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100 Black Boxes 
A hypertext fiction by Alistair Gentry, inspired by the black box flight recorders of crashed planes. Constructed from 100 words each by 100 characters about the moment of their deaths.
474 duane 
Dedicated to promoting quality short stories.
Alternate Universe 
Allows artists and writers in the speculative fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense and horror genres to post their work.
Amateur Writing 
Submitted fiction by a variety of authors.
Bad Grammar 
Fiction by a variety of authors.
Below the Fold 
Subterranean journey through words, understanding, and imagination into the dark, mythic, perilous, and wondrous realm of human possibility.
Web directory to fiction published online, sorted by genre.
Carnival of Tiny Stories 
A collection of teeny tiny stories of all genres. Each story is 55 or fewer words.
Channel 49 
Fiction for adults and children.
Collective Writings 
The collected writing of one person in hypertext form.
Creative writing on Seniority 
A collection of short stories contributed by the readers of Seniority, a british BBS aimed at over 50's.
Creeknoise Storyville 
Add-to-the-story site with many stories in progress that also allows visitors to start their own stories.
Fiction related to fatherhood.
De-Flux Stories 
Short stories by various writers in both English and Dutch.
Drifters Oasis 
Showcase of up and coming writers from around the world, in all genres of fiction. Multi-Lingual.
Electric Pen 
A website dedicated to web-based fiction.
Free Online Novels 
Three novels by Jennifer L Armstrong as well as links to other online novels.
Free Short Stories 
Selection of stories from various authors. 
Novels and short stories by a variety of authors. Sorted by genre and author.
Lost in the Dream 
Index of stories and novels by Lyndon DeRobertis and Robert Alan.
Short stories and novel excerpts in hypertext.
Never Bound Books 
Several novels available via e-mail.
occupation zero 
Collaboration of short fiction, photography and art. [Requires Flash]
A showcase of unpublished fiction for aspiring authors to find publishers or agents.
Plastic Surgery Short Stories 
Short stories about the light and dark sides of plastic surgery and plastic surgeons.
Sadie Stories 
Sage of five young individuals growing up in the small fictional town of Sadie, Connecticut. Site features novels, poetry, with character photos, music suggestions and artists gallery.
Short Stories 
An anthology of short stories by James Muri and other writers. Topics include romance, politics, adventure, and fantasy.
Short Story Fiction 
An anthology of selected short stories from Storytelling Workshop, Multimedia Studies Program, San Francisco State University.
Short stories, novels and fan fiction.
A literary studio that develops innovative fiction for the web through a collaborative approach between writers and designers.
The Panther's Tale 
The day-to-day life of a homeless man in Honolulu, now into its fifth year.
This Being The Pseudo-Sane Warblings 
Three writers and their thoughts, stories and lives.
Twisted Turn 
Stories with twists in the endings.
Fiction only website, with short stories to read on-line.
Writer's Web Realm 
Short stories by a variety of authors, graded and sorted by genre.
Writers Club 
Short stories by various authors.
Writers Wanted 
A site that will post submitted stories.