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    ACLU in Congress 
    Testimony given in 1997 by ACLU on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
    Compaq's Treatment of Disabled Employees 
    Presents factual data on Compaq terminating disabled employees despite their written employment documentation. Conclusions are left for the reader to draw.
    EMAD - Employers Making a Difference 
    A disability employment support organisation promoting and assisting businesses that encourage people with a disability as employees and customers.
    Employment of the Disabled 
    Legal requirements from employers in respect of disability work rights.
    Equal Opportunity News (EON) 
    Tips on how to create documentation to avoid or prove an unlawful discriminatory act, created by a retired EEOC investigator.
    Fractured Justice 
    Injustice in the workplace. Former employee fights back with web site.
    Garland's Digest on Employment Discrimination Law 
    Timely, accurate employment law updates written in plain english.
    Glass Ceiling for African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans 
    How African, Hispanic (Latino), and Asian Americans can recognize when they are up against the Glass Ceiling, and what they can do about it.
    Harassment at the workplace 
    Respond correctly to illegal harassment at the workplace. To harass at work is denial of human rights, dignity, respect, and a Union or EEOC office should be contacted.
    Oppose Job Discrimination 
    Description, documents, and updates about a current Federal Court Case alleging gender based discrimination in the workplace. JFM-00-CV-3672 - Murdock v Northrop Grumman PRB Systems.
    Power to the Precocious! GEEKRIGHTS! 
    Geekrights is all about the discrimination and ignorance regarding those who "just don't fit in". With a bent towards workers in technology industries, this site attempts to expose those elements of discrimination of 'geeks' at any age.
    Racial Discrimination 
    Race relations laws in employment, briefly -with case law.
    Sex Discrimination 
    Sexual harassment and sex discrimination in employment, briefly -with case law.
    The Auto Workers Press 
    Our employers must be held accountable for their practices that continue to discriminate against its own qualified employees on the basis of disability.
    The Glass Ceiling 
    Offering articles and information on job discrimination, business articles, information for students, a large resource section, legal center, free business directory, family articles, literature, humor, and a game room.
    Promotes employment of people with disabilities in Ireland. Provides information for employers about grants, incentives, codes of practice and training.