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Estonian Social Science Online 
Electronic Journal of Estonian Social Sciences. Articles from 1999 and 2000.
Intensities: the Journal of Cult Media 
Academic journalism, peer reviewed publication on modern media and multi-media.
Journal of Biosocial Science 
Interdisciplinary and international journal that covers the common ground between biology and the social sciences. Includes editorial board, subscription information and details for authors.
Journal of International Relations and Development (JIRD) 
Periodical focusing on less developed countries relations with developed ones.
Journal of Policy Modeling 
Published by the Society for Policy Modeling to provide a forum for analysis and debate concerning international policy issues. Focuses on the economic, social, and political interdependencies between national and regional systems.
Social Science Japan Journal 
Comparative perspective and international issues that affect Japan. Oxford University Press. Abstracts on-line from 1998, full text to subscribers.
Social Science Paper Publisher 
Informal, broadly sociological electronic journal publishing papers from all over the world.
Social Sciences Books 
Reviews on Social Sciences Books written by consumers at