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    Specializes in information architecture and usability evaluations. Our in-depth knowledge of human-computer interaction, information design, and usability engineering enables us to offer our clients usable websites or Intranets.
    Chicago based knowledge management and web design firm that specializes in metadata creation and interface design. Offers company profile, description of services and testimonials.
    andersja's blog on KM and IA 
    Articles and weblog entries on Knowledge Management and Information Architecture by weblogger and consultant Anders Jacobsen
    With close to 10 years in the interaction design field, Sean brings a communication design and narrative flavor to designing information architectures and user interfaces. Featured case studies available.
    Argus Center for Information Architecture 
    Reference for learning about the theory and practice of information architecture.
    ASIS 2000 annual meeting 
    "ASIS Knowledge Innovations 2000: Celebrating Our Heritage, Designing Our Future." Nov. 11-16, 2000 in Chicago.
    ASIS Summit 2000: Presentations 
    Includes an Information Architecture Glossary, and slides for 12 Information Architecture presentations. April 7-9, 2000, Boston, MA.
    B C Bennett 
    Information architect, interactive designer, graphical user interface (GUI) specialist, multidisciplinary team manager. Resume and portfolio.
    Becoming an Information Architect 
    Article written by Sacha Cohen, originally published on
    Black Box Media, Vancouver B.C. 
    Information architecture and user-centered interface design examples from 30 projects
    Blog on Information Architecture and User-Centered Design 
    Daily links to information architecture, user-centered design, and interaction design resources.
    Boxes and Arrows 
    Journal dedicated to discussing, improving and promoting the work of the information architecture community. Offers current, as well as previous issues and submission information for authors.
    COCREATE - The eBusiness People 
    End-to-end web solutions with a priority on investment return. Based in the UK. - the science of content 
    A resource site with information, links and analysis on information design and architecture, usability principles, Web design, content development and Internet news produced by contentologist G. A. Buchholz.
    Information architecture consulting, specializing in content analysis and organization, taxonomy/thesaurus design, website indexing and back-of-book indexes in the humanities.
    Coping with information overload in design projects 
    Enabling students in higher education to cope with information overload and structure their data searches for serious work.
    David Bliss Experience Designer 
    Papers and discussions from an experienced designer with a special interest in narrative and storytelling.
    Elegant Hack 
    Information Archtitect resources, weblog, and newsletter.
    Information about standards, methods and tools for Enterprise Architects, conference agenda and publications of Jaap Schekkerman. 
    Various articles on IA and usability. Allows readers to review and comment on articles. Requires free sign-in.
    Hey, Hey, IA! 
    One-stop information resource for information architects.
    Hierarchy Science 
    Principles of the creation of effective management systems: overview, experiences on introduction and development, legitimacy and an error.
    ia-uk (Information Architecture UK) 
    Articles about information architecture, usability and web design.
    News forum for information architects.
    A wiki dedicated to the topic of Information Architecture
    Ignition Network 
    Information architecture consultancy with services in information design, knowledge management engineering, information graphics development, product manual design and interactive learning systems.
    Industry Leading Information Architecture Consulting 
    Knowledge transfer services. Specializing in information architecture development for Fortune 1000 companies and federal and state governments.
    Info-architects Mailing List 
    Central repository for information architecture on the Web. Provides an active forum for issues relating to the theory and praxis of IA. Also offers a range of information consulting services and software products for Web-based content publishing and
    Consultancy and think tank. Great online list of IA references.
    InfoArk Information Architecture Consultancy 
    Using the latest automated software tools, we work with you to categorize, link and filter the content you and your clients need. London-based company.
    InfoDesign: To Surf The Community 
    The InfoDesign site provides information designers and information architects with up-to-date information and communication facilities on aspects of the growing field of Information Design and Information Architecture. Its main objective is to collec
    Information Architecture Course 
    Free introductory short course into being an Information Architect (from Addwise).
    Information Architecture for the World Wide Web 
    Authorative yet easy-to-read guide. "Best Internet Book of 1998" by By Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville.
    Information Architecture Guide 
    A bibliography of resources related to the topic of information architecture, including references to books, articles, and Web sites.
    Information Architecture Project 
    Project at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is collecting the design principles that create navigable information spaces. Offers project description, publications and contact details.
    Information design using card sorting (article) 
    Card sorting is a very simple method of working with users to come up with a usable information design. A valuable tool for all information architects.
    Information Retrieval with Human Indexing (article) 
    This article discusses how information retrieval can be improved cost-effectively through the use of human outlining and indexing.
    Intranet Design Magazine 
    The online magazine about information technology for intranets, extranets, web pages, ldap, xml, tcp/ip, and thin client applications. E-Diffusion 
    Services for dissemination of structured content and information using the Internet, tailored for different business models. Content structures, portal, information architecture, content presentation, digitization.
    Jason Hobbs: Information Architecture 
    Articles about IA and the WWW. Written from the day-to-day experience of building and living online. Information Architecture Resources 
    Extensive links to Information Architecture resources by Jesse James Garrett.
    Klariti Information Architecture 
    Dublin, Ireland-based IA and documentation specialists. Publishes monthly newsletter, KLARIFIED. 
    Information architecture consulting services from Louis Rosenfeld, a leading industry expert. Also hosts Bloug, a weblog on information architecture.
    Lyn Dunagan's Info Architect Resume 
    Experienced information architect/usability consultant available for web projects. Experienced information architecture can improve the success of web sites, software, and other information delivery systems.
    Prutsman & Company 
    Professional consulting services firm specializing in Internet strategy and information architecture.
    Resources on Information Design: Models, Processes, and Techniques 
    Popular resources including a worksheet for preparing an information plan, instructions for setting objectives and planning an evaluation, guidelines for choosing a "type" of communication product and media, and issues to consider when sett
    Resources on the Business and Management of Information Design 
    Popular resources including worksheets for setting budgets and schedules, tips on starting a successful work team, and an overview of the production and maintenance phases.
    Salaries and Benefits for Information Architects 
    Survey results. We're compensated decently, don't put in ridiculous hours, don't have to travel too much... And apparently our employers don't require too much experience.
    Sean Peters 
    Information Architecture consultant located in London, UK.
    Semantics by Peter Morville 
    An irregularly irreverent column about information architecture, strategy and management.
    Seth Maislin, Information Architect 
    One of the leading indexing industry experts and an independent consultant. Information architecture and indexing articles and sites available; presentation schedule; bio.
    SIGIA-L Mail Archives 
    Mailing list archives for the SIGIA-L mailing list, a discussion forum for information architects.
    Squishy's Information Architecture Tutorial 
    Information architecture is the science of figuring out what you want your site to do and then constructing a blueprint before you dive in and put the thing together. This tells you why. 
    Portal gathering resources and debates on how to get the users stick to your site.
    The Alexandre Group Co Inc 
    Assisting clients with the knowledge transfer of mission critical information through such interface design and implementation methods as Information Architecture, Media Production, and Interactives.
    Tim Salam, Information Architect & Experience Designer 
    The articles, portfolio, and resume of an information architect and experience designer. Home to the development of Customer Momentum Preservation (CMP), a user-centered design methodology.
    Usability Guy 
    User experience design for successful, empowering web sites. Strategy, information architecture, interaction design, usability. Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology) 
    Alertbox column on Web usability, usability engineering, and Jakob's minimalist approach to Web quality, recommended links/books, Jakob's biography and upcoming talks.
    User Interface Engineering 
    A usability group whose mission is to provide product development teams with the information they need to make strategic design decisions.
    Consulting firm that helps companies sustain knowledge management throuhgh the use of information and knowlege architecture.
    von :: Content Engineering 
    Canadian firm specializing in all areas of content engineering and information architecture for print publications and Web sites.
    Web Analysis Through Business & Marketing Surveys 
    iPerceptions is a leading solution provider for customer retention and web analysis for building profitable relationships with web site users.
    Web Architect Archive 
    Humorous, irreverent, and practical exploration of IA topics.
    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 
    From the World Wide Web Consortium. These guidelines are the closest you can get to official usability standards.
    Web Pages That Suck 
    A great site for web page architecture criticism. Based on the book by the same name.
    An authoritative site for disability-related internet resources.
    Webmonkey Radio: Information Designers 
    Listen to a conversation about the life of information designers. Multiple audio formats available. Cross-training for Web Teams 
    Features articles for designers, publishers and Internet strategists. Offers current issue, archive, forums, career information, and newsletter. Published weekly.
    Why User Testing Is Good (article) 
    Mike Kuniavsky happily relates everything you ever wanted to know about user testing (but were afraid to ask).
    ZDNet Developer: Accessibility 
    Make your site user-friendly with the right kind of "user accessibility" and design. Articles and news.