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    After School Snacks 
    Recipe for Jell-O based cookie using a favorite flavor, and chocolate, peanut butter, graham cracker crumb treat.
    Anywhere But In the Kitchen: Kids Recipes 
    Recipes which are Mom-approved and Kid-tested, for breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks.
    Aunt Libby's Kids' Stuff 
    Large collection of kid-friendly recipes; includes playdough recipes.
    Azteca Recipes for Kids 
    Recipes using flour tortillas, party ideas, and coloring sheets.
    Barbara Pratt's Children Recipes 
    Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Offers a list of snack ideas from A to Z.
    Beef and Lamb Recipes 
    Iron-rich recipes for babies and toddlers, from the New Zealand Beef and Lamb Marketing Bureau.
    Betty Crocker - Betty's Recipes 
    A one week sample kid pleaser menu which you can print as is, print with recipes or use to print your shopping list.
    Cooking For Kids Forum 
    A discussion forum to get recipes and ideas for cooking with children.
    Eez-Plan-It for Kids Birthdays 
    Cake designs, cupcakes and holiday cakes with easy instructions.
    Evesindia: Party Punch for Children 
    Recipe to be prepared one day ahead, made with fruit juices and ice cream, served with ginger ale. 
    From Disney, a service for parents offering recipes, a recipe board, recipe swaps and meal plans. Cake Finder 
    Simple instructions for that special cake, from alphabet cupcakes to critters, to trucks and favorite children's characters.
    Favourite Children's Recipes 
    A small collection of recipes to please children, young and old.
    Feeding Kids On The Road 
    Recipes, but also tips for traveling with hungry kids.
    Food Allergy Network Recipes 
    Featuring a different recipe each month and regular features such as a double-layered birthday cake with a choice of vanilla or chocolate icing and Hershey's milk-free special dark bark.
    Free recipes for children 
    'Kids in the kitchen' is a free recipe site for children. Breakfast recipes, healthy snacks, yummy treats, submit a recipe, useful links.
    From Debbie's Kitchen 
    Recipes for cinnamon toast, Debbies Pancake Faces, pizza muffins, and Mexican hot dogs.
    Fruit Pizza from Zoom Cafe 
    Snack made from fresh flour tortillas, peanut butter, raisins, and apple.
    Global Gourmet: Food, Family and Fun 
    Sample recipes from a brochure created by the USDA to commemorate 50 years of the federal school lunch program. Appealing to children, and the rest of the family. Brochure can be purchased.
    Grandparents Recipe Corner: Stuffed Apples 
    An apple is stuffed with peanut butter, crushed cereal, raisins, and powdered milk. Requires no baking, and serves 8 for snack or dessert.
    Grandparents' Recipe Corner: Strawberry Dip 
    This dip recipe will have your grandkids asking for fruit instead of junk foods.
    Grimmway Carrot and Oatmeal Cookies 
    There's a black and white picture available, by clicking on the image, which the kids can color while you bake these for them.
    Growing Up Fit: July 2000 
    Recipes for Pyramid Yogurt Sundae and Stuffed Apple, as well as games to play to learn the Food Pyramid, and fun exercices to keep children fit. Article from the University of Illinois Extension.
    Healthy Kids TV Show Recipes 
    Breakfast, snack, dinner and drink recipes from the Healthy Kids television show.,2217,1270,00.html
    Home and Hearth: Kids Recipes 
    A collection of simple recipes. Some require adult assistance.
    Hummie's Kids Page 
    Recipes divided by categories for snacks, cookies, pizzas, candies, Hallowe'en, and fun edible and non-edible stuff such as playclay.
    IdeaBox: Recipes 
    For children from 12 months to over 5 years. Fun snacks and quick school lunches. You can add recipes to a cart and print them in one go.
    It's Snack Time 
    Publication discussing tasty, healthy snacks to help fulfill daily nutrient needs for children and adults. Tips and recipes are included.
    Jolly Time Popcorn - Kids Recipe Box 
    Recipes pairing popcorn with extras like candy corn, white chocolate, peanut butter, or caramel.
    Just Kids Recipes 
    Recipes for children in different categories such as baking required, cookies, drinks, frozen treats, fruit, fun food, gross but fun, snacks, and lunches.
    Kid Friendly Margarita Punch 
    Uses frozen concentrates of lemonade and limeade, lemon lime soda, and meringue powder as opposed to egg whites.
    Kid's Fun Cookbook 
    Recipes from the book "Fun with Fruits and Vegetables Kids Cookbook" from Dole Nutrition Program.
    Kids Health: Recipes 
    Recipes for breakfast, snacks, frozen snacks, drinks and baked treats.
    Kids in the Kitchen 
    Features articles on safety, food origins, foods from other countries, fun facts, lunch box ideas, easy recipes kids can make, food superstitions and party ideas.
    Kids' Recipes from Allrecipes 
    Quick tasty meals or school lunches. Recipe reviews and nutritional analysis available.
    KidsHealth Recipes 
    From strawberry smoothies to perfect pizzas.
    Lunch to Go: Nobby Apple Cake 
    Recipe for cake as part of an article from the University of Illinois Extention on packing lunches children will like. Tips and suggestions are also presented.
    Magic Potion Punch from Betty Crocker 
    Fizzy, hot, and chocolaty drink. Makes 8 children portions of 1/2 cup each.
    Mango Mama's Vegan Recipes for Kids 
    A collection of vegan recipes such as mac and soy, nut balls, protein shake, nut wiches, snacks, party foods and vegan French toast, to name a few.
    Party Foods: Beverages 
    Four recipes suitable for children's parties. Christmas punch, mint smoothie, chocolate drink, and strawberry slush.
    Party Foods: Desserts 
    Children will enjoy building their own ice cream sundae, eating fruit pizza, or making cookie art by painting icing onto sugar cookies. Recipe for homemade ice cream also included.
    Party Foods: Main Dishes 
    A selection of kid pleasers. Also tips for a succesful event, party games, and a few tips for when your child goes to another child's party.
    Party Foods: Snacks 
    Suggestion for healthy and nutritious snacks for children's festivities.
    Party Supplies: Party Help 
    Presents a few recipes for parties, as well as theme and decoration ideas, and tips for a successful event.
    Paula's Archives: Lunch Ideas 
    Baked or cooked, breakfast for lunch, sandwiches and soups are a few of the suggestions offered for a quick and fun meal.
    Peanut Butter Press Monthly Recipe 
    Monthly sample recipe from the book "Peanut Butter Stew and Couscous Too". Also offers tips for toddler feeding and kid pleaser snacks.
    Picky Eaters 
    Questions and answers about feeding healthy food to your picky child.
    Pork 4 Kids 
    Recipes using pork, for anytime of the day.
    Quick and Healthful Dinners 
    Tips and recipes for dinners that kids will enjoy.
    Quick and Healthful Snacks 
    Choices of snacks for kids. From Blue Shield of California.
    Quick and Healthy Breakfasts 
    Ideas for nutritious breakfasts for kids on the go.
    Quick Lunches for Kids 
    Fast and easy recipes for school lunches.
    Reader's Favorite Recipes 
    From, tasty sugar free recipes.
    Recipes 4 Children 
    Recipes for kids including desserts, snacks and drinks.
    Stack It On a Cracker 
    Single recipe from the book "Now You're Cooking: Recipes for Kids from Tots to Teens". Cooking with Kids 
    Lynn Fredericks recpies and tips for cooking with children.
    A site devoted to fun recipes for kids including holiday and seasonal recipes, food for picky eaters, snacks, and treats.
    StrainedPeas! Fun Food for Kids Mailing List 
    A recipe mailing list for kid-friendly food - fun party recipes, snacks, food for picky eaters, etc.
    The Healthy Refrigerator 
    Recipes for chicken nuggets, french toast, and pizza. From the American Heart Association Kid's Cookbook.
    The Kiddie Gourmet 
    Quick easy recipes for lunch, supper, snacks or desserts. Finger foods for young eaters from 6 months and up.
    The Labor of Love: Munchkin Munchies 
    Includes articles on nutrition, first foods, food allergies and feeding portions and recipes from liver recipes for children to finger foods for toddlers and baby purées.
    Thrifty Living: Healthy Snacks 
    The University of Illinois Extension presents a tortilla snack in accordance with the Food Pyramid, as part of an article on healthier choices when it comes to snacking. Other healthy munchies tips offered.
    Tiny Tummies Online 
    Nutrition information for parents and children.
    Tuna Mornay 
    Single recipe, from Annie O'Pray, with different serving suggestions for babies, toddlers or the rest of the family. Metric measures used.
    USA Pears Healthy Kid Recipes 
    Recipes for parents to encourage children to eat more fruit.
    Veggie Kids 
    Vegetarian recipes for children also tips on feeding vegetarian children. Fractured Tacos 
    Vegetarian tacos made in your slow cooker.
    WiregrassNet: Kid Stuff 
    Three recipes presented as images, ready to print to make 3 in. by 5 in. recipe cards.
    YUM! Kid Stuff 
    Small collection of recipes for breakfasts, dinners, snacks, sweets, and a couple beverages.
    YumYum.Com: Spit-Wad Sandwiches 
    A funny recipe using peanut butter and marshmallows.