ideas, and a section on household home remedies.
Microwave Cooking for One by Marie T Smith 
Recipes, cooking tips, and conversion charts, plus several links for cooking and kitchen resources.
Microwave Cooking with Carolyn Dodson 
Recipes from her cookbooks plus tips, and serving suggestions. Also included are FAQs, and a source for cookbooks.
Microwave Cooking With Foil 
Recipes from Alcan advocating use of foil pans. Links to many areas of foil products and containers.
Microwave Desserts 
A few recipes for making candy with dessert hints and tips. Also offers links to food chats, forums, and newsletters.
Microwave Eggs 
Proper methods on how to prepare them either fried, poached, scrambled, or hard cooked, from the American Egg Board eggcyclopedia.
Microwave Gingerbread Cake 
A recipe From the KSL-TV Cooking Show, plus links to other types of recipes and both KSL TV, and KSL radio.
Microwave Meal Magic 
Find microwave recipes and learn the tricks to cooking a meal in the microwave, including standing time and shielding. Recipes include Microwave Shrimp Scampi and Spinach and Rice Fish Roll-Ups.
Microwave Peanut Brittle 
A quick and easy recipe from The Peanut Van's Cooking with Peanuts. Links to peanut products and information.
Microwave Playdough 
This recipe for crafts or kids from Canada Cooks. Also offered are other recipes including baby food, information, a club, and a marketplace.
Monty 2's Microwave Recipes 
Offers New Orleans style cooking. How to make a roux, and several other recipes, plus links for other methods of cookery.
Mr. Microwave 
Recipes for main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and holiday fare. Also offers cooking information and a message board.
NDTV Cooks 
A large index of Indian recipes, a party planner, a kid's corner, a food quiz, a cooking class, and other links.
New England Tradition 
Gravy Master offers a large assortment of dishes, divided by category, plus nutritional and holiday information.
No Bake Cookies 
Cook the ingredients first, then shape the cookies. Offers links to crafts, health, gardening, holidays, and family.
Olympic recipes 
Provides a few recipes, for beef, chicken, or fish, and they all include nutritional information. No links.
Omelet for Two 
A basic recipe with four variations. Links also available for other egg and cheese dishes, plus main dish recipes.
Oriental Chicken A La Microwave 
Recipe from Calorie Control Council. Offers links to a healthy diet and calorie calculating information.
Oriental Green Peas 
Recipe courtesy of Healthyfood. org. Also offers 5 a day menus and information, a kid's page and more recipes.
Panasonic Recipe Exchange 
A large index of recipes with advice on preparation. Also includes product and customer support links.
Picante Fish 
One of Granny's recipe contest winners. Also offers contests, coupons, and many other types of recipes.
Pineapple Cake 
This cake only takes nine minutes to bake. Included is a recipe search and a link to other cake recipes.
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins 
This recipe has earned a 5 star rating from viewers. Links are provided to other recipes plus family, holiday, and craft sites.
Recipe Cottage 
A comprehensive list of dishes from appetizers through desserts. Also included is a recipe search and a message board.
Recipe Source 
Offers over 100 recipes for microwave dishes. Also offers selections for food preparation by region or by type.
Over 300 recipes are listed in this database. Also includes cooking information and tips, and US metric conversions.
Recipes by Leon Brocard 
A recipe database with a list of over 900 microwave dishes available. May also be searched by recipe name.
Over 300 recipes with nutritional information provided. Links to home cooking sites, and a shopping list.
Roast Stuffed Turkey 
How to prepare the holiday bird, up to 12 pounds in size. Links for poultry, main dish and appetizer recipes.
RoseWave Microwave Recipes 
A large collection of microwave dishes, plus links to crafts, and other types of recipes.
Sandi's Recipe File 
An assortment of recipes, many with color photos. Links to recipe files, message board, and a kitchen shop.
Sesame Chicken 
A recipe from eat, offered by the National Broiler Council. Includes a recipe search, monthly updates, and cooking tips.
Shrimp with Medlar 
A Chinese dish that uses wine as one of the ingredients. Offered in both Chinese and English languages.
Special Flavors 
A guide to cooking techniques, and recipes, plus links, a bookstore, and viewer comments.
Spicy Potato Salad 
Three recipe variations, all with nutritional information provided. Provided by the Houston Chronicle.
Sweet-sour meatballs 
A recipe from Cyber Scrappies. Includes links to picnic suggestions, party favors, and Sunday brunch.
Sylvaqueen's Microwave Recipes for Kids 
Designed for young cooks 8-14 years old. Offers links to other recipe sites and a cooking web ring.
Tater Tot Casserole 
Calls for beef, Tater Tots, mushroom soup, seasoning. Links to sites covering a variety of subjects that include home, children, health and shopping.
The Recipe Hound 
A large selection of microwave dishes, plus a section dedicated to recipes using chilis, and many international recipes.
UK Microwave Association 
All recipes in this group are supplied by association members. Association news and information is provided.
University of Arizona-Microwave Cooking 
A short article with safety tips and advice from the USDA. Includes links to other food safety tips and articles.
Venison Jerky 
A recipe from the Complete Guide to Game Care and Cookery, offered by Just Recipes. Links to recipes, cookbooks, and kitchenware.
Welcome To My Kitchen 
A list of recipes, with advice on cooking utensils, and cooking terms also provided.
Zesty Party Snack Mix 
Basic instructions with three variations. Includes a recipe tool box, plus food and cooking resources.