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Academic Info: Zoology 
An annotated directory of Internet resources on Zoology.
Anemaw - Animal Electromagnetism and Waves 
A look at the ways animals use electromagnetism, luminescence, and infrasonic and ultrasonic waves.
BIOSYS Internet Resource Guide for Zoology 
Index and guide to internet resources in the zoological and other related life sciences of interest to zoologists.
Marine Biology 
Information about various species of marine life (mainly fish and mammals), conservation, research, and news.
Marine Organisms at the Marine Biological Laboratory 
Marine biology research center in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Includes marine organism index, articles and essays, image databases, and full-text books.
Michael's Zoology Page 
Animal facts, a career in zoology FAQ, and links to zoological resources.
Online Zoologists 
The interests and avocations of a couple of zoologists. Information and links on the topics of protected marine species (whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, etc.), raptor biology and falconry, computational biology, artificial neural systems, evol