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4 Laser Pointers 
Carries laser diode products including: green pointers, DJ laser light show products, pens, blue lasers, laser pointer watches, laser sights, levels and range finders.
Active People 
Sells innovative motion toys for the mind, body and soul. Browse cutting edge toys that get you moving.
Big Fun Toys 
Sells toys, gifts, games, puzzles, practical Jokes, and fun for people of all ages.
BK Puff & Stuff 
Fun gifts for birthdays, baby showers, and golfers.
Blood Bubbles 
Offers Blood Bubbles which leave 'blood' splatters where ever they burst.
Bobble Head Addict 
Sells Bobble Head dolls from major and minor sports teams, car and horse racing and celebrities.
Bobble Head Universe 
Unique dolls mimicing cartoon, Nascar, and other characters.
Booger Hollow Trading Post 
Offers puzzles and handcrafted items.
Bosley Bobbers Character Collectibles 
Specializes in Pez dispensers, lunch boxes, and bobble head dolls including cartoon and sports characters, actors, singers, presidents, and retired.
CalPac Lasers 
Sells laser novelties and cool hi-tech gadgets.
Captain Quack 
Retailer of assorted rubber ducks. Products include Devil, Seasonal, and Classic rubber duckies.
Characters 'n' Toons 
Offers a wide range of licensed character toys and collectibles from movies and television.
Cheap Wooden Gifts 
Offers inexpensive wooden toys including a rubber band gun and personalized plaque and heart shaped plaque.
Sells electronic novelties such as Luminglas, plasma balls, strobe lights, and black lights.
Specializes in handcrafted Australian wooden toys from trucks to helicopters.
Cleaford Bird Whistles 
Sells affordable, easy to use bird whistles. Amuse your friends and family, annoy the dog and confuse the birds.
Get your college degree fast by ordering these authentic looking imitations. 
Punker fashion accessories and skateboards. Offers items that are spiked and studded, chokers, bracelets, belts, and wallets.
Cranberry Creations 
Offers cranberry items including live cranberry plant centerpieces and topiaries.
Damned Games 
Offering unusual games,Ouija boards, humorous bumper stickers, cards, Erudite Ephemera, cool toys and other icons of pop culture.
Offers wacky decals, stickers, and t-shirts.
Designer CarDiscs 
Offers CDs cut into different shapes.
Discount Lasers 
Quarton laser pointers, the best pen style lasers at discount price.
Offering a variety of magic tricks, pranks and other novelty items.
Doughboy Shop - Pillsbury 
Offers Pillsbury Doughboy merchandise on the internet. Cookbooks, Doughboy beanbag dolls, jewelry and collectibles.
Offers Elfkins made of stone.
Enchanted World of Boxes 
Offers hand-crafted wooden boxes, including celestial, romantic, wildlife, tarot and playing card boxes.
Eternity Sky 
Offers a large assortment of stickers, patches, and tie-dye t-shirts. Themes include animals, insects and aquatic life.
Excalibur Electronics 
Chess, parlor games, executive gifts, hand-held toys, pop-up tents, fitness products and astronomy computers.
Express It 
Offers custom bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, visors, license plates, license plate frames, mousepads, and buttons.
Facets In Synergy 
Designs models to assist in remembering things. 
Retailer of electronics, safety devices, clothing products and furniture.
Florida Swampland 
One inch of Florida swampland for sale.
Flying Carpet Disc 
Flying frisbee-like disc made from carpet.
Full Moon Gifts 
Offers giant plastic chairs shaped like a hand or lamps that look like light bulbs along with glow clocks, slot machines and neon art.
Fun Effects 
Offers fart machines with remote controls, laser pointers, yoyos and star trek items.
Fun Express 
Price and selection leader in the sale of toys, novelties party supplies, and giftware.
Fun For All! Toys 
Unique selection of pranks, gags, novelty and toys.
Fun Shop 
Holiday costumes, masks, and props for children, pets and adults. Lava lamps, Beanie babies, lifesize standups, and gag gifts.
Fun Spoof Newspapers 
Hit the headlines with a personalized spoof newspaper written by a journalist.
Gadget Japan 
Sells wacky, funny, cute and cool gadgets including Hello Kitty, Nisemon, Umininn, Ultraman and Licca-chan l.
Sells a bag of "gems" collected by Earthly S. Gnome as he traveled about the world. Comes in a velvet sack with embroidered logo.
Offers special gizmos and gadgets.
GK Beaulah Ltd. 
Makes family arms mounted on wall shields.
Gryphon Graphics 
Offers bizarre T-shirts for the new-age.
Hammacher Schlemmer 
A unique and innovative collection of products available around the world.
Highland Games 
Hand-made wood and fabric toys, tricks, puzzles and flexagons.
Hodge Podge Online 
Offers wine and martini items, elephant and jungle items and a collection of Christmas ornaments.
Hole In One 
Sells fun gifts for the golfer including novelty golf balls, golf ball washers, and board games.
Offers toys known as Hugs.
Imagine Design 
Source for unique gifts and gadgets.
J and J Ventures 
Nostalgic products for everyone.
Jills Nuts 
Offers ring box cases made of nuts.
John Deere Wind Chimes and Collectibles 
Offers a variety of chimes and garden utilities.
Offers wacky, bizarre novelties and unique merchandise.
Offers Jokey's watches, buttons and magnets.
Jumping Beanditos 
Mexican Jumping Beans are nature's perfect toy for both kids and adults. Read all about the Beandito characters and what makes them jump. 
Novelty gifts such as colour contact lenses, cufflinks, mugs and clothing.
Offers cards and items including red pepper light strings, backward clocks and costume aprons.
Kids Specialties Co. 
Custom-imprinted giveaways and kids meal promotions.
Kitsch On-line 
Offers 50's pin ups and movie icons nuzzle with religious relics, nostalgic toys, cow cruet sets and fluffy table lamps.
Legacy Gift Box 
Offers video giftbox which includes box, video, popcorn, cocoa, and party favors related to the movie you select.
Lie Busters 
Lie detectors, software, and games. California, USA.
Lighter Side 
Offers collectibles like Betty Boop and Elvis, nostalgia, humorous t-shirts, party stuff.
Liquid Wall 
Freely flowing iridescent liquid enclosed in a wood picture frame.
LNS Technologies 
Fun Do-It-Yourself hobby electronic kits.
Lucky Buckeye 
Offers Buckeye which has been reported for the past two centuries to bring good luck.
Sells cocktail accessories, novelty kits, candy cigarettes and a wide variety of fun party gifts.
Magic Avenue 
Magic tricks for all levels of skill and training.
Magic Tricks and Pub Games 
Offers a range of simple, effective magic tricks that anyone can master. Also a range of board games including shut the box and dice games.
Piece of handicraft flower that can be flipped back and forth to make hundreds of changes in shapes and colors.
Magnum 12 
Offering rubber band guns.
Memory Makers 
Novelty computer keys at discount prices. 
Adult novelties: finger paints, body paints, bachelorette party gifts, honeymoon gifts, warming oils,and incense.
My Freaky Family 
Offers bean bag chairs, lava lamps, neon signs, kitchen gadgets, home spa and gift baskets.
Specializes in making beachfront obtainable to everyone.
Neon Art 
Offers neon art, furniture, and hats.
NetWanga Voodoo Bags 
NetWanga uses powerful voodoo spells to protect your computer and network from Y2K evil.
Nicholson House 
Offers a gallery of contemporary American crafts, unique gifts and jewelry.
Novelty Discount 
Variety store, gifts, toys and party supplies. Cart, contact information and shipping terms.
Novelty House 
Toy and novelty wholesaler specializes in party favors, play toys, prizes, and supplies for carnival games, children's birthday parties, and school events.
Novelty items 
Rinco offers novelty items and toys from The PowerPuff Girls, The Simpsons,Marvel Comics, Woody WoodPecker, The Grinch, Rocky & Bullwinkle and The Land Before Time.
Novelty Phones 
Offers a variety of collectible novelty phones. Sign up for a mailing list to receive special discounts.
Off The Deep End 
Offers 1940's and 50's styled aloha shirts, flamingos, housewares, cooking sauces and other unusual things.
Office Playground 
Offers funny office supplies, desk accessories, and stress relievers.
Otherland Toys 
Sells remote controlled cars, ships, airships, aeroplanes, and robots. 
Gifts for over-the-hill, middle-aged baby boomers, including 40th, 50th, 60th birthdays and other milestone birthday gift ideas.
Ozark Hillbilly Rocks 
Branson and the Missouri Ozarks Hillbilly rock, home of many country rock stars and home of the original Hillbilly Rock and its family.
Pane in the Ass 
Offers a picture frame attached to a donkey. The perfect way to let someone know you are annoyed.
Party Scratchers 
Offers lotto-style party games for baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and more.
Plaza Q 
Online distribution of Pucca, Mashimaro, Orange Story, Morning Glory, Sanrio toys and novelty jewelry.
Possibilities Shop 
Features unique gifts, including Curious George and Dr. Seuss items.
Puff and Stuff 
Offers a variety of gag gifts, jokes for all occasions, novelty gifts and lava lamps.
Fun foam product for parties and jokes.
Rebecca's Fun and Games Warehouse 
Carries wholesale kids novelties at discounted prices.
Ron Coleman's Quartz Crystal Mines 
Arkansas' famed natural Quartz Crystals direct from the mine. Single points, clusters, metaphysical crystals and crystal balls all available in our on-line catalog.
Royal Holographic Art Gallery 
Huge selection of 3-D holograms and holographic gifts including holo sunglasses, holo watches, Star Trek holograms and laser pointers.
Secret Storage Books 
Hardcover books with a secret compartment in which to store all kinds of treasures.
Shades Plus 
Offers uniques items including lunch boxes, balloons and sunglasses.
Sign Avenue 
Custom street name and big game warning signs.
Silicon Valley Store 
Merchandise includes clothing, desk accessories and logo merchandise from major Silicon Valley companies.
Silly Universe 
Gags, gifts for kids and magic.
Modern home and office decoration, zen gardens, clocks, picture frames, lamps, and lighting. 
Gag gifts. Official merchandise for bands, movies, TV shows, sports teams. Music supplies. New York, USA.
Slick Times 
Products centered around political humor, especially the president and presidential elections. Also accepts toll-free, fax and mail orders.
Gifts and novelties including holographic lollipops, holograms and nail art.
Specialty Toys Direct Inc. 
Sells wholesale toys and novelties to arcades, carnivals, amusement parks, and organizations.
Splat Back 
A personalized game that lets you throw eggs, tomatoes and pies at the photo of someone you know. Free demo download also available.
Splitsville Online 
Gifts to ease the pain of separation and divorce. Also features divorce related speakers, poetry and comics.
Spy Depot 
Spy cameras, covert cameras, nanny cams, spy cams, wireless cams, transmitters, spy equipment, spy gear, surveillance equipment, counter surveillance and mini cams.
Square Inch 
Offering a piece of the United States for buyers as a keepsake or a conversation piece.
Survival Kits for Life's Events 
Offers survival kits, including weddings, honeymoons and ex-boyfriends.
Tao of the Doodle 
Doodle t-shirts and add on stories.
Technacraft Corp 
Offers unique gifts for discriminating people.
The Jilted Lover 
Offers revenge and gag gifts for birthday party and broken up love affairs.
The Toy Workshop 
Offers plans for making toys. Also unique manufactured games and toys available. 
Seller of items connected with throwing, including sporting goods, party supplies, fake vomit, garbage bags. Also provides custom logo printing and promotional items. Includes catalog of products, shipping and contact information. 
Bobble head dolls, stuffed animals, rubber ducks, and key chains.
Toy Connection 
Small toys, novelties, prizes and imprinted items at wholesale prices.
Toy Web 
Offers items from Toy Story, Furby, Grinch, Barbie and more.
Toys from Archie McPhee Online 
Offers a variety of joke and novelty items.
Twisted Gifts 
Offers Party supplies and novelty gifts including lava lamps, luminglass and fart machines.
Vic's Enterprises, Inc. 
Children's novelty items for all occasions.
Vogue International Galleries 
A collection of large figurines, baskets and dolls.
Voodoo Dolls by VTU 
Offers personalized voodoo dolls plus a do it yourself voodoo kit.
Specializing in new inventions, unique gifts, and unusual items, we provide an outlet for inventors and entrepreneurs to sell their products.
Wendall and Inc 
Offers unusual gifts that reflect an odd view of society.
Will Bullas Fun Art Collection 
Offers humorous images printed on t-shirts, mousepads, ceramic mugs, watches, posters and stationery.
Winmor Gifts 
Offers novelty toys and gifts for all occasions. Friendly shopping cart allows for fast secure purchasing.
Wobble N' Bob 
Offers nodders, bobble heads, wacky wobblers, Bosley Bobbers, and NECA Head Knockers in a variety of characters including cartoon, sports, celebrity, and singers.
Wonderfully Wacky's Unusual Gifts 
Unique gifts for men and women. Inflatable "Scream" doll, hand chair, pin the ear on Van Gogh, send a message in a bottle, projection clock and miniature gardens.
Zube Tube 
Unique toy makes some of the most unusual sounds imaginable.