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10 Classic Cognitive Science Papers 
Ten papers, originally published in the journal Cognitive Science, and judged by the editors to be classics of the field, made available for free download.
ACT Research Home Page 
John Anderson's ACT-R theory of cognition is a cognitive architecture aimed at computer simulating a full range of cognitive tasks.
AI Core MOO Java Telnet 
A virtual world for AI Researchers. Active and growing population, lively topics, and fun bots.
Annotated Bibliography Of Mind-Related Topics 
An annotated bibliography of cognitive science, artificial intelligence, neurobiology, artificial life, linguistics, neural networks, connectionism, cognitive psychology, consciousness.
Austrian Society for Cognitive Science 
Sponsors seminars and a conference for cognitive science in Austria.
Brain and Behavior, from Serendip 
Interactive exhibits, forum, and links aimed at exploring the observational basis and significance of the assertion that the nervous system underlies all aspects of human behavior and experience.
Celebrities in Cognitive Science 
Links page to writings by and about leading thinkers in cognitive science, and critics and observers of the cognitive sciences.
Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience Center, Seoul, Korea 
Studies of cognitive function via EEG, PET, MRI, etc with clinical diagnosis.
Cognitive Neuroscience Society 
Committed to the development of mind and brain research on the psychological, computational, and neuroscientific bases of perception and cognition.
Cognitive Science Dictionary 
A glossary of Cognitive Science terminology. From Dr. Michael Dawson of the University of Alberta.
Cognitive Science Society 
The premier professional organization in the field. Information on membership, conferences, and the journal Cognitive Science (including abstracts of recent and upcoming articles).
Cognitive Task Analysis Resource 
Provides education, documents, and an on-line community for Cognitive Task Analysis. (CTA describes some aspect of human operation and cognitive processing within a work domain.)
Cognitive Technology Society 
Concerned with the impact on human cognition of developments in information technology. is an interactive online community for Cognitive Science and related fields. The site provides a discussion forum, academic listings, and links to related web sites.
COGPRINTS: Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive 
Cogprints makes preprints and reprints of papers in all areas of the cognitive sciences openly available on-line. Authors can deposit their work here, and all may freely read it. Directed by Stevan Harnad (best known as editor of Behavioral and Brain
COGSCI Cognitive Science Discussion List 
Website for the International Cognitive Science Discussion List).
CogSci World 
An index of Cognitive Science resources available on the Internet.
Computational Epistemology Lab 
A facility for research into Cognitive Science and related areas of Philosophy. Headed by Paul Thagard, at the University of Waterloo, Canada.
Developmental Neurolinguistics Lab, City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate 
Electrophysiology research investigating infant language development, language processing in normal monolingual and multilingual adults, and language processing in stuttering.
Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science 
Reference work (published 2003) from the publishers of the journal Nature. This site exists mainly to persuade you to buy the print encyclopedia, but also makes several sample entries available.
European Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Engineering 
Research areas: cognition and design (design knowledge and rationale, cognitive analysis), cognition and the use of machines (ergonomics, human factors) cognition and organizations (corporate memory, psycho-sociological issues).
Face Blind 
A personal account of face blindness (prosopagnosia), by a sufferer.
Going Inside 
Science writer John McCrone's view of "the latest frontier in mind science" - a dynamical view of the brain and consciousness.
Human Cognition in the Human Brain 
Yehouda Harpaz' model of human cognition, along with links to associated texts, including extensive critiques of publications associated with cognitive science.
Humanoid Robotics Group 
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory group led by Rodney Brooks. Working on robots Cog, Kismet, Coco & Macaco.
Imagination is Greater than Knowledge 
Outlines a subjective concept of science and the role of cognitive processes that support the structures of scientific theory.
Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, Cognition: Science, Philosophy & 
The philosophical, scientific, and historical study of imagination and mental imagery, and their role in consciousness and cognition. Material by the site's creator and many links to other related sites.
Institut des Sciences Cognitives 
The National Center for Scientific Research in France promoting study of cognition, especially in humans. Many of the working papers and links to other websites are in Engish.
Institut Jean-Nicod 
An interdisciplinary lab at the interface between the humanities the social sciences and the cognitive sciences. Content in French and English.
Intelligent Systems 
Online book on a machine learning system, by Walter Fritz.
Is the Brain Really Necessary? 
Article from "Science" magazine about persons with "virtually no brain" but normal or above-average IQs.
Memory Arena 
A resource on memory and memory disorders. Information includes: books, journals, test publications, links to associations and upcoming conferences. From Psychology Press.
MIT Cognet 
Subscription based service from MIT Press giving access to full text coyrighted material, discussions, news, etc.
MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences 
Free online access to abstracts, bibliographies, and links from this comprehensive reference work. (To read the full length entries you have to pay.)
Non-Cartesian Cognitive Science 
Essays and many useful links on embodied and 'situated' approaches to cognition: ranging from Artificial Life to Phenomenology, and much else. 
Good collection of links to Cognitive Science Researcher's home pages, and to relevant journals (online and paper).
Percepts and Concepts Laboratory 
Researching the interactions between perception and cognition. Director: Robert Goldstone.
Piero Scaruffi, cognitive scientist 
This page contains information about Piero Scaruffi's research and teaching activities in Cognitive Science, Psychology of Consciousness and Philosophy of Mind, as well as links to his papers and to the annotated bibliography of cognitive science, ar
Links to many interactive illusions, demos, games and toys related to Cognitive Science.
The condition of prosopagnosia, or "face blindness," from the perspective of a person who suffers from it.
Snyder Laboratory 
Studies the role of the parietal cortex in the processing of visual spatial information, and how such information is used to direct eye and arm movements. Many publications available online.
Telerobotics & Neurology 
at UC Berkeley. Studies of eye movements (scanpaths), image processing, virtual reality, etc.
The Computer Revolution in Philosophy 
An online (scanned) version of the seminal 1978 book by Aaron Sloman.
The Human Nature Daily Review 
Links, with brief abstracts, to recent news items in the brain and behavioural sciences - updated daily.
The Memory Exhibition 
Explores the biological, psychological, and cultural aspects of memory, from personal experiences to breakthroughs in cognitive science.
The Mind Project 
Ilinois State University cognitive science research and curriculum development project.
The Modularity Home Page 
Links to resources and online papers on modularity in cognitive sciences, neurosciences, evolutionary biology and AI.
Towards a cognitive science of science 
A study of the cognitive basis of science. Special attention is given to implications for physics and mathematics. By Razvan Florian, a Romanian Physics student studying in Paris.
Visual Illusions to Demonstrate an Empirical Theory of Vision 
Theory that all visual perceptions (illusory or otherwise) are an evolved set of behavioral reflexes.