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Alliance for Nuclear Accountability 
Cleaning up the legacy. Managing dangerous plutonium, nuclear fallout and other priority issues. (Requires free Acrobat Reader to view).
Cleaning Up the Nuclear Weapons Complex 
Goal is to provide researchers and others internet resources on research, policy analysis, and information about environmental issues at the nations former nuclear weapons production sites.
N-BASE Nuclear Information Service 
Provides a database of newspaper references and publishes weekly briefings on the UK civil nuclear industry, reprocessing and plutonium production at Sellafield and Dounreay, nuclear transport, waste, pollution and other environmental and health issu
Nuclear Issues articles, links and discussion about US nuclear issues.
Nuclear Material Security Project 
A daily update of nuclear material security issues in the United States and Russia. Published in English and in Russian.
Nuclear Technology and Information on Reactor Safety 
Provides information on nuclear power plants, nuclear waste, and radiation and the effects on the environment.
Nuclear Waste and Hazardous Waste Issues from 
Articles, links and discussions covering all aspects of the nuclear question.
U.S. Navy - Department of Energy - GE Corruption 
Information about the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory and the Kesselring site operation located near Schenectady and Saratoga Springs, New York.
Uranium and Nuclear Power Information Centre (UIC) 
Extensive information on mining and nuclear electricity generation funded by companies involved in uranium exploration, mining and export in Australia.
World Nuclear Transport Institute 
WNTI promoting the safe, effiencent and reliable transport of radiaoctive materials. Site provides a generic look at the international transport of radioactive materials.
Yggdrasil Institute: Uranium Enrichment Project 
A project of Earth Island Institute which monitors the US uranium enrichment establishment. Information and current news about enrichment processes and facilities, and associated environmental and safety concerns.