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    Hate your job? Then head over to Disgruntled: "There are some people who I am sure live to work. But except for those who lack the imagination to do something more than sit around, pick their noses and watch Ricki Lake in the absence of work
    Disgruntled Employee's Web Forum 
    Where disgruntled employees can express their opinions. Chatroom and messageboard available.
    How Close Are You to Burnout? 
    Learn how to control stress before stress controls you. An article from Family Practice Management, by Janine Latus Musick. - The Resignation Portal 
    For all the working people of the world. Includes resignation letter templates, news, articles, salary and tax calculators, advice on legal matters, skills & training. If you're about to quit, you need to come here.
    Preventing and Curing Employee Burnout 
    For the Employer: How to Prevent Burnt Out Employees. For the Employee: How to Prevent and Rid Yourself of Burnout.
    Resignation Letters Online 
    Offers samples and templates of resignation letters
    Retail Therapy 
    A site devoted to those who suffer through working in retail outlets and those who suffer through shopping there. Quizzes and other pointless content to distract the weary retailer/retailee.
    Success: A Lengthy Journey or State of Mind 
    An ex-corporate-exectutive learned that success wasn't making more/having more but enjoying the simple things in life.
    The Deeper Well: transenergizing nursing burnout 
    Remembering the Healer's Spirit, an eight hour workshop on nursing burnout held in Sequoia National Park, near Three Rivers, California
    The UK National Work-Stress Network 
    An organisation that aims to educate and raise awareness of work-stress and to improve legislation on health, safety and employment rights in the UK and Europe.
    Trouble At Work 
    How to cope with work. Help in health and safety, respect at work and legal rights. Aimed at UK nursing and working students.
    Working Stiff STRESS-O-METER 
    Stress quiz that tests your work environment stress levels.
    Worterklaerungen - Burnout 
    Prescription for Burnout. What to do if you're burned out. Solutions.
    Writing a Letter of Resignation 
    Offers samples and templates of letters of resignation and basic tips for oral resignations.