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    ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education 
    Information and resources related to higher education. This site is an important resource for educators, administrators, and all interested in undergraduate and graduate education.
    Higher Education Resource Hub 
    Online resource directory for higher education worldwide.
    MIR's FacultyOnline 
    Access to textbook data for college faculty. Includes lists of top-selling titles by course and discipline, textbook reviews, book-in-use data, new title information, discussion forums, and a course materials information exchange.
    PubText International 
    Free service for lecturers: submitted information about courses is forwarded to academic and school publishers, who in turn may send review or inspection copies of suitable titles.
    The Higher Education Links List 
    Links to higher education information and resources for educators, researchers, graduates and others.
    Tomorrow's Professor Listserv 
    A twice per week, 750 to 1,250 word set of postings on higher education. The listserv exists to present substantial material on many of the latest ideas and practices in higher education, insights on how to prepare for academic careers, contemporar