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BUMrock Reader's Choice 
Modern Rock song chart as voted on by the readers. Includes streaming quicktime sound clips. 
Vote for the top 1000+ all-time greatest popular music albums.
Duncan Expose' Music Charts 
Top 25 song chart voted on by the readers, updated every Tuesday.
Edge Online Top Music List 
Voting for dance, rock, rap, pop songs, artists and albums.
Happy 100 
The Top 100 happiest songs. Vote via email.
Happy Songs 
Interactive chart of the Top 100 happy songs.
Top 100 industrial, EBM, gothic and darkwave bands.
Listen to new releases, play their Top 10 game (trying to predict next weeks chart) and explore the HB Top50 (based on player's charts).
Max's Classic Top 40 
Weekly interactive poll where visitors vote for favorite oldies songs and a weekly chart is compiled and displayed from the results. 
Listing the most overplayed songs as submitted and voted for by visitors. 
Vote for your favorite music artists from all genres, rock to rap, r&b to death metal, pop to dance. 
Top 1000 rock songs as voted by visitors, plus top 500 albums and top 250 bands/artist. Includes lyrics and band information.
Pluck-Khit Countdown 
Top 11 song chart updated weekly, based solely on site visitor votes. 
Music poll to find the all time top 100 pop songs in a bid to be the biggest pop poll ever for a Guinness Book of World Records attempt. 
Polls and charts for favorite artist and several song categories. 
Vote for and view the best Artist as voted for by visitors. 
Polls for various types of new music; prizes.
Weekly country music chart where you vote and listen online.
The Best 100 Albums of all Time 
View the top 100 albums voted for. Choose your favorite 10 albums and submit your vote.
The Best Song of the Millennium 
Poll with the object of finding out what is the best song between 1001 and 2000 AD, all categories. Everybody gets to vote; has a top 500 list of the voting so far.
The Top 100 Albums of all Time 
Vote for your favorite albums, singles and live acts, and see the results in monthly updated charts.
Top 30 Countdown 
A list of the top 30 current songs, as voted by the people.
Top Five Records 
Vote and help make up the top five songs of all time.
Top Hits Online's weekly online music chart that your votes determine.
Top Selection 
Top 20 polls for music, films and games.
Triple J's Net50 
Australia's only Internet driven radio program. Vote now to hear your songs played every Saturday night.
User Ranked Top 100 
Numerous charts covering various genres, based on visitor voting.
Your all Time Top Tens 
Votes for all-time favorite albums, and tracks of various bands.