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    2002 Boston Super Megafest 
    November 23-24 in Framingham, NH. Guest: Adam West (Family Guy, Secret Files of the Spy Dogs).
    A-Kon 13 
    Anime convention at the Hyatt Regency DFW in Dallas, Texas on May 31 - June 2, 2002. Guests - anime voice actors Crispin Freeman; Tiffany Grant, Taliesin Jaffe, Scott McNeil, and Jonathan Osborne.
    Animated Voices: The Voice Talent Conference 
    An all-day event August 12, 2001 in Hollywood, CA hosted by the World Animation Celebration: a cartoon voice-over extravaganza featuring voice acting instructional seminars with guest panelists: Nancy Cartwright, E.G. Daily, Zoe MacPherson, Jess Harn
    Animazement 2002 
    Anime convention May 24-26 in Durham, North Carolina. Guests: Pamela Weidner and Scott Houle.
    Anime Central 2002 
    Midwest anime and manga convention April 19-21 in Rosemont, Illinois. Guests: anime dub voice actors Brad Swaile, Melissa Williamson, Crispin Freeman, Hilary Haag, Tiffany Grant, Jessica Calvello, and Amy Howard Wilson.
    Anime Mid-Atlantic 2 
    Anime convention June 14-16 in Richmond, VA. Guests: Doug Smith (Golden Boy) and Brett Weaver (Sorceror Hunters, Martian Successor Nadesico).
    Anime North 2002 
    Anime convention May 24-26 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Guests: Keith Burgess, Amanda Winn Lee, Jason Lee, David Kaye, Diana Kou, Doug Smith and Scott McNeil.
    Anime Oasis 
    Anime convention April 5-7 in Boise, ID. Guest: Stacie Renna (Iria in Iria: Zeriam the Animation).
    Anime USA 2002 
    Anime convention on October 11-13 in Tysons Corner, VA. Guests: Scott McNeil (Beast Wars/Beast Machines: Transformers; Gundam Wing), Kelli Shayne Butler.
    Anime Weekend Atlanta 
    Southeast anime convention September 27-29 in Atlanta, GA. Guests: anime voice actors Amy Howard Wilson, Kelly Manison, Corinne Orr, Peter Fernandez, Doug Smith, Brett Weaver, Monica Rial, and Kira Vincent-Davis .
    AnimeExpo 2002 
    Anime convention July 4-7 in Long Beach, CA. Guests: Japanese voice actors Maria Kawamura (Slayers, Revolutionary Girl Utena) and Mamiko Noto (X, Tenchi Muyo!).
    AnimeFest 2002 
    Festival of Japanese animation on August 30 - September 2 in Dallas, TX. Guest: Scott McNeil (Gundam Wing, Beast Wars/Beast Machines: Transformers); Kirby Morrow (Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, X-Men: Evolution); Kyle Hebert (Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho)
    ASIFA Annie Awards 2001 
    The highest honors awarded for excellence in animation. Includes full list of 2001 winners and nominees as well as photos of cartoon voice actors June Foray, Billy West, Tom Kenny, Kathy Najimy, Cheryl Chase, Will Ryan, and Margaret Kerry-Wilcox. [20
    Bill Cosby 
    [] The creator and voice talent behind "Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids" and "Little Bill" has 4 live performances throughout the month of October in Michigan, New Hampshire and New York.
    BotCon 2003 
    Official Transformers convention July 25-27 in Chicago, IL. [Guests TBA.]
    BotCon Europe MMII 
    Official Transformers convention on November 3 at Wolsey Hall, Windham Lane, Chestnut, UK.. Guests - Robots In Disguise voice cast members: Neil Kaplan (Optimus Prime) and Wankus (Prowl).
    Cartoon Power!! 
    An exclusive exhibition at the Museum of Television & Radio in New York and Los Angeles, celebrating Cartoon Network's 9 3/4 Birthday from June 14 to September 15, 2002. [No voice actors scheduled to attend as of yet.]
    Chiller Theatre 
    October 25-27, 2002. Horror-themed toy, model and film expo at the Sheraton Meadowlands in E. Rutherford, NJ. Guests: Jonathan Harris (Freakazoid, A Bug's Life); Hank Garrett (G.I. Joe); Jay North (Flintstones); Rip Taylor (Robot Jones, Addams Family
    Comicfest Entertainment Expo 
    Convention in Sydney, Australia on April 20-21. Guests: Veronica Taylor (Pokémon) and Stephanie Nadolny (Dragonball Z).
    Creation Entertainment Presents 
    Sci-Fi/Film event October 25-27 in Dearborn, MI. Guests: George Takei (Batman Beyond, Mulan); William Shatner (Osmosis Jones).
    Dragon*Con 2003 
    Science Fiction and Popular Arts convention in Atlanta, GA on August 29 - September 1, 2003. [Guests TBA.]
    Edgar Allan Poe: Once Upon A Midnight 
    John Astin, voice of Bull Gator (Taz-Mania) and Gomez Addams (The Addams Family, animated TV series) stars in the critically acclaimed one-man play as author Edgar Allan Poe, with performances thru October 20 in Hermosa Beach, CA.
    Fan Source: Fan Appreciation Weekend 
    Celebrity event October 11-13 in Pasadena, CA. Guests: Jennifer Darling (Tenchi Muyo, Lilo & Stitch); Melissa Gilbert (voice of Batgirl in Batman:TAS).
    Fanime 2002 
    Anime convention April 26-28 in Santa Clara, CA. Guest: Mari Iijima.
    Hollywood Collectors Show, Inc. 
    Memorabilia and autograph show at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn in N. Hollywood, California on January 18-19, 2002. [No voice actors scheduled as of yet.]
    Hollywood Collectors Show, Inc. 
    Memorabilia and autograph show at the Radisson Hotel Lincolnwood in Lincolnwood, IL on May 18-19. Guests: Soupy Sales (voice of Donkey Kong) and Pamelyn Ferdin (Detention; Charlie Brown).
    Honey Pig in Concert 
    The country/pop female trio featuring Debi Derryberry (Taz-mania, Life With Louie, Tenchi Muyo) and Eliza Schneider (South Park) perform live in concert September 26 at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles, CA. September.
    International Radio Creative & Production Summit 
    Dan O'Day and Dick Orkin (voice of popular radio character "Chickenman") host this event on August 9-10 in Los Angeles, California, for radio creative and production people, ad agencies and voiceover artists.
    Jacon 2002 
    Anime convention May 31 - June 2 in Orlando, Florida. Guest: George Lowe (Space Ghost: Coast-to-Coast; The Brak Show) and Brett Weaver.
    JAFAX 7 
    Japanese Animation Film and Art Expo on June 22-23 in Allendale, MI. Guests: Amy Howard Wilson (Star Blazers), Doug Smith (Golden Boy).
    Kathy Garver 
    The voice of Firestar on Spider-Man and Dennis' mother on Dennis the Menace has a series of October appearances in New Jersey.
    Los Angeles Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention 
    Featured at this October 20 event -- Disney's "Treasure Planet" production team, and "Static Shock" creator Denys Cowan.
    Louie Anderson 
    The creator and voice talent of "Life With Louie" performs live October 24-27 in Laughlin, NV.
    Michael Winslow 
    The vocal sound effects master has 7 live performances during October in Michigan, Virginia and North Carolina.
    Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 
    Anime convention at Days Inn August 9-11 in Nashville, TN. Guests: anime voice actors Rozie Curtis (Those Who Hunt Elves, AD Police) and Sherry Lynn (Tenchi Muyo, Ah! My Goddess).
    MJ Productions - Voiceover Workshops 
    'Digimon' voice actor M.J. Lallo offers a variety of voice-over instructional classes and workshops every month in the Burbank, CA area. Many workshops feature noted directors and professional voice talents in animaiton.
    Nan Desu Kan 6 
    Japanese animation convention September 20-22 in Denver, Colorado. Guests: Scott McNeil, Bob Bergen, Mari Iijima, Wendee Lee, Jonathan Osborne, Estevan Olivas, Pamela Weidner, Tristan MacAvery, Crispin Freeman, Angora Deb, and voice director Taliesin
    Neko-Con V 
    Anime convention November 8-10 in Virginia Beach, VA. Guest: Angora Deb (Battle Arena Toshinden, Magic Knights Rayearth); Brian Drummond (Dragonball Z; Transformers: Beast Machines).
    OhayoCon 2003 
    Anime convention on January 10-12 in Independence, OH. Guests: anime dub voice actors Stephanie Nadolny, Chris Patton, Amy Howard-Wilson, Scott McNeil, Jessica Calvello, Tiffany Grant, Angora Deb, Monica Rial, Doug Smith, Keith Burgess, and Jon Osbor
    Otakon 2002 
    Anime convention July 26-28 in Baltimore, Maryland. Guest: Wendee Lee (Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star).
    Robin Williams 
    The voice of Genie in Disney's "Aladdin" and Batty in "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest" performing live in a summer tour covering OH, IN, Canada, MD, TN, KY and NYC.
    San Diego Comic-Con International 
    America's largest comic book and pop culture convention at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA on July 17-20, 2003. Annual event includes the "Cartoon Voices" panel hosted by Mark Evanier (voice director on "Garfield &
    Slanted Fedora Entertainment - Chicago 
    Science-fiction convention on June 21-23 in Rosemont, IL. Guests: Ricardo Montalban (Freakazoid) and William Shatner (Osmosis Jones).
    Starbase 21: Trek Expo 
    Star Trek convention June 21-23 at the Expo Square in Tulsa, OK. Guests TBA.
    The 6th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles 
    Convention for fans of Disney's "Gargoyles" in Williamsburg, VA on June 28-30. Guests TBA.
    TOTEMCon: An Animation Odyssey 
    Convention celebrating the cartoons and toy lines of the 1980's in Natick, MA on August 10-11, 2002. Guests: Gundam Wing voice actors Brian Drummond, Scott McNeil and Kirby Morrow.
    Anime and Manga convention February 1-3, 2002 in Austin, TX. Guests: anime voice actors Brett Weaver, Tiffany Grant, and Jessica Calvello.