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    Ask The Workplace Doctors 
    Having trouble with your supervisor, co-workers, or team? A free question and answer forum from organizational consultant Dr. William I. Gorden. - Office Romance 
    An inside look at what office romance can lead to.
    Co-Workers from Hell Message Boards 
    Coworker relations getting you down? From jealousy and romance to body odor and office slobs, you can discuss your inter-office dramas.
    Getting Along With Almost Anyone Helpcard 
    Explains how to improve relationships with coworkers by altering the language and words you use. Free preview. Uses adobe acrobat.
    NASA exercise - Lost on the moon 
    This group exercise can be used as input when discussing group dynamics concerning: Leadership, power, motivation, communication, personal style and perception
    NEEB & Co Electricity Industry Worldwide 
    A forum for people involved in the electricity industry worldwide to communicate.
    Poems about Professions for Free 
    A collection by Nicholas Gordon about bosses, coaches, nurses, pastors, teachers, etc. that can be used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
    The Fresh Market Employee Message Board 
    Message Board for all employees of The Fresh Market.
    Value City Furniture 
    A discussion board for Value City Furniture employees with the latest retail and furniture news. Weekday 401k updates plus a daily dose of Dilbert. 
    Opportunity for current, prospective and former employees to share experiences and learn what others are saying.