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    All-Consuming Passion - Waking up from the American Dream 
    Statistics, compiled by the New Road Map Foundation, describing USA consumption patterns and their effects on our personal lives, the lives of other human beings and the environment. A path is pointed toward hopeful beginnings of a new frugality mov
    Being a Ghost - Doing Very Little - Helps the Environment 
    So concerned about over-consumption, David has become a ghost (recognised, but having little effect), living on under US$900 per year while buying everything and sharing housing. It's a real-life economics experiment.
    Center for a New American Dream 
    National non-profit organization challenging the "more is better" definition of the American dream.
    Ducking the issue 
    The basic arguments about anticonsumerism are well known amongst the established, mainstream charities and campaign groups who seek to eradicate global poverty or curb environmental damage. Yet you won't hear about it much from them. Here's why.
    Enough! - the Anti-consumer campaign 
    Taking the view that the rich nations of the world are fundamentally damaging the planet and themselves in the pursuit of material acquisition, it raises the question, "How much is enough?" Rather than just buying green or ethically-produc
    Ethical Buying 
    Is it a contradiction to be an ethical consumer?
    Ethical-shopping List 
    A discussion list for people anywhere to discuss the ethics and practicalities of sustainable consumption. Academic, individual and organizational membership. Subscription by e-mail and/or web.
    How can we change consumerism? 
    What is it that makes human beings behave in an acquisitive manner? Human nature? Or is it mass marketing and advertising that makes people believe that they can't brush their own teeth without the help of an electronic gadget?
    Offbeat look at shopping centers in America.
    Overconsumption: a scientific view 
    Is there really any evidence that the world could be on the edge of an environmental breakdown due to the overconsumption and misuse of resources?
    Quick Guide to Ethical Shopping 
    A brief run-down of the major issues involved in shopping with a conscience, and some help in identifying them. No shopping at this site, but links to useful informational sites.
    Trade and Environment Database 
    Inventory for cases of trade and environment. From these cases, TED is also a point of context for research and discussion of trade and environment topics. Papers, virtual conferences.
    What is anticonsumerism? 
    Puts anticonsumerism in the context of "green consumerism" and "ethical consumerism".