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    Campaign on Contingent Work 
    A Boston, MA based organizing and resource center for workers in unstable temp, part-time and other contingent jobs.
    Center for a Changing Workforce 
    The center analyzes public policy and is an advocate on behalf of 'permatemps' and contingent workers across America.
    Contingent Law Online 
    Sells a manual for handling the legal issues associated with contingent workers. Site offers free information on recent temp labor cases and legislation.
    National Alliance for Fair Employment 
    Homepage for a network of over 40 regional and national groups in the U.S. and Canada fighting for better pay, benefits and working conditions for all workers in temp, part-time, day labor, contract, on-call and independent contractor jobs.
    Shupe Contingent Services 
    Information for temp workers, and about the temp industry.
    Siegel Capital, LLC 
    We specialize in small business loans for acquisitions, expansion & refinancing
    Silicon Valley at Work 
    Helps workers negotiate the difficulties of contingent employment in Silicon Valley. Provides a forum for temporary workers to share and benefit from the experiences of others.
    Temp Worker's Guide to Self-Fulfillment 
    Article from the slacker's guide to making the most of your time as a temp by exploiting your boss.
    Temping Offers a Way to Build Your Resume 
    Article praising temping as a great way to gain experience, learn new skills, and build one's résumé.