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Can Knowledge be Distributed? The Dynamics of Knowledge in Interdisciplinary All 
This university research project focuses on six scientific research teams and the ways in which their group history, communications infrastructure, and knowledge interrelate.
An open source initiative intended to be used to network personal and community knowledge. Features project overview, documentation, news, and contact details.
Distributed (Virtual) Teams: Overcoming Time and Geography? 
Section from a management information systems course on virtual teams as task-based groups that use technology to overcome some of the frictions of time and geography.
Distributed Teams supported by Computer-Mediated Communication 
The aim of this research is develop an integrative model to support the building and maintaining of distributed teams and their electronic collaboration platforms.
High Yield Crusaders 
A site for people interested in programs to learn from the experiences of those who have participated.
NSF's Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence Theme 
A multidisciplinary National Science Foundation program with three foci: Knowledge Networking, Learning and Intelligent Systems, and New Computational Challenges.