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Communication Ring 
Web Ring unites sites related to teaching communications, including departments, journals, and organizations.
Communication Studies - Guide to Resources 
Guide to print and electronic resources in intercultural, interpersonal,small group, organizational, and mass communication as well as the theory, psychology, and technology of communication. Prepared by the University of New Mexico Library.
Communications Central 
Links to resources and definitions related primarily to semiotics, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, health communication, and nonverbal communication. From Governor's State University.
Happy Fun Communication Land 
Tutorials, study questions, glossary, and citations facilitate secondary or undergraduate learning about communication theory. Whole site is searchable.
Melcrum - Communication 
Download articles on aspects of communication in corporations, including public relations.
Mick's Communication, Cultural and Media Studies 
Extensive list of interlinked definitions of concepts related to cultural studies and media ecology.
Reaching Out: The Evolution of Communication 
Interactive educational site discusses changes in communication technology, from hieroglyphics to the printing press to the Web.
World Lecture Hall: Communication 
Course materials created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver university-level communication courses.