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    1 800 Plush Toys 
    Stuffed animals including cats, dogs, bears, teddy bears, bunny rabbits, tigers, and monkeys. Also toys dressed for Halloween and Christmas.
    A Very Beary Forest 
    Teddy bears and other stuffed animals, such as cows, bunnies, and lions. Clothing and accessories available.
    All Plush 
    Variety of stuffed animals including alligators, zebras, and teddy bears.
    Allsorts Bazaar 
    UK supplier of Ty Beanies, as well as bears from Russ, Holy Bears, Celebrity, and other styles. Collector information.
    Animal Collection 
    Hundreds of various domestic and wildlife plush animals.
    Animal Scents 
    Scented stuffed animals in various sizes and fragrances, used for decoration and room freshener.
    Stuffed animal toys that attach to children's socks.
    Bean Soup 
    UK site selling authentic Skansen bean bag plush toys to collectors and buyers worldwide.
    Bear Necessities 
    Collectible bears and beanies, as well as other plush animals. Telephone, e-mail, or mail orders accepted.
    Bear on the Beach 
    Specializes in plush toys including bears, dogs, cats, sea life, and environmental and endangered species.
    Becca's Workshop 
    Featuring Steiff, marionettes, and plush bears, dogs, bunnies, and other animals.
    Big Black Bear Shop 
    Large selection of plush animal toys in all sizes and styles, and artist designed bears.
    Big Stuffed Animals 
    Specializes in giant size jungle, pet, and marine stuffed animals and bears.
    Billy Bear Online 
    Boyds, Deans, Merrythought, Gund, and artist designed teddy bears and gollies. Also personalized greetings bear service.
    Binkley Toys Gift Shop 
    Canadian made teddy bears and plush animals in many styles and themes.
    Bogie Bear 
    Bears, tigers, snakes, gorillas, and other stuffed animals in various sizes.
    Brass Button Bears 
    Collectible plush teddy bears, as well as forest and jungle themed plush animals.
    Bula Bear and Friends 
    Hugging plush bears, horses, frogs, and dogs in two sizes
    Canada Moose Mates 
    Moose plush toys dressed in different themes.
    Small plush animals which serve as monitor accessories for your computer.
    Cool Bears and Gifts 
    Teddy bears and soft toys for all occasions.
    Count The Minutes 
    Plush toys and stuffed animals. Name brand manufacturers, artistic design, and limited edition collectibles.
    CritterCorral Collectibles 
    Plush animals from twenty-two companies, including Russ Berrie, Gund and Douglas.
    Critters Cottage 
    Plush teddy bears, cats, rabbits, hares, pigs, and dolls. Also bear and beanie baby clothes and accessories.
    Cuddle Plush Pets 
    Plush stuffed animals, toys, and teddy bears from Aurora by A&A Plush, Douglas Cuddle Toys, Folkmanis, Mary Meyer, and Purr-Fection by MJC.
    Mary Meyer plush stuffed animals.
    Debbie Dears 
    Offering soft sculptures and stuffed animals for holidays or decorations.
    Diddl and Friends 
    USA retailer and wholesaler of plush toys named Diddl the Mouse, Pimboli the Bear, Ackaturbo the Bird, and the Bookworm.
    Offers a variety of stuffed animals from dogs and cats to fish and birds.
    Earth Friendly Goods 
    Hand-crafted stuffed animals made from organically grown cotton.
    Elyssa's Treasures 
    Ty, Disney, and miscellaneous beanies as well as other collectibles.
    First and Main, Inc. 
    Plush bears and animals themed for holidays and special occasions. Ordering information and dealer locator. 
    Features plush teddy bears, cushy critters, wildlife, jungle, and barnyard animals, as well as cats and dogs.
    Funny Friends 
    Funny Friends sculptured plush products by artist Jennifer Mazur-Becker.
    Fuzzy Wuzzy Toyz 
    Plush animals and licensed cartoon animals
    Gifts Plush 
    Teddy bears and other plush gifts with art cards and greeting cards for all special occasions, including free gift-wrapping and personalized messages. 
    Wholesale teddy bears and stuffed animals in various styles and themes.
    A whole zoo of soft plush stuffed animals suitable for young children to adults in the UK.
    Jellycat by Something Nice 
    Large assortment of stuffed animals, puppets, dolls and soft toys.
    Just Jellycat 
    Extensive range of soft toys including dolls, jungle animals, cats, dogs, dingly danglies, as well as backpacks, cushions, and rugs.
    Kathleen's Bears N Things 
    Plush animals from Steiff, Boyds, Russ, Ganz, Knickerbocker, Annette Funicello, Muffy, Mary Meyer, Douglas Cuddle Toys, Cascade Toy, Funny Friends, Bearington and Beardsley.
    Kathy Kreations 
    American artist, Kathy C. Dryer, creates realistic stuffed animals in the medium of artificial fur.
    Katie's Keepsakes: The Stuffing Factory 
    Custom stuffed and designed animals with clothes and accessories, as well as puppets, Beanie Babies, a bean filled Flopsie, backpacks, and other related items. 
    Offers a selection of stuffed animals including horse and riders, wildlife, teddy bears, pets, Dakin Lovies, and storybook favorites Raggedy Ann and Berenstain Bears.
    Koala Express 
    Koala, kangaroo, and wombat plush animals from Australia.
    Koalas Australiana 
    Soft toy koalas, kangaroos, wombats and platypus.
    Kookla Kooks Toy Company 
    Producing a line of small bean bag toys personifying various weather conditions.
    Kosen studio-haus 
    Creations of authentic looking, quality plush animals. Woodland, farm, jungle, ocean, and other styles.
    Laurel Designs 
    Hobby horses and model ponies made with fur fabrics and real leather harness and solid brass fittings.
    Ty products, advertising beanies, and character bean bag toys.
    Lil' Bear Shoppe 
    Various types and styles of soft animals. Specializing in bear outfits and themed clothing. Embroidery available.
    Little Stuffed Animals 
    Selection of small stuffed animals, all under 23 inches.
    Maui Monkey 
    Collectible plush toy monkeys for all ages.
    Carries the collectible plush bean bag toys known as Meanies.
    My Bear Friends 
    Plush toys include bears, dogs, cats, bunnies, and farm animals, as well as holiday styles, most under $10. Contests and specials.
    Nancy's Plush Toys 
    Stuffed animals and puppets in various styles from many well known manufacturers. Also Garfield and Odie items.
    Paczki Pals 
    Plush characters and bears, manufactured by Q-Branch Technologies. Telephone orders accepted.
    Photo Toyz Company 
    Photo Doll is for children and carries a picture of a family member or friend.
    Plush Dreams 
    Teddy bears, rabbits, dogs, zebras, elephants, and other stuffed animals. Offers a critter-of-the-month club.
    Stuffed animals representing unusual and endangered species.
    Prairie Pals 
    Current products include prairie dog stuffed animals in different poses. Related information.
    Puffkin Heaven 
    Collectible Puffkins by Swibco. Current, limited edition, and retired styles.
    Puffkin Mom 
    Collectible Puffkins by Swibco. Current, limited edition, and retired styles.
    Ruth C. Designs 
    Soft toy animals, as well as other gifts. 
    Gifts and collectibles featuring angels, animals, candles, military, public service, sports and more.
    Large selection of stuffed animals and toys including rare and exotic species and critters from the San Diego Zoo.
    Sonshine Place 
    Features "Happy Hank" and "Happy Hannah," the talking Christian plush toys with uplifting messages.
    Southern Yankee Designs 
    Stuffed animals from Douglas Cuddle Toys, Heavenly Bears, Holybears, Peaceable Planet, Jumbies, Mary Meyer, and other collectibles.
    Stuffed Animal World 
    Realistic animals from top manufacturers, for collections or gifts.
    Stuffed Toy Factory 
    LA based wholesaler and retailer of various stuffed plush toys animals.
    Tanya's Gifts 
    Russ Berrie bears and Ty Beanie Babies.
    Teddy 4 U 
    Teddy bears and other soft toys, including TY Beanies.
    Teddy and Friends 
    Offers Japanese Sekiguchi Monchhichi plush toys, Beanie Bag Animal and Kewpie dolls.
    Teddy Bear Gifts and Greeting Cards 
    Gift service featuring teddy bears and other stuffed animals featuring personalized message on a gift card.
    Teddy Bear Outlet 
    Gund, Steiff, and Boyds, and various artist bears. Other stuffed animals include dogs, cats, jungle themes, and holiday specials. 
    Find stuffed animals and accessories as well as do-it-yourself stuffing kits.
    The Blue and Lucy Gang 
    Four individually designed collectible plush animals created by artist Amy Schramm, each approximately 2 feet tall.
    The Bunny Store 
    Plush rabbits and related gift items. Holiday styles for Christmas and Easter.
    The Chunky Monkey Shoppe 
    Monkey dolls and other plush animals, and related books and t-shirts.
    The Grizzlies 
    Original handcrafted teddy bears and teddybear kits of heirloom quality designed by The Grizzlies Artists Laurel Hixson and Frances Andrews.
    The Internet Teddybear Museum 
    A colletion of teddy-bears from bear artists including Steiff and Merrythought, plus information on bear fairs, books and postcards, in German and English.
    The Salamander Who Lost His Tail 
    Toy salamander with a removable tail that comes with an adventure book.
    This Place Is A Zoo 
    Wide variety of plush toys from a giant 7 1/2 foot bear to jungle, domestic, and marine stuffed toys of all sizes.
    Tracy's Beans 
    Custom, promotional, advertising, and character bean bag animals.
    Transworld Plush Toys 
    Offers teddy bears, stuffed animals, and plush toys. Animal slippers a speciality.
    Tres Milagros 
    Stuffed toys based on a parody of the fashion designers: "Ruff Lauren," "Canine (K9) Klein," and "Tony Holedigger."
    UK Teddy Shop 
    Teddy bears and other soft toys, such as jungle animals, cats, horses, and dogs.
    Van Eaton Galleries 
    Offers Gund plush toys, including Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse.
    Stuffed animals consisting of pets, jungle, farm, marine, and seasonal styles. Also figures like Garfield, Scooby, Sylvester, and Tweety.
    Which Craft Studio 
    Specializing in collectible artist bears, animals, and dolls. Restoration service. Buys and sells collections.
    Whimsical Gifts 4 Kids 
    Sculptured plush characters and creatures, created by artist Jennifer Mazur-Becker.
    Wild Heart Ranch 
    Three nightlight plush horse toys. Related information.
    Wild Primates 
    Monkeys with velcro hands and feet, as well as a snake and singing plush birds.
    World Wide Monkey 
    Your choice of a plush monkey, gourmet candies, and a handwritten card to send for special occasions. Choose from many themes and styles.