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    Active Phone Server 
    Comprehensive personal phone assistant software - autodialer, forwards messages, records answers, e-mail checker, ISP dialer, Caller ID, event reminder.
    Alternate Access 
    Provides e-business solutions for companies who value the telephone as their communication lifeline to customers.
    Amisys Technologies 
    Klik2Talk enables online users to speak instantly with a companys customer service representative with a single mouse click. The proprietary VoIP-technology provides co-browsing, text chat and call-back.
    Atlantic IVR 
    Certified provider of computer telephony and CTI solutions serving the needs of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.
    AVA Technology, Inc. 
    Manufacturer of voice processing systems for the small to medium size business and K-12 education markets. Products include automated attendants, voice messaging systems, and automated voice information systems for schools.
    Bigcat Systems 
    Turnkey database publishing using IVR, web, and wireless interfaces.
    Bird Systems 
    Offers computer telephony and IVR solutions promising low prices with a custom approach.
    Call Handling 
    Specializes in providing call handling solutions to corporate clients and call centers.
    Celtic Communications 
    Designs, develops, implements and supports integrated telephony solutions for small and mid-size enterprises including facilities for ACD, wireless LAN, unified messaging and call analysis. Site has a 'telephony glossary of terms'.
    Centacom Plc 
    Provides integrated voice and video for call centers. UK based.
    CG-Coreel Logic Systems Ltd., India 
    Products include Digital Exchange, voicemail systems, IVR and general telecommunications.
    Cherrytree International Ltd. 
    Netherlands based provider of integrated VoIP telephony solutions, network management, and website content management. Also has Minneapolis office.
    Clear Voice Solutions, Inc 
    Professional voice prompts for IVR, auto attendant or on-hold applications. Wide variety of languages and media formats.
    Provides an external third party regression testing service for telephony applications which thoroughly exercises all paths of IVR dialogs. Provides detailed reports of voice dialog bugs and error cases.
    Computer Assisted Telephony Systems 
    Provider of interactive voice response and CTI solutions, voice mail, fax-on-demand, Web design. IBM Business Partner in South Africa
    Conita Technologies 
    Conita/Avaya sells broad portfolio of communications solutions and services. Designs, builds, deploys and manages networks for enterprises integrating voice recognition, TTS, and telephony technologies with enterprise software.
    Cothern Computer Systems 
    Consulting house specializing in the full range of IBM speech solutions for web-based, client-server or both.
    Supplier of call center and computer telephony software products to organizations in markets world-wide.
    Digital Base 
    Provides voice talent for IVR prompts and telephony.
    Digital Union 
    UK web integrator company providing IVR, VoiceXML plus muli-channel strategies using the majority of the IBM Websphere portfolio of software. Also provides strategic sourcing connecting suppliers and customers.
    DSP Group, Inc. 
    Supplier of speech recognition hardware for telephone applications.
    eBiz Infosystems Inc - White Paper 
    Explores the issues of voice enabled application building in enterprises.
    EchoWav Messenger 
    Provides on-demand voice messaging and audio content for mobile user. Send and receive voice messages over the Internet, handle voice messages off line.
    Edify Voice 
    Speech recognition and text recognition services for call centers
    Specializes in the development of voice systems and provides application development tools. TeleFlow development software, available for download, can be used to create voice applications and portals.
    Enterprise Integration Group. 
    A consulting and design firm for IVR and VoiceXML applications.
    Fluency Voice Technology 
    Supplies interactive speech recognition applications to large enterprise call centers using its speaker independent voice application framework based on Java and VoiceXML.
    HotDispatch Marketplace for Telephony Skills and Products 
    Hotdispatch and Cisco provide this technical marketplace for Ip-telephony technology by pooling the skills and products of key industry contributors. Companies can commission custom applications, obtain third party XML support for Cisco's IP Telephon
    HTI Voice Solutions 
    Systems integrator and application developer, creating self-service solutions using advanced CRM, IVR, CTI and natural language speech recognition technologies.
    HTK Limited 
    UK based firm specialising in advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and convergent communications solutions, applications and fully managed bureau services. Has speech recognition, text-to-speech and speaker verification capabilities.
    IBM WebSphere Voice Server 
    The IBM WebSphere® Voice Server enables developers to develop and deploy voice-enabled e-business solutions.
    Inflection Technologies 
    Australian provider of speech recognition systems including call center technology, voice activated self-service applications, and other automated telephony solutions.
    Provides multi-lingual conversational speech recognition software in Asia.
    Interactive Media 
    Italy based company designs and delivers integrated IVR applications combining speech recognition, fax, conference, VoIP, SS7 systems and computer/telephony technologies.
    InTouch Digital Systems 
    Provides CT software for Windows 2000, NT, with voicemail, audiotext, auto-attendant, IVR, outdial, follow-me, web-access and faxback. Aimed at small to medium sized companies.
    Offers wide range of custom IVR, speech recognition, speech synthesis, call center, web interface services based in Belgium.
    Iron Horse Technologies 
    Specializes in telephony programming and solutions, using Periphonics PeriProducer.
    iTOPIA products combine VoIP technology with enhanced telecommunications services to enable high-performance, cost-effective IP telephony solutions.
    Designs, manufactures and markets voice and computer telephony communications systems for small and mid-size businesses and corporate departments. Provides IVR products that are "people oriented," with features that can be readily used with
    Matrix Net 
    Offers solutions for VoIP telephony, computer repair, and web hosting.
    Mende Speech Solutions 
    IBM ViaVoice resellers with other call center and accounting products.
    Message Technologies, Inc. 
    IVR programs for patient compliance, locators, and event registration with integrated marketing support.
    Microworks Software Company 
    Developers of custom voice applications such as voice mail, zip code retrieval, elderly patient monitoring, call cost accounting.
    Mobbs Telecom Inc. 
    Wide ranging telecommunications solutions. Sells, maintains telephone systems, pbx's, speech recognition solutions, voicemail and autoattendants; installs fiber optics, categorized computer network cabling, sound systems and alarms systems.
    Multiverse Communications 
    Provides dVOICE, an interactive voice response applications generator with complete database and network capablities. In use since 1988.
    Enterprise voice application developer providing companies with 'anytime' access to critical business data and information services using standard phone devices.
    Offering "Cognitel", which senses caller's identity through advanced voice recognition technology; reacts to specific callers with custom greetings/messages, call transfers, or paging notifications. Integrates with MS-Exchange/Outlook. Has
    NSC Natural Speech Communication 
    Specializing in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for wireless and wireline implementations with superior performance characteristics under severe noise conditions.
    Nuance Communications 
    Develops speech recognition, voice authentication, text-to-speech and VoiceXML based voice-browsing products and development tools for telephone access.
    Open Source Telecom 
    A vendor of open-source based hardware and software solutions for the CTI and IVR market.
    OPTICOM - Speech, Audio and Video Quality Measurement 
    German based provider of measuring systems that determine perceived voice, audio and video quality of bandwidth limited channels and compression schemes.
    Ottawa Telephony Group 
    Uses voice verification technology to secure telecommunications resources. Users are positively identified with their unique voice characteristics to prevent toll fraud, automate password reset and other administration functions.
    Parlance Corporation 
    Parlance's NameConnector® utilizes speech technology to enable callers to dial one number, say the name and get connected to anyone in the enterprise.
    Parwan Electronics Corporation 
    Auto attendant, voice mail, IVR, and all other computer telephony software.
    Personal IVR 
    Personal answering machine running on W2K/XP with speech recognition capabilities. 15 day trial download.
    Philips Speech Processing 
    Develops large vocabulary natural language understanding software as well as VoiceXML and SALT based speech technology for multi-modal applications.
    Collection of telephony resource links including PC to phone, voice over IP, wireless, telecomunications jobs, telecomunications news, enterprise networks, Bluetooth, WAP, cellular/PCS, internet phone, telephony tutorials, cheap long distance rates.
    Phonetic Systems, Inc. 
    Developer of speech recognition software for automated directory assistance.
    Predictive Dialer AS/400 CTI Solutions 
    Argent Technologies uses AS/400 to control enterprise phone systems.
    Computer telephony applications specialist providing turnkey CT solutions such as information portals, automated account access, outbound dispatch messaging and VBVoice, a RAD tool for building wired and wireless CT applications.
    Second Tier Interactive Voice Response Equipment 
    Buys, sells, leases, services, and supports major brands of interactive voice response equipment including Syntellect, InterVoice, Brite, and Periphonics.
    Simex Telecommunications 
    Software and hardware solutions for speech technology, voice over IP, computer telephony, DSP. Consulting and project management for telecommunication projects in Eastern Europe.
    SNS Technologies 
    An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service bureau hosting many types of telephony solutions for customers including inbound toll free, outbound dialing, fax, and e-mail integration.
    Speech Design Carrier Systems 
    German based company providing wide variety of speech based services: multimedia messaging, voice mail, mobile solutions, SMS-to-voice, text-to-speech, mailbox, call center auto-attendant, music-on-hold, telefonanlage, anrufbetreuung, sprachspeicher,
    SpeechSoft, Inc 
    SpeechSoft provides CT Software for Windows 2000, NT, with Voicemail, Attendant, IVR, OutDial and Faxback.
    Spirit Corp. - DSP Software Source 
    Eclectic international communications consultants company conducting high-end software project management, development (DSP: fax modems, data modems, telephony, speech/audio processing; GPS; ASIC; 3D recognition, TI TMS320C54x platform) and licensin
    SRC, The Speech Recognition Company 
    SRC is a leading Euopean provider of high-performance speech technology solutions for telephony and desktop to the corporate marketplace.
    Sunny Beach Technology 
    Interactive voice response (IVR) software for TAPI voice modems or telephony cards. Software uses touch tone, speech recognition and text-to-speech generation to interact with callers.
    Symago IVR 
    Provides design, implemention, and support for interactive voice response (IVR / VRU) systems and contact center technologies of multiple vendors such as Generations, Periphonics, Speechworks, etc.
    System Development Company of NH 
    Markets IntelliDESK a PC-based auto attendant console and other call handling systems using speech recognition. Provides directory, messaging, paging, on-call, faxing and emergency procedures.
    Talk 'n' View 
    An integrated voice and vision product enabling real time conversation and web browsing between customer and contact center down a single phone line.
    Custom-built, telephone voice response computer systems. using Sonexis's (formerly Brooktrout) ShowNTel IVR/CT platform.
    Telephone Conference Conclusions 2001 
    Over 50 speakers addressed the rapid growth in services and voice-commerce using speech recognition with any telephone.
    Telephonetics Interactive Voice Systems Ltd. 
    Speech recognition and computer telephony specialists largely affiliated with the UK cinema industry. Products include voice dialers, contact portals, bespoke development and technical consultancy.
    Telephony Conference Conclusions 2000 
    Main findings of second annual "Telephony Voice User Interface Conference" in Scottsdale, AZ. Numerous companies discussed their implementations of speech technology for call center applications.23 Feb 2000.
    Telephony Systems Integration 
    Telephony systems integration consultants offering speech-enabled IVR, call center solutions and services for enterprise and telecommunications service providers.
    Provides a variety of IVR systems, school to home communication, voicemail, autodialers, auto attendant, reminder software for doctors and other businesses.
    Test Tool for IVR's 
    Voice Prover is a tool for load testing and monitoring IVR systems.
    The Voice User Interface Company 
    Consultancy that provides expertise in the design, development and evaluation of telephony based voice user interfaces. Specializes in the details of dialog design, grammar development, voice branding, dialog failure recognition strategies.
    Subscription based simple email-to-phone or fax service for reminders and alerts. Text-to-speech delivery to one or more phones.Can also deliver .DOC, .WAV and .MP3 files. Not for solicitation or telemarketing.
    True Data 
    Reseller for Dialogic hardware or PC-PBX's in general including TeleVantage software, Music Telecom hardware, VOIP solutions, telephones, headsets, call center goodies.
    TSPForum for Nortel Meridian PBX 
    Informational site about Nortel Meridian PBX systems. Contains error messages, set descriptions and a compendium of incidental but useful information.
    Ubicall Communications 
    European provider of speech applications. Voxplorer Receptionist uses speech recognition to automate telephone operator switchboard. Handles regional accents.
    Vail Systems 
    Develops and hosts carrier-grade VoIP and PSTN communications solutions utilizing speech recognition and text-to-speech. Services include: next-generation IVR systems, managed call routing, IP voice conferencing, IP Centrex, enhanced voice mail, outb
    Versay Solutions 
    Develops caller speech solutions. Full lifecycle support - from application discovery to custom development and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.
    Victory Projects 
    Offshore (India) software development firm specializing in telephony applications for PC or embedded products.'PBXBot' and 'synthEngine' tools enable fast creation of IVR menus for telephony, CRM, accounting & B2B contexts.
    Virtual Hold Technology 
    Innovative IVR callback software which uses speech recognition to schedule a live person call back rather than having customer wait in the on hold queue forever. Also includes ability to post a return call time "meter" to customer's browser
    Vocal Analysis Tools 
    Nemesysco (Israel) develops vocal lie-detectors, emotion-detectors and love-letectors for various uses such as security, fraud-prevention, border check points, customs points, banks, insurance companies and private uses.
    UK based supplier of speaker independent speech recognition telephony solutions.
    Markets software that enables voice and multimedia communications over packetized networks, the Internet and intranets. Also develops open systems to bridge the Internet to the public switched telephone network.
    Vocomo Software Corp. 
    A voice solutions company specializing the tuning, analysis, scalability and user optimization of their delivered IVR applications.
    Voice Application Integrator 
    DigiMobil develops VoiceXML and SMS-based applications that provide a speech-enabled telephone interfaces. Uses VoiceXML to leverages clients existing web infrastructure and existing databases emphasizing a natural voice user interface.
    Voice Robots GmbH 
    German based specialists for computer telephony, IVR and speech applications. Products recognize natural language to query databases, internet or intranet. Fast development environment.
    Designs, develops, implements, and hosts custom IVR/Web self-service solutions for touchtone phone or web browser. Has a 'try it before you buy it' option for multi office enterprises.
    Allows hands free, eyes free web access from any phone. Complements WAP wireless web phones. Uses speech recognition, text to speech, and VoiceXML.
    Provides messaging applications - email, voicemail and unified communication API, and mobile messaging VoiceSMS).
    WebSpeak Inc. 
    Provides IVR, internet information and payment systems for government agencies, e-commerce web design for government and the private sector.