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    Information on moderated newsgroup on the Kennedy assassination, including Charter and multiple ways of accessing the group.
    The Gathering - links to general atheist and agnostic information, links to member websites, information on books, questions, and answers.
    Welcome to alt.authors.mcluhan where McLuhanatics throughout the global village congregate to articulate, debate, and celebrate the maestro of the message and the message of the maestro, Canada's Aristotle, Dr. Herbert Marshall McLuhan. 
    How to get access to the newsgroup, description of the newsgroup and charter. History, promotion, topics.
    alt.backrubs archive (Sunsite USA mirror) 
    Archive of selected postings from the group. Includes crude indexing. Links to other relevant sites. 
    Information and support site. FAQ, charter, example pictures and Usenet basics.
    VCD stands for Video Compact Disc and it is a CD that contains moving pictures and sound. Featuring: Tutorials, FAQ, charter, links, downloads, and message boards.
    alt.culture.malta newsgroup official website 
    A newsgroup for discussion of anything related to Malta and the Maltese, language, travel, history, genealogy, whatever. 
    A Team Rocket Bulletin Board Community with-small-site. General anime and great arts forums. 
    The Kamikaze Peep Squad - the rogue Usenet group which inhabits, a newsfroup where everything on-topic is off-topic and vice versa. 
    Website for the Usenet community. Songs, fan fiction, webcams, and chat.
    alt.gothic Special Forces 
    Friends, alt.gothic has been the subject of many a weenie attack. But when the trolls and spammers come calling, we smell ... dinner!
    alt.hentai.sailor-moon ( 
    Member list, FAQs, fan material, and links to other Sailormoon pages. Also covers alt.binaries.hentai.sailor-moon.
    The Lair - AHWW : Bent on its own destruction. A negative view of alt.horror.werewolves.
    MC's AHWW page. Contains FAQ, mini-FAQ, and the author's own perspective.
    Discussion group based on alt.horror.werewolves.
    (from Contains FAQ, mini-FAQ.
    How to ask questions, FAQ, information about the group. 
    Official website of and A place to acknowledge the fact that life sucks. For "pessimists by design" to gather. Archives available. archive 
    Archives of selected posts. Links to other sites. lexicon 
    Contains a number of terms which might be used on (aimed at adults who are not easily offended). Also links to other related sites.
    Ze sveedish chef page, Bork Bork Bork. Contains information about the chef, the encheferizer program which converts text to mock Swedish.
    Page from the publishers of the software, describing the group and the company's participation in it.
    Dedicated to the discussion of mathematics instruction in the kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. Includes charter, FAQ-O-Matic and other information about the newsgroup. 
    About the k12.* hierarchy of newsgroups. The history of the hierarchy, a list of all newsgroups in the hierarchy, information about each group, and links to pages about some of the individual groups.
    news.newusers.questions Official Home Page 
    Usenet newsgroup whose purpose is the dissemination of questions and answers about Usenet and the Internet. 
    The Internet OracleTM (aka The Usenet OracleTM) is a collective effort at humor by the denizens of the internet. Questions mailed to the Oracle are forwarded to other Oracle users, who serve as an "incarnation" of the Oracle by providing
    Official web site including FAQ, pictures and web sites of regular contributors, and links to related sites.
    Repository for information about the Soc.Couples.Intercultural usenet newsgroup. 
    An international forum on Freemasonry. Site includes Moderation Rules and Policies faq, and information about features such as searchs, article archives, and listserv mirrors.
    Introduction to Christianity, FAQ, charter, and a good collection of links.
    Contains FAQ, a sampler of some "good" articles from talk.bizarre, and an introduction to the newsgroup. 
    exploring the creation/evolution controversy from a mainstream scientific perspective
    The local news group and gateway to the County of Shropshire. Newsgroup charter, advice and tips on participating in the newsgroup, information about group regulars and links to sites about Shoropshire.
    uk.local.southwest Unofficial website 
    The other web site for uklsw. A more light-hearted look than the official site.