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Downsizing vs. Timesizing 
Timesizing is the non-war alternative to business downsizing and government upsizing. Timesizing cuts hours a little for everyone, so everyone stays employed, instead of cutting jobs completely for a few, and a few more, and a few more,
Flexible work arrangements - How to get your boss to say YES 
How to get your boss to say 'yes' to telecommuting, part-time, job sharing or other flexible work arrangements. Proven, practical help on developing a written proposal.
Shorter Work Time 
Information on the campaign to increase free time.
The Thirty Hour Workweek 
This site argues a shorter workweek is a practical solution to problems faced by families, communities, individuals, and the environment.
TimeWork Web 
A Canadian website dedicated to the proposition that wealth is disposable time, nothing more, and that the work week should be shortened to provide everyone with an optimal share of that wealth.