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AIM Services 
Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition systems, Medisoft and Medamation electronic medical records software.
Boston Bar Systems 
Provides software for medical and legal dictation using telephone, PDA, and desktop/laptop computer or server based.
Develops and markets specialized medical vocabularies for transcription and applies speech recognition technology for healthcare documentation.
Clinic Medical Billing Software 
Voice dictation and transcription software for medical records, patient scheduling, insurance claims and contact management.
Custom Speech USA 
Speech recognition software for medical transcriptionists, healthcare professionals.
Electric Rainbow 
Speech recognition software designed for multi-user speech file update and natural language forms entry. For medical, legal, manufacturing, and law enforcement. Works with Dragon and IBM ViaVoice. Professional consulting and custom programming servi
eScription, Inc. 
Manages medical dictation and documentation using speech recognition, checked by a transcriptionist.
Expert System Applications, Inc. 
Offers medical transcription and digital dictation services for doctors, physicians, clinics and hospitals utilizing major transcription vehicles like Lanier, Dictaphone, and DVI.
Express Scribe 
Audio playback control software designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. Many other interesting professional audio applications.
ITS Speech 
Solutions for the medical and legal communities dictation needs. Site's goal is to provide a completely seamless transition from traditional dictation services to speech recognition and speech to text based technologies.
Lairds Medical Transcription School 
At home medical transcription training since 1980. Placement & mentoring with national services. Approved by the Department of Education.
Provides multiple ways to capture dictation (via phone, MP3, internet software) and sends file to a transcriptionist for manual conversion using a normal word processor.
Medical Data Capture 
MedSpeak VRE integrates continuous speech recognition and relational database to create real time electronic medical records (EMR) with a user friendly interface for healthcare providers.
Medical Dictation and Transcription 
Specialty in speech recognition software for the medical and legal professions. Custom design and analysis for business and personal computer needs.
Medical Transcription 
Medical and legal transcription services, digital dictation, 24 hours 7 days a week. Transcriptionist can have their own virtual dictation services, e-mail, 800 numbers, wholesale prices.
General speech consulting for small and medium size businesses with specialty in Quincy Meditalk patient records and Dragon "Naturally Speaking" speech recognition software.
Medpro Solutions - Speech Recognition Specialists 
Provides medical solutions, speech recognition and medical billing software. Authorized Dragon Systems Premier Partner.
medQ inc 
Offering Medspeak, PACS, Radworks, RIS, speech dictation, recognition and other software for the medical field.
Network Based Dictation/transcription Software 
Provides ability for doctors to use standard PC (with sound card) to send patient info to server for computer or manual transcription. Many interesting features. Full supply of speech hardware - headsets, footpedals, WAVpedals, digital recorders, med
Precision Data Solutions, Inc. 
Provides medical transcription software and dictation equipment for the health industry. Authorized dealer of Digital Voice products.
Prophysys, Inc. 
Medical systems using Dragon Naturally Speaking.
Tools for medical transcriptionists, Dragon Natually Speaking software, hands free mice.
RVC Medical Transcription and Dictation Services 
Speech recognition software for the medical and legal professions.
Speech Machines 
A speech-to-data medical transcription application service provider.
Talk Technology 
Fully integrated windows-based, speech recognition workflow solutions for medical reporting.
Provides an automated alternative to the manual process of creating, distributing, and archiving medical documentation by using speech recognition techniques.
Voice Automated 
Sells add on specialty medical vocabularies to be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM Via Voice.
Medical and legal dictation, sales, training, and integration with applications. The medical transcription service will process sound files from speech-recognition quality digital hand-held recorders via speech recognition software with human proofr
Wilson Technology 
Offers complete hardware and software for turn-key speech recognition computer systems for the medical industry.
Winscribe Digital Dictation 
WinScribe offers enterprise digital dictation systems with workflow routing of speech to text transcription.