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    Asian Civilisations Museum 
    Collection includes artifacts reflecting the cultural background of Singapore including ceramics, basketry, and textiles.
    Delta Cultural Center 
    Museum in the Arkansas Delta offering a look at the culture of a unique region through its music, people and traditions. The Delta Cultural Center's Delta Music Documentation Project is an active project focusing on Blues and Gospels deep roots in th
    Douglass, Frederick - Museum & Cultural Center 
    Explore this archive of photos of Frederick Douglass, his family and publications he wrote for.
    Dublin Writers Museum 
    Museum which features a history and celebration of Irish literary life.
    Estonian Literary Museum 
    Collects, preserves, studies and displays the cultural heritage of Estonia, and is the central repository of Estonian literature and folklore. In English and in Estonian.
    Lyman Museum 
    Exhibits the cultural and natural history of Hawaii. Located in Hilo.
    Museum of Folklore Antwerp 
    Collection of objects related to Antwerp's popular culture, with an emphasis is on the lives of ordinary people.
    National Museum of Funeral History 
    A museum of 19th and 20th century funerary history in the United States. Online collections and membership information, and gift shop.
    Scouting Museums 
    Listing of over 150 Museums related to the Scouting Movement from around the world and in the U.S., from the US Scouting Service Project.
    The Peace Museum 
    Dedicated to the curation of peace related art and artifacts, its mission is to motivate adults and children to achieve creative solutions to violence.
    The Sherlock Holmes Museum 
    Located at 221B Baker Street in London, the museum is dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and is faithfully maintained as described in the published stories.