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    CBS Statistics 
    Contains all kinds of up to date statistical information about the Netherlands.
    Central Planning Bureau 
    Netherlands bureau for economic policy analysis.
    Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
    Information about the Country, the latest news, foreign policy papers and publications on ethical issues and development assistance.
    Ministry of Economic Affairs 
    Introduction, agencies, publications and contact information on this official site of the Ministry.
    Ministry of Education, Culture and Science/Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en 
    English/Dutch site about this Ministry, with their goals, divisions and information.
    Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport/Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en 
    English/Dutch site. Here you can find information about the department and his policy.
    Ministry of Housing, Spacial Planning and the Environment 
    News, general information about the ministry, policy documents and an overview of international activities.
    Ministry of Transport - Roadpricing Project 
    The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management is developing a system that will charge vehicle drivers according tot their use of the roads. The objective of this site is to provide interested business parties access to public informati
    Pensions and Insurance Supervisory Authority of the Netherlands (PVK) 
    Pensioen + Verzekeringskamer (PVK) is responsible for the supervision of insurance companies and pension funds in the Netherlands.
    Social and Cultural Planning Office 
    A research organisation which operates on an interdepartmental basis. On behalf of the government it provides building-blocks for policy formation in the social and cultural fields, particularly in relation to topics touching more than one department
    Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal 
    History, methods and elections of the lower house of parliament, the House of Representatives of the States General.