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    BabyCenter: Your Toddler 
    Find out what to do when a toddler misbehaves, how to handle picky eaters, childcare options to consider, and discussion boards to exchange with other parents.
    Becoming the Parent You Want to Be 
    Provides straightforward answers to everyday questions and struggles faced by parents of young children from birth to five. Speaks respectfully to all types of families.
    Child and Family Research and Development Program 
    Information about parenting, infant development, toddlers, children. Support for mothers. Education for professionals.
    Childproofing your Home 
    An interactive guide to child proofing a house given a child's age. From Good Housekeeping.,12873,166403_290011,00.html
    Cozy's Corner 
    Articles, information, and activities for toddlers and their parents, recipes, stories, games, and songs. 
    Online shop for baby shower favors available at competitive prices.
    Daniel Trust Ministries 
    Christian help, support, and advice for parents and others carers, offering assistance in identifying sexual abuse of children.
    Dealing with Toddlers 
    Advice and information for parents or carers of toddlers. Covers foods, saying no, toilet training, learning to say goodbyes, and how young children explore the world around them. From University of Illinois Extension.
    Dynamite Dino Days 
    A hands-on multisensory play study about dinosaurs using a variety of crafts and activities.
    Early Childhood 
    Improving the education and general life experience of young children. Advice from experts in the early childhood field, creative projects, and sharing of ideas and questions with the early childhood community.
    Early Childhood @ Bella Online 
    Weekly articles, discussion boards and an extensive category list covering all aspects of children ages newborn to pre-k. 
    Articles include advice such as starting school, enjoying reading, learning to swim, and choosing an ideal toy.
    Hands On Parenting 
    Features video segments from the television show and parenting articles from well-known experts offering parenting advice for parents with children from birth to age five.
    Infant Potty Training 
    Overview of a gentle, natural, and loving method of toilet learning, from two books available for sale. 
    Offers extensive resources and support for saving money and the planet.
    Kids Crafts and Recipe Swap 
    This page is dedicated to the sharing of toddler and preschooler crafts, recipes and ideas.
    Kids Fun 
    Craft ideas and fun ways to keep your toddler or preschooler interested in learning.
    Provides advice and information for parents of pre-school, nursery, infant and primary school age children, as well as offering a listing of schools.
    A site to be viewed by K-6 kids and their parents. Messages regarding smoking, sniffing, drinking and drug abuse presented with animations and text. Racecar operation backdrop.
    Learning Styles: Preschool to Kindergarten 
    Parent Centre presents articles, tips from parents, and message boards on the various ways children learn: watching, listening, and touching. Also offers activities to promote learning.
    Moms and Tots Workshop 
    A parent and child interactive workshop. The program that puts the purpose into Play. Conducted in Georgia and California.
    Online learning program for parents of children from birth to five. Provides program overview, testimonials and case studies.
    Parenting Preschoolers 
    Mom's chat, crafts, games, Spiderman, recipes, and parenting tools.
    Pat's Baby Talk 
    Pat has over 29 years of day care experience. Ask her a question about your infant or toddler.
    Play Is Fundamental 
    From playing peekaboo or tossing a ball, playing has a special role in childhood, Ohio State University Extension offers a few ideas.
    Potty Training Tips 
    Potty training tips from the experts. Offers potty training tips and potty training pants. Find what worked for other moms.
    Pratt's Toddler and Preschool Activities 
    Find resources for activities, art, fun and games, learning links, worksheets, coloring pages, educational resources, nursery rhymes, finger plays, and songs.
    Preschool Entertainment 
    Reviews a range of resources and media aimed ages six months to six years, and assesses the educational and entertainment value of these products. Provides profiles, interviews, and related links.
    Preschool Express 
    An online early learning activity newsletter for teachers and parents of preschool children.
    Preschool Planet 
    Informational and interactive site for parents and caregivers of children aged 3 to 5.
    Preschoolers Today 
    Articles, communities, and expert Q&As for parents of preschoolers
    Quaker Toddlers 
    Provides toddler nutritional information, fun and games, Quaker Oats product information, and a parents survial guide
    Raising Kids 
    Information and advice organised by age groups. Parents can also discuss issues with other parents and get on-line expert advice.
    Robyn's Nest 
    A comprehensive parent and family interactive community featuring expert parenting advice, chat, and discussion focusing on pregnancy through age 5.
    Seattle Regional Babyzone Site 
    Covering pre-conception though preschool, this guided site focuses on issues and resources that matter to parents. Site also offers online birth announcements.
    Sign With Me 
    A site designed to help parents and caretakers teach an infant to use sign language to indicate their needs. Site includes video and image dictionaries, research and on-line store.
    SIGN With Your Baby 
    Teaches hearing parents how to communicate with their hearing babies through sign language before their infants can speak.
    Signing With Kids 
    Dedicated to helping parents communicate with preverbal children. Classes and workshops designed for parents with infants and toddlers.
    The Potty Training Tip Exchange 
    A place to tell your potty training story. Do you have a no-fail method? Post it on the Tip Exchange.
    Toddlerville provides a place for parents to receive up to date health information.
    Internet childcare monitoring, comprehensive parenting and family information, expert parenting resources like ToddlerDoc and ToddlerLaw.
    Toilet Training 
    Parent Center offers a toilet training package helping parents to figure out when their child is ready, how to motivate, and articles, parent tips, and expert advice on the topic.
    Toilet Training Toddlers at BabyCenter 
    Articles, bulletin boards, advice, and expert input on the topic.
    Resources for parents of toddlers and preschoolers. Features free online educational games and activity ideas.
    WEe Magazine Online 
    An informative and interactive guide for Parents of Toddlers and Preschoolers living in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania . WEe offers extensive directories, activities and events that positively impact parent and child interaction.
    Will's Website For Lil' Kiddies 
    A child/family/parenting site. It is "hosted" by Will, 2 years old, and contains personal information and pictures, many parenting/child links, awards and an award application.
    Yes, Kids Can 
    Offers newsletter, place to post children's works, and various projects.
    Zero to Three, for Parents 
    Parents' page dedicated to promotion of healthy development of children from birth to age three. Contains information on social, emotional, and intellectual development.