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    ACRD - Advanced Concept Restoration Device 
    A stainless steel four piece design which can be assembled as a 10, 13, 15 or 18 ounce device with built-in frenulum notch.
    Cut / Uncut 
    Silicone ring with a surface texture that gently stretches skin at the base of the foreskin, without taping. Supplied in multiple sizes.
    DILE Insert Foreskin Restoration System 
    Uses t-tape to attach the foreskin to a handmade padded device suspended from the waist. Fine adjustments are made by turning a threaded nut. Includes diagrams and video.
    A restoration weight device made of two stainless steel bearings joined by a short rod. Photos, instructions, price and ordering information.
    ManHood, a unique undergarment for circumcised men 
    Manhood is an undergarment that acts as a foreskin substitute. It provides a soft comfortable environment in which the friction is absorbed by manhood.
    PUD - Penile Un-circumcision Device 
    by American Body Crafters -- The Tugger and the new GP are made of surgical quality stainless steel and machined to a hi-tech satin finish.
    Restore Yourself! 
    Kit to generate skin tension conveniently and consistently. Produced and marketed by NOCIRC of Michigan.
    Restorer 2000 
    A tensioning device for foreskin restoration manufactured by 4restore from medical grade stainless steel. Text description, photos, warranty, pricing and ordering information.
    Custom made foreskin restoration device. Photos, diagrams and ordering information.
    Video - Restoration in Focus 
    An instructional video about foreskin restoration produced by the National Organization of Restoring Men - U.K. May be ordered online or by mail.