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    AFL-CIO National Boycott List 
    AFL-CIO-endorsed boycotts of products and companies.
    AFSCME LaborLinks: Women's Labor History 
    Annotated links to diverse information on the history of women in the labor movement
    BROWNson's nursing notes 
    Includes directories to unions and advocacy groups related to nursing.
    Canadian Association of Labour Media 
    CALM provides labour news and graphics service for Canadian union editors.
    Carteros-spanish postal workers 
    Web dedicada al servicio postal español. Correos y telegrafos. Información de sus carteros
    Coalition For Justice in the Maquiladoras 
    A tri-national coalition that seeks to improve the working conditions in maquiladoras and to ensure a safe-working environment along the U.S.-Mexico Border.
    Committee for a Workers' International 
    Building an international workers' movement for socialism in over 35 countries.
    Council on Economic Priorities Accrediation Agency 
    Founded in 1997, works to address the growing concern among consumers about labor conditions around the world.
    Devon and Cornwall Working Class History Society 
    Reports, discussions, photos, and other material on working class history in Devon and Cornwall, UK, including cultural, social, political, trade union and economic history.
    Duke Energy Employee Advocate 
    Employees fighting cash balance retirement pension plan injustice through EEOC age discrimination charges, and lobbying Congress.
    Farmworker Justice Fund, Inc. 
    Information on public policy and legal issues regarding migrant and seasonal farm workers, including labor law, immigration, occupational safety and health, women's issues and access to justice.
    Labor Council for Latin American Advancement 
    An organization designed to bring together all the Latin American men and women union members in the United States.
    Labor Project for Working Families 
    Organization working with unions to develop workplace policies on family issues such as childcare, eldercare, family leave and flexible work schedules.
    Laborers' Political Action League 
    Supports candidates who have shown themselves to be truly pro-union.
    LaborGroups, Defenders of the Faith. 
    Discussion groups and information on labor and the labor movement.
    Supports human rights and economic justice for workers by providing labor news and information, comprehensive Internet services, training and website design for union and labor organizations.
    Latimer Chapter, Federally Employed Women 
    An association of federally employed women primarily working in the US General Services Administration -- advocating equal opportunity for women in Federal Service and opposing sex discrimination and harassment.
    Maquila Solidarity Network 
    Activists organizing "Maquiladora" factories to improve conditions, win a living wage, and campaign against multi-national corporate abuse.
    National Jobs for All Coalition 
    Building a new movement for full employment at livable wages.
    National Labor Committee 
    Human rights advocacy group focusing on the promotion and defense of workers' rights and on ending labor abuses.
    Dedicated to trade unionism, social justice and political action in the nursing sector.
    Retail Worker 
    An online community for retail workers. Providing news, information, support, and internet services to retail employees engaged in union organizing and labor activism.
    Rural Carrier Information Gateway 
    A site to share information concerning rural carriers across America.
    Samson v. HUD - In Forma Pauperis 
    Providing evidence in support of Alan Koseph Samson's contention that HUD wrongfully foreclosed on his home because of his efforts on behalf of workers at the Mariner's Cove Apartments 1983.
    Social Action for Public Accountability 
    Coalition of federal employees - defending rights and promoting justice for Federal employees in support of good government for citizens and taxpayers. Not a union but speaks for labor.
    Students for Informed Career Decisions 
    Provides information sheets on the environmental and labor practices of corporations that recruit on college campuses - including Disney, which is embroiled in a labor controversy.
    The Cardijn Internet Site 
    Dedicated to the history of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) movement and to the thought and writings of founder Joseph Cardijn. Resources concerning the involvement of Christians in the labor movement.
    The Coalition of Immokalee Workers 
    A community-based worker organization. Its members are largely Hispanic, Haitian, and Mayan Indian immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout the Southwest Florida region.
    The Two Per Cent Solution: A Workable Approach to Employee Ownership and Control 
    Presents a gradualist approach toward majority ownership by employees of the stock of the companies they work for.
    Union Solidarity SlideShows 
    Union Solidarity SlideShows and Free ScreenSavers. Web Hosting 
    Web site hosting services for unions, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Free 'say union yes' email address available for union members.
    Company offering software support to the labor movement.
    War of the Classes: The Scab 
    Transcript of a speech American socialist and author Jack London gave on the topic of strikebreaking to the Oakland Socialist Party in 1903.
    Working Families Portal 
    Provides services and information about the latest union issues and links to the AFL-CIO and specific union sites.